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The 16th ASEAN-Korea Future-Oriented

Youth Exchange Programme: ASEAN-Korea Youth Square

Seoul & Gangwon-do, Korea / 5 to 10 February 2015
Please complete this form based on your passport. (The title of e-mail should be 'ASEAN-Korea_name of participant')

Personal Information
First Name: Yochi Okta

Last Name: Andrawina

Full Name (with Middle InitiYochi Okta Andrawina

Gender (Female/Male): Female

Nationality as shown on passIndonesian PHOTO HERE

Year of Birth (YYYY-MM-D 10/8/1995

Passport Number: Still in Process

- Date of Expiry:

Religion: Islam

Contact Information
Current Address: Jl. Imogiri Timur Donoloyo Tamanan Banguntapan Bantul Yogyaka

City: Yogyakarta

Country of residence: Indonesia

Contact e-mail:

Telephone with country code (e.g. 82-2-000 85724463750

Mobile with country code: 6285724463750

Additional Information
Name of your latest school (or work) Diponegoro University

English proficiency (Advanced/Native) Advance

Preferred t-shirt size XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL

Special Requests & Medical Conditions

Prohibited food(s): Not Halal food

Allergies to (food, medicine, plant, and etc) -

If you are on special medication, let us know -

Why should you be selected ?

Why should I be selected, because I can playing gamelan, can singing javanese song (Nembang Nyinden), I
can javanese dance(Gambyong and Srimpi), I can drawing batik and wayang, I can make Indonesian food
(especially Javanese food) and I ever be selected as an International delegates in Student Assembly 2014 in
Philipina but can't went to Philipina because haven't got money for flight to Philipina. I really interested with
korean culture, Because lately Korean culture is so addicting esspecially in Indonesia. Hopefully after I joining
this event I can make addicting efect of Indonesian culture in Korea, and I can have many experience to be
shared for my family and friends in Indonesia.