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Dear Mr. Kilmer - Anne Schraff
Sing To The - Minfong Ho
Captain - Dean Pitchford

In the novel that you have studied, do you like its ending? Give reasons for your answer with
close reference to the text.
[15 marks]

Name of novel The novel that I have studied is Dear Mr Kilmer by Anne
synopsis Schraff. The novel is set during the World War I. It is about a boy
named Richard Knight who lives in Turtle Lake, Iowa, in America. He
lives with his father, Pa, his elder brother, Gus, and his sister, Angie. He
goes to school there as well. Richard has a friend named Hannah
Schermer, an American girl from German descent. She becomes a
victim to the locals prejudice and discrimination because America was
at war against Germany. Richard was also close to her family so he was
criticised by his family and friends. Another reason Richard was
criticised by his family and friends was his passion towards poetry. In
an effort to pursue this passion, Richard made contacts with a poet, Mr
Joyce Kilmer, through letters. Sadly, Mr Kilmer died while fighting in
the war.

Do you like the I really enjoy reading the ending of the story. In the novel,
ending? on a few occasions Pa and Gus criticised Richard for his deep interest
Describe the towards poetry writing. However, at the end of the story Pa supported
ending him. Richards poems have become a regular feature in The Turtle
Lake Weekly. Pa helps Richard by correcting his poems or giving
suggestions because Richard writes mainly about farm life. Richard
reads his poems aloud to Pa after dinner beside the fire. Often, Pa
praises his poems.

Reason 1 There are three reasons why I like the ending of this
novel. First, it shows that poets have a role to play in the
community. Richards success as a poetry writer in a regular column in
the local newspaper proves that poetry writing is an acceptable hobby in
the community unlike the claims made by the bullies from Richards
classmates that poems are for Sissies.

Reason 2 Second, I like the ending because it patches the void in the
relationship between a son and his father. Pa was initially cold and
distant towards Richard although they always work together at the farm.
However, this situation changed. Their relationship was strengthened
after Mr Kilmers death in the war. The change happened after Richard
wrote a poem to commemorate his death. In that poem, Richard used
the same phrase that went through Pas mind during Uncle Rolands
funeral. The phrase was A world is gone. A world is dead and gone.
The poem was published in The Turtle Lake Weekly and Pa was very
impressed of Richard.

Reason 3 Third, the ending in this novel has an important moral

value which is perseverance. Richard was ridiculed by some of his
classmates for his poetry writing. Pa also said that poetry has put crazy
ideas in his mind. Despite all these objections, Richard found his
strength to pursue his interest. He made contacts with Mr Kilmer who
motivated him to write poetry. He also befriended the Schermers who
supported him. Mr Schermer even persuaded him to send his poem
about Mr Kilmer to be published in The Turtle Lake Weekly. Since
then, he is a regular poetry writer. From this ending, it is clear that
perseverance is important in achieving success.

Conclusion I enjoyed reading the novel. Based upon the reasons stated
above, I even enjoyed reading its ending. It ends well and this leaves a
sweet memory to all the readers.