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Jayv Nicolai N.

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BS AMT II March 15, 2017
Mrs. Yolanda Masicampo RIZAL

Comparative Analysis of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo

Noli Me Tangere El Filibusterismo

Setting The setting is 19th century in the The story El Filibusterismo is
Philippines during the latter years set in the Philippines. It is
of the country as Spain's only about a wealthy Cuban jeweler
colony in Asia. who goes to the Philippines in
an attempt to work for the
governor general, but he is
planning to start a revolution
against the authorities.

Characters Crisostomo Ibarra, Maria Clara, Simuon, Basilio, Isagani, Kabesang

Elias, padre Damaso, Capitan Tales, Paulitang Gomez, Macaraig,
Tiago Father Tolentino, Julianito Pelaez,
Doa Victorina

Plot "Noli Me Tangere" is a 19th The hero of El Filibusterismo is a

Century novel by Jose Rizal that rich jeweler named Simoun. He
dramatically showcases the was Crisostomo Ibarra of the Noli,
persecution of a socialite in the who, with Elias help, escaped
Philippines by religious hypocrisy from the pursuing soldiers at
and corruption. Rizals main Laguna de Bay, dug up his buried
character, Juan Crisstomo Ibarra treasure, and fled to Cuba where
y Magsalin, has returned to the he became rich and befriended
Philippines from abroad. He is at many Spanish officials. After many
first surrounded by good friends, a years he returned to the
beautiful fiance and a supportive Philippines, where he freely
upper class, but a priest with a moved around. He is a powerful
vendetta against Ibarras late figure not only because he is a
father torments him. rich jeweler but also because he is
a good friend and adviser of the
governor general.

Message The message of Noli Me Tangere, The message of the novel is clear:
where the revolution was standing the present system of governing
appreciation of the natural rights the Philippines through corrupt
of the Filipino. Became the subject and self-seeking officials,
of a talk by Simoun and Basilio's dominated by the friars and being
"Hispanization of right," which is submissive to their interests in
about changing the native and one fashion or another, can only
foreign way of life. Simoun lead to disaster for Spain. By its
Jayv Nicolai N. Parnada 8:00 9:00 AM
BS AMT II March 15, 2017
Mrs. Yolanda Masicampo RIZAL

insisted that compelled the nature and operation the system

Filipino regain their native without doubt drives all
character. intelligent, generous, hard-
working, courageous, and loyal
citizens, even those most devoted
to Spain, into opposition, crime,
and subversion.