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Farm Cell Analogy

Sophia Puricelli, Andria Rhodes, Jill Saliba, Zoe Gong, Carter Yost

Protein (egg)- Eggs are a source of proteins because we eat the eggs so they can make us

Ribosome (chicken)- Chickens are the ribosomes because ribosomes make the proteins, and
chickens lay eggs

Nucleolus (god)- God is the nucleolus because He creates everything and so does the

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (barn)- The barn is the rough endoplasmic reticulum because

Lipids (corn)- The corn is the lipids because corn can represent the lipids in the cell

Nucleus (farmer)- The farmer is the nucleus because they are the head of the farm just like the
nucleus is the head of the cell

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (fields)- The fields are the smooth endoplasmic reticulum
because thats were the lipids are made and the corn is made in the fields

Gogli Apparatus (market)- The market is the goggle apparatus because it is the final destination
in the cell and the market is the final destination where the farmer sells his crops

Mitochondria (windmill)- The windmill is the mitochondria because windmills break down energy
and helps the planet like the mitochondria breaks down energy in the cell

Lysosomes (dumpsters)- The dumpsters are the lysosome because they are full of waste like
lysosomes are

Vacuole (barn)- The barn is the vacuole because they hold all the animals just like the vacuole
holds all the nutrients

Cytoskeleton (roads)- The roads are the cytoskeleton because the cytoskeleton keeps the
proteins so the cells don't clasp and the roads do the same for the earth

Cell Membrane (gates)- The gates are the cell membrane because they hold the animals in the
farm and surrounds the farm just like they do in the cell