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World History



Current Event Title

Link to article

Key Vocabulary from the Article (Define at least 4).

o endeavor~ try hard to do or achieve something.
o Wall~ a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area
of land.
o Commission~an instruction, command, or duty given to a person or group of
o geographic features~ are man-made or naturally-created features of the
o immigrant~ a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

Summary of the Event (at least 3 major points; each point will have its own paragraph)

A. Who pays for the wall? According to the current president the Mexico will
have to pay for the wall. Of course the president of Mexico refuses to pay for
the wall. Both presidents had talked and Trump says they discussed the wall
but not who would pay for it; while Mexicos president claims they did
discuss the pay and says he left it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.
B. The purpose of the wall. The wall like any wall is to separate someone or something. In this case
separating families and friends.
C. Will Mexico become alienated? If the wall is built then maybe Mexico will be
alienated. Maybe trade with the United States and maybe even other places
will stop. Maybe the United States will do more trading with those places that
Mexico would stop trading with. Then the United States will become more
united with other places. Maybe if the United States goes into war with
someone then we will be stronger because we will unite with those other
places they will help us because we will be allies.

Your Opinion of the Event (at least 3 sentences).

I think It is okay to do it. China did it and everything is perfectly fine in
my opinion but then again I dont really know much about China. I also
think it will separate many families and friends which shouldnt be
done. I also believe that the amount of immigrants coming into the
United States is increasing every year which might be very bad for
some but I dont think it has to go to the extreme of building a wall to
prevent them from coming into the United States.

Relate your Event to a Historical Event (compare and contrast with current event).
I can compare and contrast this event to when the great wall of China
was built. The wall was built to defend off the invasions from northern
invaders. Donald wants to build a wall to stop invaders as well.

Relate your Event to the a subtheme (at least 3 sentences).

Migration & patterns of settlement
All those illegal immigrants will have to migrate back to Mexico I
believe and settle there. They will have to leave their families and
friends. They will have to start over find a job, a house and some type
of transportation.

Questions You Have About the Event (4).

Will the wall really be built? If it really is going to be built who will
actually pay for it? How long will it take to make the wall? How much
will the people making the wall be paid? If it isnt going to be built then
why does he make such a big deal about it being made if isnt going to
be made?

1.Cultural Interaction 2.Political Structures

o Religions o State-building, expansion, and conflict
o Belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies o Empires
o Science and technology o Nations and nationalism
o The arts and architecture o Revolts and revolutions

3.Economic Structures 4.Social Structures

o Agricultural and pastoral production o Gender roles and relations
o Trade and commerce o Family and kinship
o Labor systems o Racial and ethnic constructions
o Industrialization o Social and economic classes
o Economic theories

5.Human-Environment Interaction
o Disease
o Migration & patterns of settlement
o Population growth
o Technology

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