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Basic Concepts on Integrating Technology

in Instruction

Integrating Technology in teaching means these of technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and
extend skills.

It has been a long time issue as to how to integrate technology in the teaching-learning process. The mere
use of computer does not mean that technology is already integrated in the instruction. A need to provide
learning on how educational technology can be applied and integrated in the teaching-learning process is
very crucial. According to Pisapia (1994) in her definition of integrating technology with teaching is that there
is integration if the learning technologies are use to introduce, reinforce, supplement, and extend skills.

Exemplary Users & Technology users in exemplary classrooms, students use of computers is woven integrally into
the patterns of teaching a teacher would make his/her students play computer games as rest periods during classes
if the teacher merely teaches students the computer skills.

Here are external manifestations of technology integration into instruction:

Theres a change in the way classes are traditionally conducted.

The quality of instruction is improved to a higher level in such a way that could not have been achieved
without educational technology.

There is planning by the teacher on the process of determining how and when technology fits into the
teaching-learning process.
The teacher sets instructional strategies to address specific instructional issues/problems.

The use of technology provides the opening of opportunities to respond to these instructional

In sum, technology occupies a position (is a simple or complex way) in the instructional process.
Helping teachers effectively integrate technology by:
Learning the basics of using technology.
Using technology to support instruction.
Integrating new technology into classroom practice.
Discovering new uses for technology tools or designing projects that combine multiple technologies.
Focusing on cooperative, project-based and interdisciplinary work with technology being just one of many tools that
students use.