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Total Rewards

Putting it all together at Mayo Clinic

No one is big enough
to be indepenent of others. BENEFITS
Dr. William W. Mayo The Benefits of Working
at Mayo Clinic

Health Plans
Mayo Clinic offers a selection of exceptional health
ATMOSPHERE plans to both Full Time (.75-1.0 FTE) and Part Time
The Mayo Clinic Culture (.5-.74 FTE) employees at affordable premiums (see chart
below). Additionally, the plans are designed so that you
get the best benefit when you receive care from the
world-renowned professionals at Mayo Clinic facilities.
Teamwork The chart below, while not comprehensive in nature,
Our founders believed that the combined wisdom of will give you a glimpse at the most commonly used
one’s peers is greater than any individual. This belief services in the plans and how they are covered.
is exhibited every day in our culture of teamwork.
Through mutual respect, we foster an environment that Financial/Retirement
encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas and Mayo Clinic is proud to sponsor the Mayo Pension
experiences for the benefit of our patients. Plan, which can provide a retirement benefit after
as little as three (3) years of service. This plan is
Professional Dress completely employer funded. Mayo also offers
Dr. William Mayo defined standards of conduct for participation in a 401(k)/403(b) plan to encourage
the staff that are still maintained today. The wearing of individual savings for retirement. For day-to-day
business attire is recognized by our patients as a unique financial needs, consider the Mayo Employees Federal
dress code that projects an aura of expertise and respect Credit Union. MEFCU offers a comprehensive set of
for the patient. financial tools to meet the needs of Mayo employees
and their families.
Modern Facilities and Equipment
Dr. Henry Plummer, the architect of many early Mayo Income Protection
All benefit-eligible employees of Mayo Clinic are
innovations, thought of buildings as tools to help
automatically covered under the employer-paid Short
physicians provide efficient patient care. Mayo Clinic’s Term Disability program that can pay benefits after
modern buildings are designed to provide a friendly missing 40 hours of work. Mayo also provides a basic
and warm environment in which to continue Dr. life insurance benefit up to three times your annual
Plummer’s concepts. They are built with the intention salary payable to your beneficiary upon your death. At
of advancing the integrated model of medicine to the your expense, you can supplement this coverage with
next level of excellence. This approach carries over additional voluntary life insurance up to a combined
into the clinical and office tools provided to Clinic total of five times your annual salary.
staff. Every attempt is made to provide cutting-edge
technology, allowing the focus to remain on the patient.

Mayo Universal Mayo Choice Mayo Horizon

2009 Premiums*
(Per Month) Employee only $70 Employee only $28 Employee only $11
Employee + Child(ren) $134 Employee + Child(ren) $53 Employee + Child(ren) $21
*PT employees may also be eligible Employee + Spouse $148 Employee + Spouse $59 Employee + Spouse $23
for benefits at a higher premium. Employee + Family $226 Employee + Family $90 Employee + Family $35

Primary Care $0 $0 10% after deductible
Specialist $25 $25 10% after deductible
Urgent Care $35 $35 10% after deductible
Emergency Room $45 $45 10% after deductible
Hospitalization 10% 20% after deductible 10% after deductible
Deductible (single/family) $0 $250/500 $1250/2500/3400
Time Off
Benefit-eligible employees earn Paid Time Off (PTO) for
each hour worked up to 80 hours in a pay period. PTO
accruals vary based on the number of hours worked DEVELOPMENT
and years of service but the typical Mayo employee Professional Development
earns between seven and 10 hours of PTO in each two-
week pay cycle. Once earned, the time can be used for
vacation, sick or holidays and a portion of unused time
is eligible to be cashed out each year.
Mayo is committed to furthering development through
Work/Life Balance Programs our three-shield focus with clinical practice, education
Mayo offers a long list of programs to help employees, and research, and we look forward to having you grow
including adoption reimbursement, child care referrals with us. Building your skills will strengthen your
and benefits, an Employee Assistance Program, fitness capabilities while contributing to providing excellent
center subsidies, elder care referrals and many others. quality care and service to our patients. In addition,
ongoing development supports Mayo’s mission of
providing the best care to every patient every day. We
invite you to partner with your manager to identify
ways to continually grow and develop.

COMPENSATION To aid employees in their career development, we

offer a generous professional development assistance
Salary Program Highlights program. Highlights of the program are as follows:
• Employees with a full-time equivalent (FTE) greater
Philosophy than or equal to .5 (40-80 hours per pay period) are
Mayo Clinic’s Salary Administration System is eligible after one year of service.
designed around the following principles. It is:
• Graduate-level courses meeting guidelines can be
• Externally Competitive – above average pay levels reimbursed up to $3,500 per calendar year.
are set for market comparable jobs.
• Undergraduate-level courses meeting guidelines can
• Internally Fair – pay is based on the job and be reimbursed up to $2,500 per calendar year.
equivalent experience, without consideration for an
individual’s gender, age, race, religion or national • Within guidelines, Certifications can be reimbursed
origin. up to $300 per calendar year.

• Responsible – it considers the organization’s

financial abilities.
We strive to hire and retain talented teams of
individuals collectively driven to meet the needs of
our patients, with each employee committed to the
progress of every other team member.
The rewards
Total Compensation of working for
Our total compensation program is market competitive
and is comprised of the following components: Mayo Clinic
• Direct Compensation – base pay and any additional go far beyond
compensation (on-call, shift differential, overtime, your paycheck.
• Indirect Compensation – health and welfare benefits,
pension, flexible spending accounts, adoption
assistance, sick child care, etc.
• Work Experience – includes recognition,
development opportunities, work/life balance,
cultural issues and environmental factors.
Tangible total compensation at Mayo is approximately
61% direct compensation and 39% indirect
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COMPENSATION (continued) Internal Fairness
In addition to ensuring that jobs are competitive
externally, staff members in Human Resources analyze
Market Analysis/Pricing employees’ salaries at various checkpoints to ensure
In order to remain competitive, we conduct a that salaries are fair internally in relation to each
comprehensive analysis of employment markets on other. These checkpoints occur at job offer, transfer
an annual basis. Hundreds of salary surveys are or promotion. The analysis entails evaluating work
reviewed and the practices of both health care and non- experience in relationship to the current job at Mayo.
health care organizations are studied. Local, regional The experience is weighted according to relevancy, with
or national salary information is analyzed based more weight given to recent experience. Employees are
on the level of the job. Positions that are common assigned an “experience equivalent” rating and then
among organizations are referred to as “benchmark” compared to other employees.
jobs. Market data is readily available for benchmark
jobs. Positions that are unique to Mayo are referred Salary Increases
to as “slotted” jobs as market data is not generally There are primarily two types of salary increases at
available. These jobs are compared to benchmark Mayo:
jobs (knowledge, skills, abilities, requirements and
accountabilities) and “slotted” to (or above/below) 1. General Increase
benchmark jobs based on this analysis.
2. Market Increase
Mayo Clinic sets pay scales at the 60th percentile for
most positions. This is above average in the market. The general increase is awarded to all eligible
employees and is considered annually. Market
Often, jobs in high demand have a shortage of qualified increases are awarded to employees in select jobs
candidates in the market. Mayo may choose to based on market conditions. Market increases are also
accelerate pay for these jobs with pricing up to the considered annually as updated salary market data
75th percentile. becomes available.
Additionally, Mayo Clinic's pay structure is reviewed Mayo Clinic does not award pay increases based on
annually and may move if market conditions warrant. individual performance. A high level of performance
from all employees is expected and salaries are set
� accordingly. Typically, those meeting expectations will
progress in their salary range while those not meeting
expectations will not receive an increase. This practice
supports our culture of teamwork with the focus on
50th percentile

60th percentile

team versus individual contributions.

Salary Committee
The Salary Committee at Mayo Clinic is comprised of
Mayo’s Pay Range
senior administrative leaders who provide strategic
direction for and equitable administration of the allied
Other’s Pay Range health salary program.

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