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The Game has an Influence on Education

201621557 Yang Da Yeon

Many people have an experience that their parents hate them doing video games. And
imagine someone playing a computer game madly, ignoring your words. How does it feel?
Probably, most people dont feel in a good way. Moreover, regarding him as a game addict, it
is hard to happen that the gaming person is seen intellectually to people. But, theres an
interesting study on a correlation between online gaming and math, reading, science score. It
shows that the students who play online game every day got 15 points higher score in the
math and reading sections, 17 points higher in the science than the common students. It
means that game affects the brain at some extent, in a good way. In a suitable time, game
helps brain to think in different way and helps to learn to be patient. Theres many benefits
that gaming works on brain like creativity, problem solving method, and communication

The latest visual-focused game have an increasingly high quality CGs. The
visualized image of imagination stimulates the creativity. The movies, books, video games of
childrens culture today demand the strategic thinking and high-skilled imagination. The
video games can fulfill that demand and itself can be an education, just letting children watch
video game images (Shaffer, 2007). Also, computer aids allow people to manipulate data and
geometric pictures naturally. For example, one of Prensky's most successful game projects,
the Monkey Wrench Conspiracy, taught young learners/players how to do 3D computer
design by setting them in a spaceship with a mission to make repairs before the spaceship
blows up (Prensky, 2007). Like this, game continuously shows series of visuals and of course,
it is composed of pictures. Being exposure to infinite 3D pictures lead to familiarity with
geometrical figures and space. Also it helps the users have the spatial ability. So, the acquired
imagination through the games can be used in real life learning in mathematics, and

There are many kinds of games these days and most of their playing goal are
problem solving based. The gamers have to somehow deeply or lightly think about the
solution to break the game. That means that videogames can assist people in setting goals,
ensuring goal rehearsal, providing feedback, and maintaining records of behavior change
(Begg, 2005). This kind of process definitely continues until the gamer stop the game which
can be the great accomplishments to the gamer. That is, the gamer may learn how to do a
same thing continuously. It is so tired and irritated thing to do the repetition. But with video
or computer games, the players do that thing easily with no cognition. Meanwhile, problem
solving through the video game is not just that simple thing. In the particular game, the fast
and cautious determination is needed. Learning how to make a decision in the unexpected
situation with alacrity can be possible.

Videogames provide an interest that is popular with other game users or friends. At
school or somewhere, there are always other people who share a passion for video game play.
Making them talking and playing together, they share a common interest subject. The game
absolutely makes them talk or communicate, actively inducing them to talk. It can make the
person improve not only the human relationship, but also the basic reading skill. How can the
game improve the basic reading skill? This can happen because the videogame play being
able to facilitate discussing and sharing, following directions, giving directions, answering
questions, and having a discussion topic with visual aides to share with others. Also, the
video games character dialogue which are printed on the screen can be the first step reading
to young gamers (Griffiths, Mark, 2002). Otherwise, the world in computer has a special
function. In the computer gaming world, the new word can be made (McAllister, Ken S,
2004). The online gaming world is the place where the users can experience sharing word
only in online game world.

There are many benefits that video and online games give to education. They can
enhance the brains imagination and improves how to solve the quest. Also, it provides
communication place only open to internet users. Somehow, to whom has no interaction with
real world, the gaming world is the only space that give him sense of belonging. And to the
adults, it is an opportunity to feel childhood feelings. The game is important to everyone. It
can be the solution to mandatory stress and the relaxation to tensions. Of course, excessive
absorption and addiction must be problematic. Being cautious to addicted from the game and
forgetting the real world is important. If the game is used appropriately, it would help to
brainstorming and education.
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