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1. Candidate should be 17 yrs and above for undergoing Class-I Initial Medical.

2. The Class-I Renewal medical is usually done within one day. The Class-I

Initial Medical may take upto 3 days. Candidates/ aircrew need to make their own

travel/ accommodation arrangements.

3. You are requested to report to medical centre on an empty stomach as per

the timings given below:


10.00 am for medicals at Air Force Station, Palam.


07.30 am for medicals at all other centres.

4. You need to carry the following:-


Copy of the last Medical Assessment & CA-35.


Two passport size photographs and photo id (preferably flying license)


If using spectacles, carry spectacles and a copy of prescription of spectacles.


NOC for delayed/ early/ special medical issued by DGCA, if required.


Any specialist opinion/ report/ certificate/ opinion that was asked for in

the previous medical examination(s).

(f) Investigation reports in original as mentioned at Para No-06.

5. You are advised/informed:

(a) Online deposit of DGCA Medical License Fee: It is decided by the

competent authority that DGCA Medical License fee is to be deposited online wef.

01 Aug 2016. Kindly use

guide is available at link Kindly ensure one copy of fee is attached along with CA Form 34/34A. Also visit DGCA

websites for details/updates. The fee structure is as mentioned below:

portal for depositing fee. User


Rs 900/- for Renewal medical and Rs. 1500/- for Initial/Re-Initial medical.


Additional amount is charged separately in addition to the above fees

against investigations if done at centres.


Get your ears cleaned of wax prior to the medical.


Serving officers of Indian Army/ Indian Navy / IAF/ Coast Guard are required

to bring

(i) NOC from competent authority & AFMSF-1 (Unit copy) for Class-I

Initial Medical. (ii) Current Medical Category certificate from AMA/ SMO of parent unit for all

medical examinations.


In case you are not an Indian national, kindly apply for security clearance


through Medical Section at DGCA (Form appended). You also need to

carry your passport (with visa).

6. (a)

List of investigations to be carried out for Class-I Medical Examination:



Blood Hb %, TLC & DLC

Every medical

Urine RE, ME & specific gravity

Every medical


Initial Medical, then 30-40 once every 2 year 40-60 once a year 60-65 every medical

Pure Tone Audiogram

Initial Medical, then Upto 40 yrs Once in 5 years 40-60 Once in 2 years 60-65 every medical

USG Abdomen & pelvis

Initial Medical At age 35, 40, 45, 50 & 55 At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years

Blood Sugar (F&PP) & Hb A1C

At age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 57 & 59 At age 60 60-65 Annually

Lipid Profile

At age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 57 & 59 At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years (Annually for post-CABG/ PTCA/ MI cases)


At age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 57 & 59 At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years (Annually for post-CABG/ PTCA/ MI cases)

2D Echo of heart

At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years (Annually for post-CABG/ PTCA/ MI cases)

MPI scan

Only for post CABG/ PTCA/ Myocardial Infarction cases once in 2 years TMT need not be done in the year when MPI scan is done.

Blood Urea, Serum creatinine, Uric acid, LFT, SGOT & SGPT

At age 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 57 & 59 At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years

Serum PSA

At age 60 Then from 60-65 - once in 2 years


Initial then At age 60


Only for post CABG/ PTCA/ Myocardial Infarction cases - Once in 5 years

Medicals at IAM & AFCME - Routine Blood investigation (Hb, TLC, DLC), Urine RE/ME, ECG & Chest X-Ray (for initial medical) are conducted by themselves. All other investigations are required to be carried by individual (Additional amount is charged for investigations done at centres).

(b) Additional investigations will be required if you are found to have any

of the following conditions:-

(i) If overweight/ obese, investigations as per para 11 of AIC 9/2008

(ii) If anaemic (Hb% <13 for male and 11.5 for female) - Hb, PCV, MCH,

MCHC/ Trbc, Peripheral Blood Smear, Platelet count, reticulocyte count

and serum ferritin.

(iii) If Underweight (BMI <18), Blood Sugar F & PP, ESR, CXR (PA view),

thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH), Blood Urea, s creatinine & uric acid, LFT,


(iv) Hypertension

(v) Diabetes As per AIC 3/2007 (

(vi) Diseases covered under AICs- investigations as applicable.






(c) Based on history/ clinical examination, any other investigation/ opinion/

report may be requested by the IAF centre to come to a conclusion about medical fitness.


Appointment sought on furnishing false information shall summarily be cancelled on the day of appointment or on receiving the PMR file at centre.


It is

Note: All investigation reports need to be in original and signed by concerned specialist. The investigation reports should be done within 4wks period of appointment. Reports signed by technician/ bio chemists or unsigned computer print will not be accepted. The reports need to be from either

(a) NABH certified hospital/ NABL certified laboratory, or

(b) For aircrew employed with operators company empanelled laboratories but report countersigned by doctor from Airline Medical Department.