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Rebecca Hernandez, Olivia Jacobs,

Sarah Orth, Dina Perry
Marketing Strategy Statement
The successful introduction of MyMuesli to the United States breakfast market
through retail and online opportunities.


Gain 20% market share of the breakfast food industry after the first year of introduction

Year 2-3-Partner with Universities and Businesses to expand MyMuesli market

Capture the leading position in breakfast foods over General Mills and Kelloggs

Gain customer equity of at least $650 per lifelong customer

Keep competitive edge in terms of online customization tools

Global unification of the brand

Same logo, color scheme, packaging, etc.

Inclusive, collaborative customer-first

brand philosophy

Focus on feedback from customers and how to

apply feedback to continue success

Authenticity and understatement in

packaging and messaging
Image and Positioning
Main Muesli Competition: Kashi
Overnight oats vs. cereal
Make the most of your mornings - at night.
Only three varieties, all contain nuts

In comparison, emphasize:
100% certified, fair trade and artificial-ingredient-free
products that support local farmers
Empowering customers by giving them the option of
Whole Foods Demographics
Age 25-44
Obtained an advanced degree
Nearly 50% of consumers annual salary >$100k
Mainly 1-2 person households with no children
The Target Market
Sophisticated, Middle to High Income Consumers
Looking for organic options
Allergies or Dietary Restrictions
On the Go-Working Professionals
Customer Lifetime Value
$2.50 per Muesli Product

x 5 products per week

x 52 weeks

=$650 revenue per customer

Aim for half of the ready to go cereal

Ready to go cereal=40% of breakfast sales
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Online customization
Breakfast Foods-30% growth in online sales in the past 4 years
Effective delivery
Organic, Gluten Free Options
Marketing Tactics
Utilities: customization, ease, health benefits
Packaging: customizable, eco-friendly
Market research
Online: globally consistent
Retailer suggested price: $2.50 per cup
Businesses: case to case basis
Service Elements
Lg. customer service presence
Website assistance
Est. retail relationships
2016 German Marketing Award
How to videos -- Bircher Muesli
Seasonal giveaways and facebook
High end grocery stores
Customizable Muesli
Online retail
Bulk orders and group discounts
Online orders with sales representatives
Online retail
Based off the current
UK site
US site would offer
similar features
Customizable mixer
MyMuesli2Go packs
Implementation and Timeline
Resources: transition team w/ U.S.
consultants & training, personnel to set
up and operate distribution &
transportation network
Sales personnel to develop connections w/
Year 1-3: Build brand awareness through brick
and mortar retailers and online sales
Year 2-3: Develop partnerships with
universities, businesses, and large groups to
facilitate large contract orders
Partnership for a healthier America