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Sept./Oct. 2016 Volume 75, No. 5


11 Warmup Tosses by Bob Kuenster

Teams looking to end World Series droughts

14 The Greatest World Series Game 7s DAVID ORTIZ

by Bruce Levine and Joel Bierig Boston slugger hit an
Fall Classics that went the distance and ALCS grand slam in
2013page 58.
ended with a dramatic finale

20 Reggie Jacksons World Series Memories

by Mike Puma
Mr. October recalls his postseason heroics

24 Surprising World Series Performances

by Stuart Shea
Fall Classic performers who unexpectedly
played the role of hero

28 Top World Series Upsets by Mike Berardino

The best teams have often come up short
in championship runs

32 Unique Path To Stardom by Evan Drellich

Bostons Xander Bogaerts continues to
progress as a big league All-Star

36 Player Profile by Rick Sorci

Arizonas slugging first baseman Paul Goldschmidt

38 Seager To Get Better by Bill Plunkett

Dodgers shortstop is driven to be great

42 National Success by Tom Worgo

Washington second baseman
Daniel Murphy is the real deal

46 Turn Back The Clock by Dan Epstein

When Mark The Bird Fidrych took
center stage in 1976

50 The Game Ill Never Forget

by David Cone as told to Barry Rozner
Former Yankee looks back on his perfect game in 1999


4 Baseball Stat Corner

6 The Fans Speak Out
45 Baseball Quick Quiz Cover Photo Credits
Photos by SportPics
54 Baseball Rules Corner by Rich Marazzi
56 Baseball Crossword Puzzle by Larry Humber BASEBALL DIGEST:
2016 Player of the Year

58 Seventh Inning Stretch

Special World Series Stats September/October 2016 3





orty-three players have collected 10 or more hits and batted .400 or higher in a World Series.

F Lou Brock is the only batter to do it twice. Brock recorded more than 10 World Series hits and
batted .414 and .464 for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1967 and 1968. Among players with 10 or
more hits in a Fall Classic, David Ortiz has produced the highest batting average.


David Ortiz, Red Sox 2013 16 11 .688 Lance Berkman, Cardinals 2011 26 11 .423
Babe Ruth, Yankees 1928 16 10 .625 Aaron Ward, Yankees 1923 24 10 .417
Pepper Martin, Cardinals 1931 24 12 .500 Tommy Thevenow, Cardinals 1926 24 10 .417
Billy Martin, Yankees 1953 24 12 .500 Alvin Dark, Giants 1951 24 10 .417
Phil Garner, Pirates 1979 24 12 .500 Yogi Berra, Yankees 1955 24 10 .417
Paul Molitor, Blue Jays 1993 24 12 .500 Bucky Dent, Yankees 1978 24 10 .417
Dave Robertson, Giants 1917 22 11 .500 Steve Garvey, Dodgers 1981 24 10 .417
Roberto Alomar, Blue Jays 1993 25 12 .480 Mark Lemke, Braves 1991 24 10 .417 CARL YASTRZEMSKI
Tim McCarver, Cardinals 1964 23 11 .478 Lou Brock, Cardinals 1967 29 12 .414
Amos Otis, Royals 1980 23 11 .478 Roberto Clemente, Pirates 1971 29 12 .414
Lou Brock, Cardinals 1968 28 13 .464 Robin Yount, Brewers 1982 29 12 .414
Max Carey, Pirates 1925 24 11 .458 J.T. Snow, Giants 2002 27 11 .407
Monte Irvin, Giants 1951 24 11 .458 Derek Jeter, Yankees 2009 27 11 .407
Jake Powell, Yankees 1936 22 10 .455 Bobby Richardson, Yankees 1964 32 13 .406
Marquis Grissom, Braves 1996 27 12 .444 Buck Herzog, Giants 1912 30 12 .400
Hunter Pence, Giants 2014 27 12 .444 Willie Stargell, Pirates 1979 30 12 .400
David Durochik/SportPics

Tony Perez, Reds 1972 23 10 .435 Frankie Frisch, Giants 1923 25 10 .400
Marty Barrett, Red Sox 1986 30 13 .433 Red Rolfe, Yankees 1936 25 10 .400
Pablo Sandoval, Giants 2014 28 12 .429 Mickey Mantle, Yankees 1960 25 10 .400
Phil Cavarretta, Cubs 1945 26 11 .423 Carl Yastrzemski, Red Sox 1967 25 10 .400
Rusty Staub, Mets 1973 26 11 .423 Dave Henderson, Red Sox 1986 25 10 .400
Bill Russell, Dodgers 1978 26 11 .423 Bernie Williams, Yankees 2003 25 10 .400
4 September/October 2016
Norman Jacobs

David Fagley
Associate Publisher

Bob Kuenster
Thom Henninger
Associate Editor

10-K Oct. 1, 1903

Oct. 2, 1903
Oct. 11, 1906
Deacon Phillippe, Pirates vs. Red Sox
Bill Dinneen, Red Sox vs. Pirates
Ed Walsh, White Sox vs. Cubs
Rob Wyszkowski
Art Director

WORLD Oct. 8, 1907

Oct. 14, 1908
Oct. 12, 1909
Bill Donovan, Tigers vs. Cubs
Orval Overall, Cubs vs. Tigers
George Mullin, Tigers vs. Pirates
Dale Jacobs
Production Manager

David Durochik

SERIES Oct. 14, 1911

Oct. 8, 1912
Oct. 11, 1921
Chief Bender, As vs. Giants
Joe Wood, Red Sox vs. Giants
Jesse Barnes, Giants vs. Yankees
Contributing Photographer

Richard Kent

GAMES here have been

Oct. 7, 1925
Oct. 3, 1926
Oct. 8, 1929
Oct. 11, 1929
Walter Johnson, Senators vs. Pirates

Howard Ehmke, As vs. Cubs

George Earnshaw, As vs. Cubs
Grover Alexander, Cardinals vs. Yankees 9.0
Circulation Manager

Murray Jacobs
Customer Service

T 52 World Series
games in which a
pitcher has recorded
Sep. 28, 1932
Oct. 3, 1933
Oct. 5, 1936
Oct. 6, 1944
Red Ruffing, Yankees vs. Cubs
Carl Hubbell, Giants vs. Senators
Hal Schmuacher, Giants vs. Yankees
Jack Kramer, Browns vs. Cardinals
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990 Grove St. Evanston, IL 60201-6510
(847) 491-6440
Customer service:
10 or more strikeouts, Editorial:
a feat executed by 43 Oct. 8, 1944 Denny Galehouse, Browns vs. Cardinals 9.0 10
Oct. 8, 1944 Mort Cooper, Cardinals vs. Browns 9.0 12 Advertising Sales
hurlers. Bob Gibson
Oct. 10, 1945 Hal Newhouser, Tigers vs. Cubs 9.0 10 Irene Froehlich
has the most double- 990 Grove St. Evanston, IL 60201-6510
Oct. 5, 1949 Don Newcombe, Dodgers vs. Yankees 8.0 11
digit performances (847) 491-6440 ext. 185
Oct. 4, 1952 Allie Reynolds, Yankees vs. Dodgers 9.0 10
(5), followed by Sandy
Oct. 2, 1953 Carl Erskine, Dodgers vs. Yankees 9.0 14
Koufax (3), Bob Turley,
Oct. 3, 1956 Sal Maglie, Dodgers vs. Yankees 9.0 10 Newsstand Distribution
Orlando Hernandez Oct. 9, 1956 Bob Turley, Yankees vs. Dodgers 9.0 11 Curtis Circulation Company
and John Smoltz (2). Oct. 6, 1958 Bob Turley, Yankees vs. Braves 9.0 10
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Oct. 11, 1965 Sandy Koufax, Dodgers vs. Twins 9.0 10
Oct. 14, 1965 Sandy Koufax, Dodgers vs. Twins 9.0 10
Oct. 5, 1966 Moe Drabowsky, Orioles vs. Dodgers 6.2 11
Oct. 4, 1967 Bob Gibson, Cardinals vs. Red Sox 9.0 10
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September/October 2016 5
I enjoyed very much the articles on rivalries in the
May/June Baseball Digest. Being a Yankee fan in
Connecticut, I am very familiar with rivalries. I would like
to bring one up that also involved the Yankees. That was
the one with the Kansas City Royals from the late 1970s
into the 1980s.
This rivalry was every bit as intense as any mentioned in
MEETING THE YANKEE CLIPPER the May/June issue, albeit for a shorter period of time.
In November of 1967, I was heading home from Vietnam George Bretts and Graig Nettles genuine dislike for each
when the plane stopped at Tokyo Airport for a layover.
While we were wandering around the lobby, I noticed a
gentleman around the gift shop I recognized. It was Joltin
Joe himself. My buddies didnt think it was him, so I went
over to see for myself.
There he was, one of the best who ever played the game
standing in front of me. Being Italian myself, I went over
and asked him politely for his autograph. He told me he
would sign something for me, but I had to prove to him I
was a real Yankee fan.
He asked me to name the starting lineup of the 1967
Yankees. Well, that one was easy for me, so he went ahead
and signed a picture for me. He then shook my hand and
said welcome home soldier.
Wow! Coming back from the war and meeting Joe
DiMaggioit doesnt get any better than that!
Dave DePasquale
David Durochik/SportPics


other, bringing them to throw punches with very bad
intentions, Hal McRae's rolling take-out of Willie
Randolph, and who can forget Brett's homers off Rich
Gossageincluding the one in the Pine Tar Game?
The things that happened in those and other very
intense games between these two great teams would have
resulted in multiple suspensions and big fines if they were
to happen now. I believe this rivalry belongs with the great-
est of all time, not for its longevity but for its high-octane
intensity. Mike Lanier
Stafford Springs, CT
The rivalry between the two clubs began in the 1970s, as
you mention, when the two clubs faced each other in the
American League Championship Series four times in five
years (1976-1980).

JOE I have been a reader for over 50 years, and you make very
few errors. However, you mixed up the names and faces of
DiMAGGIO Earle Combs and Bob Meusel on page 36 in the article on
Outfield Trios. You got The Babe right, LOL!
It was a great article on Outfield Trios. Great work, I hope
I read your publication for 50 more.
Cesar M. Pellerano MD
Miami Lakes, Florida
Yes, it was an oversight in misidentifying Meusel and
Combs. In the photo, from left to right, the names should have

read Earle Combs, Babe Ruth and Bob Meusel. The three
formed the Yankees outfield from 1925 through 1929.

6 September/October 2016
I recently heard that Jose
Altuve already has 70 more PLAYER GAMES HITS GAMES GAMES
multi-hit games than he has Pete Rose 3,562 4,256 1,225 1,000
games when he has gone Hank Aaron 3,298 3,771 1,045 906
hitless. This got me wonder- Stan Musial 3,026 3,630 1,059 849
ing about the all-time lead- Derek Jeter 2,747 3,465 1,016 640
ers with the highest number Carl Yastrzemski 3,308 3,419 912 1,096
Paul Molitor 2,683 3,319 969 697
of multi-hit games com-
Willie Mays 2,992 3,283 922 939
pared to hitless games. I Eddie Murray 3,026 3,255 934 964
would guess that names like

Cal Ripken 3,001 3,184 845 929
Cobb, Carew, Rose, Gwynn George Brett 2,707 3,154 905 793
and Brett would be high on Paul Waner 2,549 3,142 939 685 PETE ROSE
the list. Jim LeBuffe Robin Yount 2,856 3,142 879 847
The Woodlands, TX Tony Gwynn 2,440 3,141 951 602
Through Aug. 6, 2016, Jose Dave Winfield 2,973 3,110 850 967
Altuve had 282 multi-hit Alex Rodriguez + 2,781 3,114 870 823
JOSE Craig Biggio 2,850 3,060 841 892
ALTUVE games and 190 hitless games
Rickey Henderson 3,081 3,055 809 1,069
on his resume, for a difference Rod Carew 2,469 3,053 896 442

of 92. Lou Brock 2,616 3,023 872 746

Following is a list of hitless Rafael Palmeiro 2,831 3,020 814 875
games and multi-hit games Wade Boggs 2,440 3,010 885 666
by some players with 3,000 or more career hits. The records Al Kaline 2,834 3,007 822 896
for players prior to 1913 (Cap Anson, Ty Cobb, Nap Lajoie, Roberto Clemente 2,433 3,000 876 652
Honus Wagner, Eddie Collins and Tris Speaker) are incom- Ichiro Suzuki + 2,452 3,000 892 681
plete and their totals are not included. + Totals through August 7 HANK AARON


After reading your article on MLB Best Infields and VENTURA
the subsection Great Infields From The Past, I was sur-
prised at the omission of the 1999 Mets, an infield that
consisted of John Olerud (1B), Edgardo Alfonzo (2B),
Rey Ordonez (SS) and Robin Ventura (3B). They com-
bined to commit only 27 errors and allowed only 20
unearned runs (first all time). Both Ventura and
Ordonez won the Gold Glove and I believe Olerud and
Alfonzo finished second. As you will see, their offensive
numbers werent too shabby either.

John Olerud (173 H, 39 2B, 19 HR, 96 RBI, 107 R, .298 BA)

Edgardo Alfonzo (191 H, 41 2B, 27 HR, 109 RBI, 123 R, .304 BA)
Rey Ordonez (134 H, 24 2B, 60 RBI)
Robin Ventura (177 H, 38 2B, 32 HR, 120 RBI, 88 R, 120 RBI, .301 BA)
Bob Olsen
Hillsborough, NJ

Steve Moore


September/October 2016 7
Im sure the graph you published in
the July/August 2016 issue concerning
Great Pitching Staffs from the Past has
sparked a debate among your readers,
and Im sure you've heard from many
of them. Here is mine:
The 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates: RH-Jack
Chesbro (28-6, 2.17), LH-Jesse Tannehill
(20-6, 1.95), RH-Deacon Phillippe (20-9,
2.05), RH-Sam Leever (16-7, 2.39) and

Steve Moore
LH-Ed Doheny (16-4, 2.54).
These five pitchers combined for 125
complete games and 19 shutouts. They From left, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Steven Matz anchor a young Mets rotation.
also occupied five of the top six spots
among the National League leaders for won/lost percentage Series during that stretchmainly on the strength of its pitch-
that season. The other pitcher in the top six was Ed Poole, ing staff, led by Hall of Famers Chief Bender and Eddie Plank.
who started the season in Pittsburgh, then was later sold to That staff was even more responsible for the teams suc-
the Reds. cess than its so-called 100 Thousand-Dollar Infield.
The American League was raiding National League Plank would retire as the winningest left-hander in
rosters that season, but Pittsburgh remained virtu- major-league history, not to be surpassed until
ally untouched. The Pirates won the pennant in Warren Spahn in the 1960s. He would post a 16-10
1902 with a record of 103-36 (.741), 27.5 games in record in 1910, followed by 22-8, and 26-6 in 1911
front of the second-place Brooklyn Superbas. and 1912, respectively. Right-hander Bender
Michael Corley would have records of 23-5, 17-5 and 13-8 during
Clarksburg, WV those years before posting a 21-10 mark in 1913,
while also leading the A.L. with 12 saves!
As a longtime reader and a lifetime dyed- But the most interesting fact about those As is
in-the-wool Mets fan, I was somewhat that during most of those years, neither Plank
appalled at your cover story. You listed the nor Bender was the best pitcher on the staff.
Metropolitans pitching rotation as the best That honor went to one Jack Coombs, who
in the game today, which is fine as well as won a staggering 60 games in 1910-11 and led
true. But what was not fine was how you left the league in wins those two years with 31
out the ageless wonder Bartolo Colon from COLON and 29, respectively. He followed that with a
both your cover and article without even a Steve Moore 20-10 record in 1912. Although illness and
mention of his accomplishments. injuries shortened his career, for a handful of
In case you havent checked, Colon has been the seasons, he could compete with Walter Johnson as
most consistent pitcher on the Mets staff through the the best pitcher in the American League.
first half of the season, second in wins after Noah In addition to the Big Three, the As received good years
Syndergaard, and if it were not for very poor run support, in one season or another from Cy Morgan, Boardwalk
he would have a couple of more wins. How could you? Poor Brown, Bob Shawkey and others. The Athletics of the
underappreciated Bartolo! 1910s were, arguably, modern Major League Baseballs
And in your list of the best pitching staffs of the past, how first true dynasty and their pitching staff was the main
could leave out the Philadelphia A's of the 1910 to 1914 period? reason for the rise of that dynasty. Robert E. Lozada
Connie Macks team won four pennants and three World Miami Springs, FL

I enjoyed reading about the Great Duos From The
Past (July/August 2016). You really need to include two
of the greatest duo performances of all time.
The 1930 Chicago Cubs were led by:
Hack Wilson.356, 56 HR, 146 R, 191 RBI
Kiki Cuyler.355, 13 HR, 155 R, 134 RBI
The two combined for 325 RBI, a total only topped by
Ruth/Gehrig among those duos listed.
The 1949 Boston Red Sox were led by: TED WILLIAMS VERN STEPHENS
Ted Williams.343, 43 HR, 150 R, 159 RBI
Vern Stephens.290, 39 HR, 113 R, 159 RBI
Williams and Stephens combined for 318 RBI, a total
only topped by Ruth/Gehrig and Simmons/Foxx among
those duos listed. Neither of the above teams won the
pennant. Martin E. Brody

Tulsa, OK
8 September/October 2016
In your article about Scouting Reports of MLB Greats in Early in the season when the Chicago Cubs were outscoring
your July/August 2016 issue, you forgot to mention two their opponents by a large margin, it was stated they were on
Hall of Fame members: Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. I a record pace for scoring more runs than runs allowed.
was at that induction ceremony in 2007 and witnessed two It got me wondering what clubs hold the record for largest
greats who played for a single team in their careers. This margin between runs scored and runs allowed in a season
was one of the largest crowds who have attended a ceremo- for both the American League and National League.
ny. I believe they deserve more credit for what they have Frank Healy
accomplished. Madison, WI
Could you please provide their scouting reports? Since 1901, when the American League was formed, the
Arthur Wrightson 1939 New York Yankees hold the major-league record for scor-
San Diego, CA ing 411 more runs than they allowed. During that year, the
We did not forget; we simply ran a series of scouting Yankees scored 967 runs and their pitching staff and defen-
reports of former major-league greats that were available at sive unit surrendered 556.
the time. Following are scouting reports on Tony Gwynn The N.L. record is held by the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates, a
and Cal Ripken Jr. club that scored 775 runs and gave up 439 for a differential
of +336.
TONY GWYNN, age 21 See the accompanying chart.

Strong compact, well-

proportioned frame. Very
mature physical features. RUN DIFFERENTIAL
Finished scholastic eligibili- (1901-2015)
ty but has one more year of AMERICAN LEAGUE
baseball left. Was guard on YEAR TEAM RS RA DIFF.
basketball team (San Diego 1939 New York Yankees 967 556 +411
State) and got a late start 1927 New York Yankees 975 599 +376
this spring. 1936 New York Yankees 1,065 731 +334
Very good fastball hitter 1998 New York Yankees 965 656 +309
1937 New York Yankees 979 671 +308
with excellent bat speed.
1931 New York Yankees 1,067 760 +307
Slight upper cut swing with SportPics 2001 Seattle Mariners 927 627 +300
good extension. Will have avg. power when he learns to pull 1942 New York Yankees 801 507 +294
the ball more. Gets good jump on OF and has improved there 1929 Philadelphia As 901 615 +286
as the season progressed. 1932 New York Yankees 1,002 724 +278
Doesnt throw wellgets no leverage and doesnt have good NATIONAL LEAGUE
mechanics. Opens too soon and is still. Labors to run and YEAR TEAM RS RA DIFF.
wobbles some. His slight timing hitch causes him to 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates 775 439 +336
inside/out a lot of pitches and has some problems adjusting to 1906 Chicago Cubs 704 381 +323
off-speed and breaking pitchesextremely avg. at plate. 1944 St. Louis Cardinals 772 490 +282
Scout Gordon Lakey (June 3, 1981) 1905 New York Giants 780 505 +275
1942 St. Louis Cardinals 755 480 +275
1904 New York Giants 744 474 +270
CAL RIPKEN JR., age 17
1953 Brooklyn Dodgers 955 689 +266
1975 Cincinnati Reds 840 586 +254
No glasses or know injuries. 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates 701 448 +253
Built like handsome as Jim 1912 New York Giants 823 571 +252
Palmer. Son of Cal Ripken,
Baltimore coach. Young, fine- RUTH/GEHRIG HOME RUNS
looking, long-armed, big I read your May/June 2016
boned physical specimen. Quick Quiz. You indicate that
Throws mostly hard CBs, sluggers Babe Ruth and Lou
arm sinkers. Mixes breaking Gehrig of the Yankees, totaled
balls with few FBs. Changes 846 home runs as teammates.
on CB and FB bores down and I also read in the ESPN
in for control strikeout pitch. Baseball Encyclopedia,
Outstanding competitor. Can fifth edition, that Ruth LOU
David Durochik/SportPics GEHRIG
hit. RUBBER ARM. and Gehrig totaled 859
Weaknessesrun 4.6 1B. Not fully matured. Growing tall, homers in the span of
faster than mobility will allow. Does not release ball down far 1923 to 1934.
enough past body, but has sneaky stuff on all pitches. If your information
Plays SS, but lack of fluid mobility will limit prospect here. is correct, please tell me
Live arm, excellent command of CB, strong size, and intense these numbers in that RUTH
desire to play. Fathers influence rate chance. span. Olegario Corro
Pirates scout Joe Consoli (April 12, 1978). Panama, Panama
September/October 2016 9
Gehrig played most of the 1923 and somebody came up with a board and hit
1924 seasons at Columbia College and me on top of the head and knocked me
the Yankees minor-league affiliates. down.
Thus, he was not Ruths teammate for a Jim Martin, catcher in the Class-C
full season until 1925. That accounts West Texas-New Mexico League, was
for the discrepancy in the total number struck by lightning during the middle
of home runs they hit as teammates. of an inning in Abilene, Texas, on
Our initial research was an estimate. April 28, 1950. The force of the light-
Looking further into the totals of Ruths ning bolt is said to have hit Martins
home runs when Gehrig was his team- catchers mask, knocking him out and
mate on the New York roster indicates forcing his mask to fly off his head
the two sluggers combined for 792 beyond the pitchers mound. He did
homers. return to play the next day.
In 1923, Gehrig played 13 games with On June 16, 1951, outfielder Andy

David Durochik/SportPics
the Yankees and hit one home run. Strong, 23, was playing in a game for
With Gehrig on the roster between the Crowley Millers of the Evangeline
stints at Columbia and 59 games in the DAVE League when he was struck by light-
minors, Ruth clubbed 15 home runs, WINFIELD ning and killed instantly. The game
bringing their combined total to 16 was delayed in the fifth inning due to
homers as teammates in 1923. heavy rain, but as the skies cleared and
In 1924, Gehrig joined the clubafter the rain halted, a lightning bolt suddenly
playing 135 minor-league games in felled Strong.
Hartfordin late August. Gehrig did
not hit a home run in the majors in CAP SELECTION
1924, while Ruth connected for five You may have answered this ques-
when they were teammates for the tion before, but I forgot. Who picks
final month of the season. out the hat portrayed in the bronze
The total number of homers Ruth sculpture for those players elected to
and Gehrig combined for in 1923 and the Hall of Famethe Hall or the
1924 is 21. Add that to the 771 they hit player?
as full-time teammates from 1925 Have things changed since the
through 1934, and the accurate total of Dave Winfield problem? W. Isaacs
combined homers is 792. Yonkers, NY
Dave Winfield, who was elected to
WHEN LIGHTNING STRUCK the Hall of Fame in 2001, had spent
The Pittsburgh Pirates played the most of his 22 seasons in the majors
New York Giants on July 17, 1914, a with the New York Yankees and had
game won by the Giants, 3-1, after 21 great success there. Yet, he chose to go
innings. into the Hall as a member of the San
During the game, New York out- Diego Padres, due to his feud with
fielder Red Murray was struck by Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.
lightning after catching the final out After 2001, the Hall of Fame decided
of the contest. He recovered to play to change the policy on cap logo selec-
the next day. tion, as a result of rumors that some
Has any other player been struck teams were offering compensation,
by lightning during a game? Lucy Byers such as number retirement, money or organizational jobs, in
Latrobe, PA exchange for the cap designation. The Hall decided that it
Besides the game involving Giants outfielder Red Murray, would no longer defer to the inductee, though the players wish-
we have uncovered four other instances when a player was es would be considered when deciding on the logo to appear on
struck by lightning during a professional ballgame: the plaque.
William Bedford, a second baseman for the Cuban Giants The Museum staff works with each inductee by suggesting
of the Negro leagues was killed when struck by lightning at an appropriate logo option, or no logo at all, said Jeff Idelson,
Inlet Park in Atlantic City on August 26, 1909. president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
In his first game with the Cleveland Indians on Aug. 24, For those whose most compelling contributions clearly took
1919, pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning. With two place with one team, a logo makes sense. For those whose
outs in the ninth inning and the Indians leading 2-1, a bolt of careers were built significantly among multiple teams, not hav-
lightning hit an iron rail in front of the press box, made its way ing a team logo is equally acceptable. Regardless of the selec-
down the steel posts and across the infield, striking Caldwell tion, a Hall of Famer belongs to every team for which he played
and knocking him out. It is said he was unconscious for five or managed, as well as every fan who followed his career.
minutes, but when he came to, he insisted on finishing the
game. He completed Clevelands victory over the As by forcing BASEBALL DIGEST WELCOMES LETTERS FROM READERS.
Full name, city and state or province must be included. Mail to:
the next batter to ground out to third. After the game, Caldwell The Fans Speak Out, Baseball Digest, 990 Grove Street, Evanston, IL
said of his experience of being hit by lightning: It felt just like 60201-4370 or email to:

10 September/October 2016
WARMUP TOSSES By Bob Kuenster, Editor


t happened at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago on July 25 who juggle their feelings back and forth with the failure and

I on a warm, muggy night with a playoff-like crowd of

more than 39,000 in attendance. The White Sox were
hosting the crosstown Cubs in an interleague match.
success of their team. They are prone to worry regardless of
how good their ball club is due to the franchises long cham-
pionship drought.
At the time, the Cubs were boasting the best record in the After that July 25 loss to the White Sox, the Cubs were in
majors and had just acquired first place by seven games over
flame-throwing reliever Aroldis the Cardinals and eight ahead
Chapman in a trade with the JOE of the Pirates with 64 games
Yankees to help solidify their MADDON remaining on the 2016 sched-
struggling bullpen. ule. Chicago was attempting to
The addition of Chapman make the postseason for the
with his controversial past was second year in a row and win
a story that had news reporters the clubs first pennant in 71
clamoring for information years ... not to mention the
from the Cubs front office franchises first World Series
team president Theo Epstein, title in 108 campaigns.
general manager Jed Hoyer But the teams place in the
and manager Joe Maddonin standings means little until the
the visitors dugout. season is in the books. As Yogi
On the other side of the field, said, It aint over till its over!
the main topic was not the In the A.L. Central, its the
game or the struggles the Cleveland Indians who are try-
White Sox were going through, ing to erase a streak of bad luck.
but the temper tantrum by All- The Tribe has won two pennants
Star left-hander Chris Sale that over the last 22 years (1995,
caused him to draw a five- Baseball is a long season, man, and 1997), but a world championship
game suspension from his club has eluded the Indians since
losing is part of the game. Its how you deal
the previous weekend. 1948, when there were only 16
But after all the interviews with losing streaks or slumps that tell you teams in the major leagues and
and repeated boring state- what kind of team you have. the three best players in the
ments about events away from gameTed Williams, Joe
the field, the focus of the night DiMaggio and Stan Musial
shifted to the game. A contest were making a combined
that had all that could be $166,000.
expected in a Cubs-White Sox There are other teams in the
showdownsolid pitching, hunt to end dreadful champi-
great defensive plays, home onship droughts in 2016.
runs and a walk-off victory. The Houston Astros were an
The White Sox won the first of expansion team in 1962 during
this four-game series, 5-4. the Kennedy administration
Photos by SportPics

With the loss, echoes of Cubs and have yet to win a World
fans disappointment could be Series title. The same can be said
heard as they slowly exited the for their intrastate rivals, the
ballpark. Some mumbled about Texas Rangers, who entered the
their club coming up short; The Cubs rebuilding processunder the regime of Theo major-league scene in 1961 as
Epstein, president of baseball operationshas put Chicago
others worried whether the in a position to contend for the next several seasons. the Washington Senators before
team could keep a strangle- moving to Texas in 1972. Both
hold on the division lead. In the Astros and Rangers have had
the midst of the ramblings, a boisterous Sox fan yelled, success, but have failed to capture a World Series ring.
Nice game! in the middle of a jersey-wearing crowd of In Washington, the Nationalsformerly the Montreal
Cubs fans, The north siders perked up when one follower Exposare trying to win the organizations first pennant in
responded, Hey, were still in first place! its 48 years of existence.
Those are the thoughts of fans, especially Cub admirers, The Orioles, a club that put together a strong first half,
September/October 2016 11

havent secured a title in 32 years. The Pirates havent won Tribe will be in the hunt for a pennant in October.
for 36 years, the Tigers for 31, the Mets for 29, the Dodgers As for the Cubs, even when you have one of the top teams
for 27, and the Blue Jays for 22. All these teams were within in the major leagues, drama seems to follow the franchise
distance of a division title or a wild-card invitation entering that hasnt won a title since before World War Ior a pen-
the final two months of the season. nant since Harry S. Truman was president and a gallon of
Its never easy, said Pirates manager Clint Hurdle on gas cost 15 cents.
reaching the playoffs. Its a long season and there are a lot On June 19, Chicago had a 12.5-game lead in the N.L.
of great teams. . . contending teams that Central and the media and fans were
have a legitimate shot at winning a pen- thinking ahead to a historic season of
nant. If a team can maintain consisten- 100-plus wins and redemption of last
cy and get hot at the right time, any- CLINT years loss in the NLCS to the Mets in an
thing can happen. Im proud of the men embarrassing sweep.
we have on our club; they play hard and But then the Cubs lost 15 of its next 20
know how to win and well do whatever games and fans were worrying that a
it takes to get into the postseason. collapse was in the making. Questions
Cleveland manager Terry Francona were being planted in their heads: Is
held the same beliefs for his club, Jake Arrieta hurt? Why cant the players
despite having to contend with the hit in the clutch? When will Jason
defending World Series champion Heyward come around? Why cant the
Royals and the Detroit Tigers in the bullpen hold down a win?
same division. Thats the way its always been,
We have a solid club here, he Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

said in mid-June, when his club Baseball is a long season, man,
was tied for first place with a 35- and losing is part of the game. Its
30 record and coming off three Its never easy. Its a long season and there are how you deal with losing streaks
consecutive defeats to Kansas a lot of great teams. . . contending teams that or slumps that tell you what kind
City. We have a lot of good have a legitimate shot at winning a pennant. If of team you have.
pitching and a solid young corps a team can maintain consistency and get hot at And Im not worried at all with
of players who are going to help the right time, anything can happen. what we have here, the skipper
us win and contend. added. Our guys know what they
After that three-game setback have to do. They know how to win
to the Royals, the Indians went TERRY and they work at it every day.
on a 14-game winning streak that put FRANCONA Sometimes you dont get the results you
them in the drivers seat in the A.L. want, but its really how you try to
Central with a seven-and-a-half game achieve those results and I think weve
lead. At the end of July, Cleveland was done a great job and are in a good posi-
still keeping pace, five-and-a-half games tion to succeed . . . and not just winning
ahead of the Tigers. a division title.
I love when we win, Francona told Part of the game is dealing with adver-
Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain sity and battling through a long schedule
Dealer, but once we put yesterday that includes stretches of losing.
behind us (its in the past). There is The 1927 Yankees went 11-11 in early
something to be learned from August before recovering to contin-

the game you just played. Then ue their 110-win season and sweep
you process it and move on. the Pirates in the World Series.
If you lost five or six in a row There is something to be learned from the game In May 1961, the Yankees
and let it bog you down, or you you just played. Then you process it and move on. slumped early in the month when
won five or six in a row and you If you lost five or six in a row and let it bog you they went 4-10 during a 14-game
start digging yourself, that does- down, or you won five or six in a row and you start skid. The club recovered to win
nt work. Just move on. digging yourself, that doesn't work. Just move on." 109 regular-season games and the
The Indians have moved on World Series.
with a strong rotation of starters Cincinnatis Big Red Machine
in Danny Salazar, Josh Tomlin, started the 1975 season losing 10 of
Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer. The five its first 19 games, and later in the year posted a six-game los-
hurlers combined for a 47-26 record and 3.52 ERA through ing streak. But that didnt prevent the Reds from winning 108
the first 108 games of the season. games and the World Series.
Mix that quality pitching with veteran leadership in Mike The 1906 Cubs set a big-league record with 116 wins. In the
Napoli, Jason Kipnis and Carlos Santana, along with the process, their longest losing streak was only three games and
outstanding play of young star shortstop Francisco Lindor the club lost back-to-back games only five times during the
and outfielders Jose Ramirez and Tyler Naquin, and the year. But when World Series time came, the Cubs lost four

12 September/October 2016
DID YOU KNOW . . . that when the Cubs won
their last World Series in 1908, Theodore Roosevelt was
president, only 46 states made up the United States, Cy
Young was 41 years old, Ty Cobb was 21, and the Civil War
had been over for only 43 years?
straight to their crosstown rival, the White Sox. . . . that the last time the Indians won the Fall Classic, Bob
Feller, Lou Boudreau, Larry Doby, Bob Lemon and Al Rosen
The 2001 Seattle Mariners equaled the Cubs victory total were stars in Cleveland, minimum wage was 40 cents an hour,
with 116 and didnt lose more than two games in a row until and Harvard University tuition was $455?
late September, when they dropped four in succession after . . . when the expansion Washington Senators/Texas Rangers
joined the American League in 1961, there were only four
the club had already clinched the division. But in the post- players with 500 career homers, eight with 3,000
season, the Mariners lost in the ALCS, four games to one. hits, 11 pitchers with 300 or more wins, and only TY COBB MAURY
Walter Johnson had 3,000-plus strikeouts?
The history of great teams failing to win a World Series SportPics
. . . when Houston played its first big-league
shows baseball is unpredictable and anything can happen. season in 1962, Maury Wills set the single-sea-
Any team can win with a streak of good luck and solid play. son stolen-base record with 104, Mickey Mantle
But an invitation to postseason competition wont guaran- won his third A.L. MVP Award, Sandy Koufax
won his first of five ERA titles, and Nolan Ryan
tee a world championship. was a freshman at Alvin High School in Texas?
Religious philosopher Blaise Pascal once wrote: . . . when the expansion Expos (now Nationals)

Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he and Padres began their first season in the N.L.
in 1969, it was the first year of divisional play
is a thinking reed . . . All our dignity consists, then, in
in the majors and Pete Rose had 1,109
thought. By it, we must elevate ourselves, and not by space career hits to his credit?
and time which we cannot fill. Let us endeavor, then, to . . . the last time the Pirates won the
think well; this is the principle of morality. World Series in 1979, Tony La Russa had
27 of his 2,728 managerial victories?
This statement could also be the principle of victory. The LOU BOUDREAU
thought process of a ballplayer can determine the margin of
victory and defeat. Give me a player who can think, progress contending team and should be for years to come, thanks to
and learn on the field and he will help lead you to victory. their ownership and the plan to create a winner through
Joe Maddon appears to be a follower of this philosophy. the front-office leadership of Epstein.
He likes to empower his coaching staff, and its ability to If the players can rely on their great all-around produc-
help guide players to become thinkers and doers on the tion and the leadership of veteran players, and young stars
baseball diamond builds a winning atmosphere through- continue to believe in themselves, then the pennant
out the organization. drought of 70 years and the lack of a World Series title for
So, Cubs fans can wince with each loss, and the media 107 seasons should come to an end very soon.
can continue to spark debates about the myth of a jinx. But To which Cubs fans will finally get a chance to shout, Its
both parties should hold onto the fact that the Cubs are a Over! BD

September/October 2016 13

David Durochik/SportPics


Among the 111 Fall Classics played, 37 of

them went the distance in a best-of-seven

By Bruce Levine and Joel Bierig

hen it comes to the World Series, seven is the
format with a handful being categorized as
the best Series finales in MLB history
Mazeroski hit just 138 regular-season homers over his 17-

W lucky number for television networks seeking rat-

ings-and-revenue jackpots. For participants, how-
ever, the 37 Game 7s to date have been a roll of the dice,
year big-league career. Yet he remains the only player to slug
a game-ending, World Series-winning home run in a Game 7.
Thirty-three years later, Torontos Joe Carter blasted a
producing surprising heroes and just as unlikely goats. Series-ending, come-from-behind homer off Philadelphias
For example, Bill Mazeroskis walkoff home runto win Mitch Williams, but that was in the sixth game.
the 1960 World Series for Pittsburgharguably propelled Despite Mazeroskis other accomplishments, which
the .260-hitting glove whiz to eventual Hall of Fame status. included eight Gold Glove awards, his Game 7 homer may
Ive been asked a thousand times to explain the home have been the key to unlocking a Hall of Fame berth. In
run that I did hit in 1960, Mazeroski said of his tie-break- 2001, the Veterans Committee, as it was known, finally
ing shot off Ralph Terry that gave Pittsburgh a 10-9 victo- selected him to the Hall. Nine years earlier, hed been
ry over the Yankees. I always come up short. I dont have dropped from the ballot for failing to achieve the needed
the words, I dont have the vocabulary, and Im not smart 75 percent of the vote in any of his 15 seasons of eligibility.
enough to explain how great it felt. Perhaps the most dramatic pitching performance in
But how many are aware the 1926 World Series ended on World Series history soon will enable Jack Morris to join
a failed steal attempt of second base by the Sultan of Swat, Mazeroski in Cooperstown. At the moment, the accom-
Babe Ruth? plished right-hander remains on the outside looking in,
Many more, no doubt, know Ruth smacked three home despite 254 career victories.
runs in Game 4 of that Series, more than delivering on a Morris still is asked how, at age 36, he managed to pitch
storied promise to a hospitalized boy. a 10-inning shutout against Atlanta to win Game 7 of the

14 September/October 2016
1991 Series for the Minnesota Twins. What may be the best was a dream come trueeverything I expected and more,
Game 7 in history, it matched teams that finished last the Smoltz says in reflection.
previous season. Moreover, Smoltz and Morris likely would have become
Everybody was worried about how these two last-place teammates in Detroithad the Tigers not infamously
teams from small markets were going to provide a boring traded Smoltz, a 20-year-old prospect, to Atlanta for 36-
World Series, John Smoltz, who opposed Morris on the year-old Doyle Alexander during the 1987 pennant race.
mound for the Braves, told Baseball Digest. Then you get Interestingly, while Morris still awaits a call from
arguably the best World Series ever and certainly the best Cooperstown, Smoltz became a first-ballot Hall of Famer in
Game 7. 2015aided, no doubt, by the uniqueness of his resume.
It was a Series in which the home team won every game, Because of adjustments necessitated by Tommy John
with five being decided by a single run, four being settled surgery, he is the only pitcher in history to post 200 victo-
in the final at-bat, and three going extra innings. ries (213) and 150 saves (154).
That Game 7 story is pretty Id give up half my wins to
much legend in the Twin Cities, pitch in 10 more games just like
former Twins outfielder Dan MADISON the one Jack and I pitched in,
Gladdenwho, like Morris, is a BUMGARNER Smoltz says.
member of the Twins current Meanwhile, Morris, whose 15
broadcast teamtold BD. But years on the regular ballot
Game 7 was really about Game 6, ended in 2014, can be consid-
with the Puckett great catch and ered by the Halls Expansion
home run. Era Committee for the first time
Indeed, Kirby Puckett made a in December.
leaping, run-saving stab against Gladden believes Morris
the 13-foot Plexiglas extension selection is long overdue.
of the center-field wall early in There wasnt any nervous-
the game. Finally, in the 11th ness going into Game 7 because
inning, he hit a walkoff homer Jack was an accomplished man
to tie the Series. who won big games his whole
Then it all came down to Morris career, Gladden recalled.
against future Hall of Famer Subplots, however, were far
Smoltz, then 24. Smoltz matched from Morris mind at that
him for 7.1 innings before leaving moment.
with two men on base, a jam that Its a game you get excited for,
reliever Mike Stanton escaped. and something inside you tells
Morris, for his part, had no inten- you to keep going, was his sim-
tions of departing. ple explanation after posting a
Jack probably would have 2-0 record and 1.17 ERA in three
pitched 25 innings if he had to, starts to earn Series MVP hon-
teammate Kent Hrbek said. ors. I dont know where it came

Oh, hell, its just a game, from.

manager Tom Kelly said after As Smoltz adds, If youre not
In 2014, Bumgarner capped an 18-win campaign by earning four post-
pitching coach Dick Such lob- season victories. He defeated Kansas City twice in the World Series and
ready or prepared or dont want
bied for Morris to continue. worked five scoreless innings in relief to save a thrilling Game 7. to pitch in Game 7, theres some-
I only wish Id had more thing wrong with you.
years under my belt so I could have told my manager Perhaps that is why:
(Bobby Cox) I wasnt coming out like Jack told his manag- Starter Madison Bumgarner found the strength to pitch
er, Smoltz still laments. five shutout innings in reliefon two days restto give
The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was rocking for the San Francisco Giants a Game 7 victory over the host
Morris, a St. Paul, Minn., native. Ironically, it was his only Kansas City Royals in 2014. Not since 1979, when the
season with the Twinsa low-budget franchise that Pirates vanquished the Baltimore Orioles, had a team won
would lose him to Toronto the following season. Game 7 of the World Series on the road. Before earning the
The building just exploded with sound, recounted Game 7 save, Bumgarner won the opener and pitched a
Gladden, who led off the Twins 10th with a double and four-hit shutout in Game 5. The 79 Pirates were Family,
scored on Gene Larkins bases-loaded hit to provide the 1-0 rebounding from a 3-1 Series deficit to the tune of Sister
victory. Sledges hit song and MVP Willie Stargells 4-for-5 hitting
Morris had been better known as a Detroit Tiger. He in Game 7. The 2014 Giants were no less cohesive, winning
posted 198 of his career victories for the Tigers and con- their third World Series title in five seasons.
tributed two triumphs to their 1984 World Series champi- Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers
onship over San Diego. mustered the stamina to strike out a then-record 10 (for a
Ironically, Smoltz was a Michigan native who had grown Game 7) and pitch a three-hit shutout on two days rest to
up in Lansing rooting for Morris and the Tigers. beat the Twins in the seventh game of the 1965 Series. All
Pitching in the biggest game against one of your heroes with a black-and-blue left forearm, the result of shredded
September/October 2016 15
1. 1991 TWINS 1, BRAVES 0, 10 INNINGS before New York tied it with two in the ninth. out Tony Lazzeri with the bases loaded and two out in
Minnesotas championship (on Jack Morris complete- New Yorks three victories in the Series came by a the seventh inning.
game effort) came on the heels of another seven-game combined 38-3 score. Whitey Ford threw two shutouts, The hard-living Alexander had prevented the power-
triumph in 1987that against the Cardinals. The 87 yet the Bronx Bombers still lost the Series, despite ful Yanks from winning in six games by pitching a com-
Series was the first in which the home team won every outscoring Pittsburgh 55-27. plete game and holding down the mighty Babe (0-for-3
game. The same occurred in 91. But the 87 Series lacked Manager Casey Stengel summarily was forced out by and a walk). In Game 7, the Bambino hit a third-inning
the suspense of 91; every 87 game was decided by two owners Dan Topping and Del Webb at age 70. Stengel homer off Jesse Haines but was frustrated by being
or more runs, and no runs were scored in the ninth inning had won 10 pennants in 12 seasons, including seven walked four times, including by Alexander on a 3-2
of any contest. Fast forward to 91, when four games World Series. I will never make the mistake of turning count in the ninth.
ended on the final pitch, five were won in a teams final 70 again, Stengel deadpanned after getting dumped. With two out and Ruth on first, Alexander threw a
turn at-bat, and five were decided by one run. fastball to Bob Meusel. Ruth, the potential tying run,
I wasnt the hero on either (the 87 or 91) team, BILL took off on the pitch and was thrown out on a close play,
said former Twins outfielder Dan Gladden, who scored MAZEROSKI catcher Bob O'Farrell to Hall of Fame second baseman
the winning run in 1991 and drove in the final run in a Rogers Hornsby.
clinching 4-2 victory in 1987. But we all looked at our- Ruth may have been frustrated not only by his four
selves as heroes for the people in Minnesota, which had walks in the game, but by a total of 11 in the Series.
never won a championship (since the franchise moved History may call his aborted steal the monumental
from Washington in 1961). The 1991 team, for sure, is bonehead play in Series annals. Meusel, however, who
a big part of baseball and World Series history. That will hit .238 in the Series, had slumped badly in the last
never change, except with time, when people will debate three weeks of the season. Ruth, like his teammates,
the greatness depending on the era youre talking about. doubted the outfielder could deliver anything more than
But having participated, I dont think I ever played in a a single.
more exciting or meaningful game. Did Ruth lose the Series? Or did Alexander and play-
With all due appreciation for Game 7 of the 1960 er/manager Hornsby frustrate and outfox the greatest
Series, the 91 game arguably was the greatest Game 7. player in major-league history?
The grizzled Morris, 36, threw 10 shutout innings and
brought a championship to his hometown team in his 5. 2001 DIAMONDBACKS 3, YANKEES 2
only season with the Twins. Atlanta right-hander John Against the backdrop of the 9/11 attacks in New York,
Smoltz, then 24, pitched 7.1 scoreless innings before 3. 1955 DODGERS 2, YANKEES 0 this Series had it all in terms of drama and intrigue. The
manager Bobby Cox removed him with two runners on. Long-suffering fans and Wait until next year were Yankees, going for four straight World Series titles, were
It was an epic battle of what-ifs and what-could-have- Brooklyn catchphrases long before they became con- only three outs from tying the 1936-39 Bronx Bombers
beens, said Smoltz, a Michigan native who grew up nected to the Chicago Cubs. for the second-best Fall Classic run ever behind the 49-
watching Morris pitch for the Tigers. Indeed, it was 71 years before the Dodgers finally 53 Yankee powerhouses that won five in a row.
After a great career in Detroit, Morris had signed a won their first and only World Series as a Brooklyn fran- The Arizona Diamondbacks, an expansion team in
one-year deal with Minnesota as a new-look free agent, chise. It took a masterful shutout from 23-year-old lefty 1998, were in only their fourth season. Game 7, in
the result of a collusion ruling against major-league own- Johnny Podres to ward off the demons of the Flatbush Arizona, pitted the Yankees Roger Clemens against Curt
ers. Following his MVP performance, Morris again curse. Podres scored complete-game victories in both Schilling, and both were outstanding.
became a free agent and signed with Toronto. There, he his starts en route to the MVP award, the first such On the mound in the bottom of the ninth to protect a
picked up two more World Series rings, in 1992 and 93, honor ever given for the best player in the Series. 2-1 Yankees lead was the most dominant closer in post-
despite going 0-2 in the 92 Series and missing the 93 Gil Hodges, the goat of the 1952 World Series for season history, Mariano Rivera, riding a wave of 23 con-
affair because of injury after a subpar season. going 0-for-21 in seven games against the Yankees, secutive postseason saves. A throwing error by Rivera
redeemed himself by driving in both runs to support that dragged Derek Jeter off the second-base bag set up
2. 1960 PIRATES 10, YANKEES 9 Podres (single in the fourth, sacrifice fly in the sixth). the improbable ending. A game-tying double by Tony
The Mazeroski Game delivered all the offensive Historical significancethe Dodgers finally winning and Womack with one out put the winning run at third base.
drama that Game 7 of the 1991 Series lacked. Yankees Hall of Fame icon Jackie Robinson playing on his only Left-handed-hitting Craig Counsell was struck on the
right-hander Ralph Terry served a 1-0 gopher ball to World Series winner in six triestakes this one up the hand by a cut fastball, which was not cutting in its usual
Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski for the most ladder to No. 3 on our list. At 36, however, Robinson manner for Rivera this day.
famous home run in World Series history. (Apologies to was in the throes of his worst season, and manager With the bases loaded and one out, Rivera threw one
Torontos Joe Carter, whose Series-ending walk-off Walter Alston didnt play him in Game 7using Don of his better cutters. It ate up Luis Gonzalez, but the vet-
homer in 1993, against Mitch Williams of the Hoak at third and Don Zimmer and Junior Gilliam at sec- eran flared a pop-up that landed a foot past the infield
Philadelphia Phillies, came in Game 6.) ond. cut-out behind shortstop for the game winner against
Yankees great Mickey Mantle cried at his locker after the drawn-in infield. Normally, it would have been an
the game. That one hurt worse than any loss I ever was 4. 1926 CARDINALS 3, YANKEES 2 easy pop-out to Jeter.
a part of, Mantle told Baseball Digest in 1992. The most bizarre finish imaginablea Series-ending Game 6 winner Randy Johnson, pitching for the sec-
The eighth inning had been pivotal. Trailing 7-4, stolen-base attemptleft Babe Ruth wearing the goat ond consecutive day, stymied New York with scoreless
Pittsburgh had Gino Cimoli on first with a leadoff single. horns. Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander ninth-inning relief. The five-time Cy Young winner
Bill Virdon hit a routine double-play grounder to short- was the hero, winning two games and saving the decid- racked up his third victory of the Series (the first three-
stop Tony Kubek. The ball took a five-foot-high bad hop ing game with 2.1 shutout innings. Perhaps the key game Series winner since Detroits Mickey Lolich in
that struck Kubek in the throat, forcing him to exit. The moment came when Alexander, still feeling the effects of 1968). And the Diamondbacks set a record for the quick-
Bucs went on to score five runs and take a 9-7 lead a Game 6 victory celebration, entered Game 7 to strike est World Series title by an expansion team.

elbow ligaments that had plagued the southpaw through- the 1955 Series. He was voted the first MVP in Series histo-
out the summer. ry after going 2-0 with two complete games and a 1.00
Lew Burdette of the Milwaukee Braves found enough in ERA. His performance led the Dodgers to their only World
his tank to shut out the Yankees on two days rest in Game Series title in their Brooklyn history. There was no pres-
7 of the 1957 Series. Starting the final game in place of sure on me, insisted Podres, who died in 2008 at age 75.
Warren Spahn, who was felled by the flu, Burdette won Who expected a guy with a 9-10 record, a young kid pitch-
MVP honors on the basis of three complete-game victo- ing against the Yankees, to beat them in the third game
ries, including two shutouts. Among the previous 10 (on his 23rd birthday) and then, pitching again on the
World Series, the Yankees had played in eight and won fourth day, to beat them again in the seventh game? If I get
seven. Adding to New Yorks pain, Burdette was a former beat, I go home and say, Dem Bums, wait till next year.
Yankees farmhand whom the Bronx Bombers had traded But we changed all that.
to the Braves six years earlier. Dizzy Dean of the St. Louis Cardinals, pitching on just a
Young, unheralded Johnny Podres pitched a Game 7 days rest, summoned the reserves to blank the Detroit
shutout for the Brooklyn Dodgers to beat the Yankees in Tigers on six hits in Game 7 of the 1934 World Series. It was

16 September/October 2016
but another notch in Deans belt; hed gone 30-7 for the sport since the Browns won the NFL title in 1964, James
Gashouse Gang during the regular season. cited the citys history of disappointments. Jose Mesa not
Goat may be too harsh a term, but for some unfortunate vic- being able to close out the bottom of the ninthalong
tims, Game 7 of the Fall Classic is associated with classic falls. with his own inability to deliver NBA titles in the 2007 and
The Yankees Terry surely felt that way after allowing 2015 finalsranked high on King James list.
Mazeroskis blast. Two years later, however, he redeemed The Cardinals Enos (Country) Slaughter is known for
himself with a four-hit, 1-0, Game 7 victory over the San his Mad Dash from first to home to score the winning
Francisco Giants. He earned 62 MVP honors after winning run against the Boston Red Sox in the eighth inning of
two of his three starts. Game 7 of the 1946 Series. On the other end, Red Sox short-
Yet, for a few precious seconds in the final inning of stop Johnny Pesky became tabbed as the man who held
Game 7, it seemed like dj vu all over again, to borrow a the ball, allowing Slaughter to score.
favorite phrase from Terrys teammate, Yogi Berra. Pesky said Slaughter, who led off with a hit but was still
With two out and Matty Alou on first, Willie Mays dou- on first two outs later, was stealing on a 2-1 pitch.
bled, and only the strong arm of Yankees right fielder Slaughter, however, kept running when Harry Walker


Ace closer Rivera posted a 0.99 ERA in 24 World Series appearances, but Gonzalez delivered the Game 7 walk-off hit against him to send Arizona to victory in the 2001 Fall Classic.

Roger Maris held Alou at third. Yankees manager Ralph looped a hit to left-center. And Slaughter just kept running
Houk elected to have Terry face lefty slugger Willie as center fielder Leon Culberson relayed the ball to Pesky.
McCovey, who had tripled off the right-hander earlier, I didnt hear anything, Pesky told The New York Times
rather than walk the bases loaded for right-handed-hitting in 2004. Everybody was screaming. When I looked, Enos
Orlando Cepeda. McCovey ripped a vicious line drive was 10 feet from home. I threw the ball. Maybe if I had a
toward Yankees second baseman Bobby Richardson. better arm, Id have gotten him.
Moving to his left, Richardson caught the bullet chest Culberson had entered the game because Dom
high, enabling Terry to settle his score with destiny. DiMaggio, who doubled in two runs to tie the score in the
Burdette, on the other hand, in a one-year span went top of the inning, had pulled a hamstring in the process.
from the ecstasy of victory to the agony of defeat. In 1958, DiMaggio, a seven-time All-Star, likely would have been
the Yankees beat him in Game 7, marking his second con- shading the spray-hitting Slaughter and might have
secutive defeat after he won Game 2 of the Series. caught the ball or used his strong arm to hold Slaughter to
Just as the 60 Series lionized Mazeroski and villainized third. Culberson was playing straightaway.
Terry, the 1997 Series had the same effects on Edgar Slaughter was always good to me, Pesky, who hit a
Renteria and Jose Mesa. Three outs away from the career-high .335 that season but never made it to another
Cleveland Indians first World Series title since 1948, Mesa World Series during his 10-year playing career, told the
allowed the Florida Marlins two hits and a sacrifice fly to Times. He always said he knew who was in center field
send Game 7 into extra innings for only the third time in his- and thus kept running.
toryand the first since Morris 1991 gem against Atlanta. Nonetheless, Pesky endured a lifetime of taunts, such as
Renterias two-out hit off Charles Nagy in the 11th won it when he attended a rainy football game in which the
for the Marlins, the first wild-card team to capture a World teams kept fumbling and a fan behind him shouted, Give
Series. the ball to Pesky, he knows how to hold onto it.
Who better to sum up the frustration of Cleveland fans Pesky, who not only played for but managed the Red Sox
other than native son LeBron James, who in 1997 was 12 and maintained close ties with them, finally received
years old and growing up in nearby Akron? This year, after World Series championship rings after Boston won titles in
leading the Cavaliers to Clevleands first crown in any 2004 and 2007. By the time he died in 2012 at age 93, his
September/October 2016 17
number had been retired and the Fenway Park right-field (2012). According to a famous anecdote portrayed in The
pole had been named after him. Babe Ruth Story, the Bambino had promised to hit a
Modern fans may know the Arizona Diamondbacks won homer for an ailing boy named Johnny Sylvester, who
their only World Series title, in 2001, by beating baseballs all- made a miraculous recovery afterward.
time saves leader, Mariano Rivera, in Game 7. The Yankees Alas, in analyzing the greatest Game 7s, perhaps no
closer had notched 23 consecutive postseason savesand stone can be left unturned. Literally.
owned an 0.70 ERA in 51 postseason appearances before After all, how many know that in 1924, a Game 7 peb-
relinquishing a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the ninth. bleor was it two?propelled the Washington Senators to
Rivera hurt his own cause by throwing away a bunt after the only World Series title in their 60-year history?
a leadoff single by Mark Grace. Luis Gonzalez produced A bad-hop grounder over future Hall of Famer Freddie
the winning hit, a broken-bat bloop. Lindstrom, the New York Giants 18-year-old rookie third
To be honest, thats the first time I choked up all year, baseman, scored two runs and tied the game in the bottom of
said Gonzalez, who hit 57 homers the eighth inning. In the 12th, an
during the regular season. almost identical hit over
After Riveras throwing error Lindstrom plated the game win-
had put runners at first and sec- ner, as the Senators triumphed
ond, the Yankees got a force at 4-3 in what remains the longest
third on another bunt. They (by innings) seventh game in his-
might have had a double play if tory. It was the last Game 7 to go
third baseman Scott Brosius had extra innings until Morris 10-
relayed to first instead of hold- inning victory over Atlanta in
ing the ball. 1991.
You never know what could Lindstrom, less than two
have happened, but I guess it months shy of his 19th birthday,
wasnt meant to be, Rivera told remains the youngest player to
The New York Times in the spring appear in a major-league post-
of 2002. season game. He would not,
Little Tony Womack then dou- however, play in another World
bled to tie the score, and after a Series until 1935, a year before
hit batter loaded the bases, his career ended at 30 because
Gonzalez singled over the of injuries. And by then he was
drawn-in infield. Koufax, embracing catcher Johnny Roseboro, tossed a four-hit shutout playing for the Chicago Cubs,
against the Minnesota Twins in Game 5 of the 1965 World Series. On two
It was the only postseason days rest, he gave up three hits and blanked the Twins again in Game 7.
who lost the Series to the Detroit
defeat for Rivera, who finished Tigers and today are still seek-
his career 8-1 with 42 saves in 96 playoff appearances. He ing their first title since 1908.
played on winners in five of his seven Yankees World Series, Officially, Lindstrom played errorless ball in the 24
including 1999, when he was MVP. Still, he said of 2001, I Series, batted .333 (including four hits against the great
think it was the best World Series we ever played in. Walter Johnson in Game 5), and led N.L. third basemen in
Rivera might not have realized that a more renowned fielding three of the next four seasons.
Yankee, the Babe himself, had suffered a more ignomin- Johnson, of course, is second on the all-time victory list
ious Game 7 ending 45 years earlier. with 417 to Cy Youngs 511. In 1924, however, he was 36 and
In 1926, the Cardinals led 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth had lost his two starts in that Series. He earned the Game
inning of the final game. With two out and the bases 7 victory with four innings of scoreless relief.
empty, they had Grover Cleveland Alexander walk Ruth In those days, postgame quotes were scarce in newspa-
and face Bob Meusel, who hit .315 for the season but only per accounts, with tweeting even farther in the future.
.238 for the Series. Ruth broke for second on the first pitch. Social media would have been defined as writers willing
The Babe was out on catcher Bob OFarrells throw to sec- to throw back a few cocktails with the players. Lindstroms
ond baseman Rogers Hornsby. comments reflected the dignity of the era.
For his career, Ruth was successful on 51 percent of his So they won it, he recalled later. (Giants losing pitch-
stolen-base attempts, and hed been 11-for-20 during the er) Jack Bentley, who was something of a philosopher, I
regular season. think summed it up after the game. Walter Johnson,
Hornsby recounted that Ruth didnt say a word. He did- Bentley said, is such a loveable character that the good
nt even look around or up at me. He just picked himself up Lord didnt want to see him get beat again.
and walked away. Ruth explained later that he had hoped It was the only World Series championship for The Big
the element of surprise would enable him to reach scoring Train, who reached the Fall Classic just twice while play-
position for Meusel. Frustration over being walked four ing his entire 21-year career with the Senators.
times in the gamehe homered in his other at-batalso Alas, the following year, Johnson won his first two
may have factored into the decision to steal. games in the World Series. But he lost the finale to the
Ruths legend is such that he is better remembered for Pirates, who became the first team in a best-of-seven
Game 4, in which he hit three homers, a World Series series to overcome a 3-1 Series deficit.
record equaled by Ruth in 1928 and later by Reggie It was additional proof that, as even the best can attest,
Jackson (1977), Albert Pujols (2011) and Pablo Sandoval Game 7 often is no luckier than Friday the 13th. BD

18 September/October 2016
World Series
Playing for five world REGGIE
championship teams, JACKSON
the Hall of Fame outfielder
delivered 10 homers,
24 RBI and a .357 average
in World Series play
and won two Fall Classic
MVP awards
20 September/October 2016
By Mike Puma

n trying to keep a lower public profile, Reggie Jackson says he never wears

I his World Series rings. But the 70-year-old Hall of Famer doesnt need jew-
elryhes got his memories.
Over a 21-year major-league career, Mr. October was a member of five World
Series champions and six pennant winners, earning his championship rings
during a seven-season stretch in the 1970s with the As and Yankees.
Along the way, Jackson batted .357 with 10 homers and 24 RBI in 27 World Series
games. Few players in baseball history are as associated with winning as Jackson.
I was fortunate, Jackson said. I played with great players like Ron Guidry
and Catfish Hunter, Sal Bando, Joe Rudi, Graig Nettles, Chris Chambliss and
Catfish again. I had two great owners in Charlie Finley and George
Steinbrenner, and guys that had gone out and put those teams together. I
remember all those things that created the ingredients for a championship.
Jacksons World Series memories began on the bench, after he was injured
stealing home in Game 5 of the 1972 ALCS against the Tigers. On crutches with
I should have a torn hamstring, Jackson watched Oaklands dynasty begin with a thrilling
seven-game victory over the Reds.
gotten to the In that World Series I made great friends with Johnny Bench, Jackson said.
We had met in the All-Star Game in 1971 and said hello, and he was a big star

World Series coming along and we just developed a nice friendship, shook hands at home
plate, hung out around the dugout before the game.

two more During the World Series in 72 he called me and I went out to dinner with
him a couple of times, and he befriended me during the Series. He felt bad that

times. But it I wasnt playing. Weve had a great relationship ever since.
Gene Tenace hit four home runs to earn Series MVP honors, but Jackson also

wasnt meant fondly remembers Rudis circus catch on Denis Menkes shot to the left-field
fence in Game 2, and Rollie Fingers strikeout of Bench on a supposed inten-

to be. tional walk in Game 3.

All our wins were by one run, Jackson said. I remember the great pitching
of Catfish Hunter, and Don Gullett going against us, so it was cool.
When the As returned to the World Series in 1973, Jackson was healthy and
REGGIE JACKSON planted the seeds for his sprouting as Mr. October by hitting .310 with a
homer and six RBI to earn MVP honors in a seven-game victory over the Mets.
Willie Mays, in the final season of his Hall of Fame career, played center field for
the Metsalbeit with some difficultyadding to the luster of the event for Jackson.
After sitting out the
1972 World Series
Willie Mays was my favorite player, Jackson said. I was probably among most of
because of injury, the people that followed baseball in that Willie Mays was The Man. So it was a great
Jackson slugged .581 honor for me to play against him and be on the same field with him.
with seven extra-base
hits and seven RBI in
The Mets talented starting pitching kept the Series tight, but homers by Bert
12 World Series games Campaneris and Jackson against Jon Matlack in Game 7 were the difference in
for Oakland in 1973 and Oaklands 5-2 victory.
Carl Skalak Jr.

1974. He was a key

Tom Seaver was on top of the game and had a big year and Jon Matlack was
October contributor for
the As, who won all there with him, Jackson said. I remember those pitchers and we had to face them
three World Series. both in the sixth and seventh games, and we saw them early in the Series, too.
September/October 2016 21
WORLD SERIES HOMERS I remember the great series Bert
Campaneris had and Willie Mays difficul-
1 As Oct. 21, 1973 7 2-run Jon Matlack, Mets ty in the outfield. I played center field then
2 As Oct. 12, 1974 1 Solo Andy Messersmith, Dodgers and won the MVP during the season and
3 Yankees Oct. 15, 1977 4 Solo Rick Rhoden, Dodgers during the Series.
4 Yankees Oct. 16, 1977 5 Solo Don Sutton, Dodgers When the 1974 World Series arrived, the
5 Yankees Oct. 18, 1977 6 2-run Burt Hooton, Dodgers
As had a chance to make history as the first
6 Yankees Oct. 18, 1977 6 2-run Elias Sosa, Dodgers
7 Yankees Oct. 18, 1977 6 Solo Charlie Hough, Dodgers team since the great Yankees dynasty
8 Yankees Oct. 10, 1978 1 Solo Tommy John, Dodgers (1949-53) to win three straight champi-
9 Yankees Oct. 17, 1978 6 2-run Bob Welch, Dodgers onships.
10 Yankees Oct. 24, 1981 4 Solo Steve Howe, Dodgers But Jackson says Oaklandwhich fea-
tured star pitchers Hunter, Vida Blue and
Ken Holtzman, along with a veteran lineup
that still included Rudi, Bando and
Tenacedidnt need the extra motivation.
We knew we were a great team. We
knew we were better than most everybody
else, Jackson said.
We knew the pitching we had. We knew
the balance we had, left-handed and right-
handed. We knew the defenders we had on
the field every day, the speed we had at the
top of the order. We knew we could hit
when it counted; we could pitch when it
counted. We knew we were the best team in
baseball, so we went about being that way.
But we werent concerned about setting
records to match up against history.
The As needed only five games to beat
the Dodgers and their homegrown infield
of Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell
and Ron Cey. Jackson remembers seeing
Hall of Fame manager Walter Alston in the
opposing dugout and the feeling that came
with beating such a revered organization.
It was a historical franchise that was com-
petitive in every era and they were one of the
benchmarks, Jackson said. The Yankees
and the Dodgers were the two best teams for
many years, so the outside thought that peo-
ple talk about todaymoney, fame and
brandthat was so far from anybodys mind
in that era. You had to play well or you were
going to get your tail beat.
You went on the field and you had to play
against somebody that was good, a great
player. The comparison and the analysis of
who you stacked up against, you stacked up
against (Hank) Aaron and Mays and
(Roberto) Clemente and (Joe) DiMaggio and
(Ted) Williams. And you werent that good,
no matter who you were.
After a two-year absence from the World
Series, Jacksonwho had signed with the
Yankeesreturned in 1977, and his legend
was born. Jackson homered on three
straight pitches in the Yankees decisive
Game 6 victory over the Dodgers to
become the first player since Babe Ruth to
hit three homers in a World Series game.

Jacksons signature blast came in his

final at-bat, facing knuckleballer Charlie

22 September/October 2016
The Yankees rebounded from a 14-game
deficit the following year and beat the Red Sox
in an epic one-game playoff at Fenway Park to
reach the postseason. The 1978 World Series
offered a Yankees-Dodgers rematch, and once
again New York prevailed in six games.
Yet, Jackson was quick to recall a game-end-
ing at-bat against Bob Welch in New Yorks
Game 2 loss at Dodger Stadium. With the
Dodgers clinging to a one-run lead in the ninth
inning and two runners on base, Jackson struck
out on the ninth pitch of his at-bat against
Welch, who threw all fastballs.
Thats the most famous strikeout Ive got,

Jackson said. And Ive got over 2,500 of them.
WORLD SERIES MVP AWARDS Jackson still batted .391, powered two homers
and drove in eight runs before the
Sandy Koufax 1963 Dodgers 2-0, 1.50 ERA, 23 SO, 18 IP Yankees celebrated the last out to
1956 Dodgers 2-1, 0.38 ERA, 29 SO, 24, IP KOUFAX conclude a dramatic season.
Bob Gibson 1964 Cardinals 2-1, 3.00 ERA, 31 SO, 27 IP There was the whole Boston
1967 Cardinals 3-0, 1.00 ERA, 26 SO, 27 IP thing and George (Steinbrenner)
Reggie Jackson 1973 As .310, 3 (2B), 1 (3B), 1 (HR) 6 (RBI) was going to back up the bus and
1977 Yankees .450, 5 (HR), 10 (R), 8 (RBI) take us all over and unload us in
Jersey and replace the whole
teamand Billy Martin was fired
Hough. The ball disappeared into the batters eye for comments he made, Jackson
black seats at Yankee Stadium, deep behind the cen- said. I remember the great play of
ter-field fence. (Lou) Piniella and clutch hitting of
Did Jackson immediately recognize the significance Thurman Munson, and the great
of the moment? defensive plays of Graig Nettles, and
I knew I had hit three in a row and I knew I had hit one 450 Willie Randolph was a special player. We still had Sparky
or 500 feet, Jackson said. And I knew it was gone and I knew Lyle and Goose Gossage at the same time.
it was going to make us the world champions, but the histori- The Yankees returned to the World Series in 1981 to
cal moment, I didnt think about that. We were winning and facewho else?the Dodgers. But for the first time in his
we were the Yankees and that was in the top of my mind. career, Jackson experienced a World Series letdown, with
Jackson was named Series MVP after hitting .450 with the Dodgers winning in six games.
five homers and eight RBI in the six games. The five I was on a team that beat the Dodgers in 74, and then
homers in a World Series established a record. we beat them in 77, and then we beat them in 78,
I was happy for our team, I was happy for our owner, Jackson said. I didnt want them to win the pennant in 81
George Steinbrenner, and I was happy for the city, Jackson because I knew they were going to win sooner or later.
said. My father was there; my mother wasnt there, she was They were too good and you just cant beat them every
ill. But that was my thought: We were the champs again and year, and they came on strong. They had gotten their butts
that is what we played for, and I was happy and everybody beat enough and they werent going to lose any more.
else around me was happy. Jacksons World Series career concluded with the

Babe Ruth, Yankees 4 Oct. 6, 1926 vs. Cardinals
Babe Ruth, Yankees 4 Oct. 9, 1928 vs. Cardinals
Reggie Jackson, Yankees 6 Oct. 18, 1977 vs. Dodgers BABE
Albert Pujols, Cardinals 3 Oct. 23, 2011 vs. Rangers RUTH
Pablo Sandoval, Giants 1 Oct. 24, 2012 vs. Tigers

Yankees loss to the Dodgers in 1981. He reached the


ALCS with the Angels in 1982 and 86, but both times was
REGGIE part of collapsesto the Brewers and Red Sox, respec-
ALBERT JACKSON tivelyand the Angels finished a victory short of the
PUJOLS World Series.
I should have gotten to the World Series two more
times, Jackson said. But it wasnt meant to be. BD
September/October 2016 23
McCARVER SportPics
BORDERS Rob Holt/SportPics

Players such as Billy Martin, Harry Brecheen, Mickey Lolich,
Gene Tenace, Pat Borders and David Freese have played the
unlikely hero role in helping their clubs to a Fall Classic title
SportPics SportPics
Ron Mrowiec

24 September/October 2016
By Stuart Shea

ou can have Babe Ruth, Lou Brock, Willie Mays, Bob Tommy Thevenow, 1926 St. Louis Cardinals

Y Gibson and Madison Bumgarner. Right now, were

focusing on the Johnny Lindells and Darold
Knowleses of baseballthe average-to-good position
This light-hitting infielder was a spectacular defender; he
finished fourth in MVP voting in 1926, his first full season,
despite batting .256 with two home runs. And on a team
players and pitchers who lifted their teams onto their that featured Hall of Fame players Rogers Hornsby, Grover
shoulders and carried them to October victory. Alexander, Chick Hafey, Jim Bottomley and Jesse Haines, it
These selections are made on the basis of an entire was Thevenow who carried the Redbirds to a Series win over
World Series worth of production, hence the omission of the New York Yankees. He batted a Series-best .417, register-
such worthy one- or two-game heroes as Elmer Smith ing two or more hits in four of the seven games.
(1920), Howard Ehmke (1929), Dusty Rhodes (1954), Don
Larsen (1956), Chuck Essegian (1959), Moe Drabowsky Johnny Lindell, 1947 New York Yankees
(1966), Bernie Carbo (1975) and Anthony Reyes (2006). Lindell, a former pitcher, played all three outfield spots
Unlikely heroes on losing teams, such as Deacon for the Yankees in the 1940s. Pressed into everyday duty in
Phillippe in 1903, Jimmy Ripple in 1940, Bobby Richardson left field during 1947 due to Charlie Kellers back injury, he
in 1960, Mike Marshall in 1974, Tito Landrum in 1985, Chad capped a strong .275-11-67 regular season by slapping
Ogea in 1997, Sean Casey in 2005, and Omar Infante in around Dodgers pitching to a .500 clip, adding three dou-
2014, are also omitted. In October, its about winning. bles, five walks, and seven RBI in a seven-game World
Series victory. He collected hits and RBI in five games and
walked twice in the other contest in which he appeared.
Hank Gowdy, 1914 Boston Braves Billy Martin, 1953 New York Yankees
Bostons Miracle Braves stormed from last place15 New York relied on a parade of unsung heroes in its era
games backon July 4 to capture the National League of World Series dominance. The unexpected star in the
pennant with a 68-19 finish. They then swept the heavily 1953 Fall Classic was Martin, a combative, scrappy second
favored American League champion Philadelphia baseman who at age 25, in his second full year, batted an
Athletics. Gowdy, a 24-year-old catcher who batted .243 even .500 in the six-game Series. He helped defeat the
with three homers in 1914, his first full season, terrorized Dodgers with three RBI in Game 1, a game-tying homer
the As in the four-game set, batting .545 with five walks, the next day, a two-run bomb in Game 5, and the walk-off
three doubles, a triple and a homer, and he made his hits Series-winning single in Game 6. Its among the greatest
in big situations. Gowdy later became the first MLB player World Series performances ever.
to enlist in the U.S. Army to fight in World War I.
Bunting Photo Tim McCarver, 1964 St. Louis Cardinals
While McCarver was a very good player, the 1964
During the 2011
postseason with the Redbirds headline guys were Bob Gibson, Ken Boyer, Lou
Cardinals, David Freese Brock and Curt Flood, not their second-year catcher. But in
hit .397 with five the seven-game Series win over New York, the 23-year-old
homers and 21 RBI in
18 games, winning MVP McCarver was a terror, collecting eight singles, a double, a
honors in both the triple, a homer and five walks for a .478/.552/.739 slash line.
DAVID NLCS and World Series. His three-run 10th-inning homer won the fifth game, and
McCarver drove in the first run in the Game 7 clincher.
Gene Tenace, 1972 Oakland As
The righty-swinging utilityman played just 82 games
with the As in 1972, but was pressed into Series action
after Reggie Jackson suffered a leg injury in the ALCS. All
Tenace did was bat .348, club four homers and drive in
nine runs in a seven-game victory over the Reds. He
accounted for all the As runs in Game 1 with two homers,
then rapped impact blasts in Game 4 and Game 5. In the
deciding seventh contest, he drove in two more runs,
including the tie-breaker, in a 3-2 win. He fully deserved
his Series MVP Award.

Rick Dempsey, 1983 Baltimore Orioles

Another surprise Series MVP was this well-loved veter-
an catcher, who in a five-game rout of the N.L. champion
Phillies batted .385. In Game 2, his double broke a 1-1 tie in
a 4-1 victory, and in the following game he doubled and
David Durochik/SportPics

scored the tying run as the Os won 3-2. In the deciding

Game 5, he homered and doubled, scoring twice. In addi-
tion, Dempsey threw out Philadelphia second sacker Joe
Morgan in two of three stolen-base attempts.
September/October 2016 25
Billy Hatcher/Chris Sabo, 1990 Cincinnati Reds Athletics manager Connie Macks faith in the World
The Reds came into the World Series as heavy underdogs Series against St. Louis. Earnshaw whipped the Cardinals
to Oaklands dominating Bash Brothers. But Hatcher, fel- 6-1 in Game 2 and also took Game 5, 2-0, with relief help
low underdog Sabo and the Reds destroyed the As in four from Lefty Grove. Mack brought Earnshaw back to the hill
straight. Sabo batted .563 with a pair of homers, while two days later for Game 6, and the unflappable righty
Hatcher went 9-for-12 (.750), clubbing four doubles and a again tamed the Redbirds, this time 7-1, to nail down the
triple. Hatcher collected three, four and two hits in the world championship.
first three contests, and the carnage could have been even
worse had he not been knocked out of Game 4 after being
plunked by Dave Stewart. CHRIS
Pat Borders, 1992 Toronto Blue Jays
A 29-year-old catcher whose specialty was defense,
Borders hit .242 with 13 home runs in 1992. But during a
six-game win over the Atlanta Braves, Borders batted
.450 (9-for-20) with three doubles and a homer and
snagged the Series MVP trophy. In a pitching-rich Series
in which the victorious Jays scored just 17 runs, Borders
was by far the most productive hitter on the fieldeven
though he allowed 15 of 18 Atlanta runners to steal
against him.

David Freese, 2011 St. Louis Cardinals

After missing two months in 2011 due to a broken hand,
Freese returned strong, and in the NLCS against Milwaukee
hit .545 with three homers and nine RBI. He brought his hot
bat to the World Series against Texas; Freese doubled and
scored the winner in Game 1, singled and scored in Game 2,
and knocked in two runs in Game 3. In the ninth inning of
Game 6, with St. Louis down by two and facing elimination,
Freese tripled in the tying runs. Two innings later, he
clubbed a walk-off homer. In Game 7, his two-run double
tied the score in an eventual 6-2 triumph. The totals? A
.348/.464/.696 slash line for the Series MVP.

Other unlikely batting heroes: George Rohe (1906

White Sox), Pepper Martin (1931 St. Louis Cardinals), Billy
Johnson (1947 New York Yankees), Bobby Brown (1949
New York Yankees), Sandy Amoros (1955 Brooklyn
Dodgers), Al Weis (1969 New York Mets), Brian Doyle (1978
New York Yankees), Dane Iorg (1982 St. Louis Cardinals),
and Danny Bautista (2001 Arizona Diamondbacks).


Babe Adams, 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates
Adams didnt get a real shot in the majors until he was

27. But with the pennant-winning 1909 Bucs, he fashioned

a 12-3 mark and a 1.11 ERA in 25 games, just 12 of them
starts. Manager Fred Clarke had a hunch, and started
Adams in Game 1 of the World Series. Adams shut down Harry Brecheen, 1946 St. Louis Cardinals
the Tigers 4-1 on six hits. While the Pirates other starters This cagey left-handed junkballer was a fine pitcher even
struggled, Adams won Game 5 by the score of 8-4 and in 1946, when he was just 15-15 (despite a 2.49 ERA) for the
came back to take the decisive Game 7, 8-0. Three starts, pennant-winning, 98-58 Redbirds. But he surprised every-
three complete-game victories; Adams remains the only one by dominating the A.L. champion Red Sox in the Fall
rookie to win three games in a single Fall Classic. Classic. Brecheen four-hit the Red Sox 2-0 in the second
game, then muffled them 4-1 in Game 6 to tie the series at
George Earnshaw, 1930 Philadelphia As three. Two days later, he relieved in the eighth inning of
The 30-year-old Earnshaw fashioned a 22-13 record in Game 7. He allowed both his inherited runners to score, but
1930, although he led the A.L. in walks and earned runs won the game when Enos Slaughter scored in the home
allowed. A workhorse with a great fastball and probably eighth on Harry Walkers double. In his 20 innings in the
the hardest curve of the time, Earnshaw justified Series, The Cat gave up just one earned run and 14 hits.

26 September/October 2016
Johnny Podres, 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers the powerful Yankees in Games 5 (1-0) and 7 (5-0).
A 22-year-old lefty with a 9-10 regular-season record on Burdette was not overpowering, instead using a sinker,
a pennant winner hardly seems like hero material, but slider, and the best spitball in the game to keep hitters
Podres came up big against the Yankees in the Series. With off balance.
the Dodgers having lost the first two contests, Podres
came through with an 8-3 complete-game win in Game 3 Larry Sherry, 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers
and was rested and ready for Game 7. Podres again went all Dodgers manager Walter Alston seemingly held his 59
squad together with bailing wire and sticky tape, and dur-
ing the World Series, the unheralded Sherry emerged as
JOSH the big hero. A 24-year-old rookie who went 7-2 as a spot
BECKETT starter and all-purpose reliever in 1959, Sherry emerged as
the key to L.A.s Series win over the White Sox. After sav-
ing Dodgers victories in Games 2, 3 and 4, he entered
Game 6 in the fourth inning and went the rest of the way
to collect the victory. Using a sinker and slider, he frus-
trated White Sox hitters, allowing just one run in 12.2

Mickey Lolich, 1968 Detroit Tigers

Its not that Lolich wasnt a good, and sometimes great,
pitcher. But during the 1968 regular season, his Tigers
teammate Denny McLain won an amazing 31 games. So it
came as some surprise that while McLain went just 1-2 in
the World Series, Lolich was dominant, tossing three com-
plete-game victories, including a 4-1 triumph in the decid-
ing seventh game. He even had three hits, including a
homer, in 12 Series at-bats. And that home run, in an 8-1
Game 2 pasting, was the only longball Lolich ever hit in
professional baseball.

Darold Knowles, 1973 Oakland As

What makes Knowles, a 31-year-old southpaw with occa-
sional command issues, a hero? He became, in 1973, the
firstand so far, the onlypitcher ever to appear in seven
games of a World Series. Manager Dick Williams used
Knowles in all sorts of situations, bringing him in for
action in the fourth inning, sixth inning and eighth inning
in various games, and the veteran lefty responded. In 6.2
innings, he did not allow an earned run, and he saved
Games 1 and 7.

Francisco Rodriguez, 2002 Anaheim Angels

The rookie had pitched in just five regular-season games
in 2002, and in fact was only eligible for postseason action
because of a loophole in the rule about replacing injured
players on the roster. But he certainly showed he belonged
in the seven-game Angels win over the Giants. Rodriguez

tossed 8.2 frames over four appearances in the Series, fan-

ning 13, walking one and allowing just two earned runs. He
then spent the next two seasons as the A.L.s top setup
the way in the deciding contest, shutting out New York on man before taking over as closer.
eight hits to give the Dodgers their first-ever world cham-
pionship. Sportswriters made Podres a deserving World Josh Beckett, 2003 Florida Marlins
Series MVP. Beckett, a supremely talented hurler, battled injuries for
most of his career. In his second full season, 2003, he
Lew Burdette, 1957 Milwaukee Braves made just 23 starts and was just 9-8. But in the World
Burdette was a very good pitcher. But in the Braves Series against the Yankees, he pitched well enough to run
1957 Series win over the Yankees, he was a great pitcher. away with the MVP award. He went 7.1 frames and allowed
While teammate Warren Spahn went 1-1 in two rocky two runs in a 6-1 Game 3 loss at Miami, then stifled the
starts, Burdette, the Series MVP, fired three complete- Yankees in the Game 6 clincher, shutting them out 2-0 at
game wins, posting a 0.67 ERA in 27 frames. After a fine Yankee Stadium. In 16.1 innings, he fanned 19 Yankees and
4-2 victory in Game 2, Burdette came back to shut out allowed only 14 runners. BD
September/October 2016 27


Some of the best teams in the
regular season have come up
short in closing their big year
with a championship title
By Mike Berardino

aybe it should have been obvious listening to

M Jason Giambi break down the upstart Florida

Marlins on the eve of the 2003 World Series.
Still flying high from Aaron Boones extra-inning
heroics that lifted the aging, 101-win New York
Yankees to their sixth American League pennant in
eight years, the clubs collective overconfidence might
have been betrayed by Giambis pre-Series comments.
Theyre a great team; theyve got great young tal-
ent, the Yankees designated hitter said of the 91-win,
wild-card-winning Marlins. Theyve got some young
arms over there that are unbelievable. Thats why
David Durochik/SportPics

theyre here. They dont quit.

And then Giambi continued.
Pudge (Rodriguez) anchoring that offense and Jeff
Conine going over there and the young kids theyve
got, Giambi said. To watch those kids up the middle

28 September/October 2016
play and the young kidwhos their right fielder? What pivotal Game 4.
hes turned into in the postseason, wow, thats incredible That same night, one of the other Marlins kidsshort-
to watch. The way he swung the bat. Ooh! stop Alex Gonzalezended the game with a homer of his
The young kid was Miguel Cabrera, then a 20-year-old own in the bottom of the 12th.
rookie who hit just .167 in his first World Series. But the Three nights later, 23-year-old Josh Beckett threw a
budding 11-time All-Star and two-time Most Valuable five-hit shutout at Yankee Stadium to close out the Series.
Player announced his arrival with a two-run homer to the Giambi and his more established teammates never
opposite field off Roger Clemens in the first inning of a knew what hit them.


CABRERA Any compilation of the greatest upsets in World
Series history must include that 2003 Marlins shock-
er over the Yankees. But there have been plenty of
others through the years, many other instances of an
overwhelming favorite tasting defeat in a short
Series, whether due to injury or overconfidence or
poor luck or towering achievement by the underdogs.
That 2003 matchup remains one of a half-dozen
World Series in which the prevailing team had exactly
10 fewer regular-season victories than its opponent.
It also happened that way for the 1945 Detroit
Tigers, who upset the 98-win Chicago Cubs in seven
games in the last World Series appearance for the lov-
able losers.
Forty years later, in 1985, it happened again for the
Kansas City Royals in their seven-game upset over
the 101-win St. Louis Cardinals. With a little help
from first-base umpire Don Denkinger, the comeback
Royals were able to climb out of a second straight
three-games-to-one hole, having done the same
thing in the American League Championship Series
against the Toronto Blue Jays.



To watch those kids up the middle play and the young kid
whos their right fielder? What hes turned into in the postseason,
wow, thats incredible to watch. The way he swung the bat. Ooh!
David Durochik/SportPics

September/October 2016 29
GREATEST That set off a four-year period in
which a 10-game gap in regular-season
victories didnt keep the underdog from

WORLD taking the World Series three more

times. The 1987 Minnesota Twins,

despite just 85 regular-season victories,
rode Metrodome Madness to a seven-
game World Series victory over Whitey

UPSETS Herzogs same Cardinals.

Seven different Twins homered and
Series MVP Frank Viola won two of his
three starts to pull off the shocker.
The capper, however, came the following year with the Los
Angeles Dodgers five-game clubbing of the 104-win Oakland
As. Ailing right fielder Kirk Gibson took just one swing the
entire Series, that coming in a pinch-hit appearance in the
opening game at Dodger Stadium, but what a swing it was.
Thanks to the work of Dodgers advance scout Mel
Didier, Gibson was sitting on a backdoor slider from As WILLIE
closer Dennis Eckersley with a full count and the tying run
at second in the bottom of the ninth. The back story came
to light in Didiers 1988 memoir with writer T.R. Sullivan,
This Willie Mays catch in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series between the New
Podnuh Let Me Tell You a Story: A Baseball Life. York Giants and Cleveland Indians helped turn the tide in New Yorks favor.
Eckersley will throw you a backdoor slider on 3-2, The Giants upset a powerful Indians club that won 111 regular-season games.
Didier had told the Dodgers prior to the Series. Dont for-
get that because thats what he will do as sure as Im stand- an average of just 4.6 unintentional walks per season.
ing here breathing. Davis, despite a .313 career on-base percentage, walked
Didier, in his memoir, admitted having seen Eckersley four times in a Series that gave Hall of Fame manager
use the backdoor slider just twice on full counts to left- Tommy Lasorda his second championship.
handed batters. But I felt confident enough to tell them,
Gibson connected, Vin Scully gave his famous call (She Two years later, following a victory over the neighboring
is gone!), and the 1988 National League MVP dragged San Francisco Giants in the Earthquake Series of 1989, the
his torn hamstring around the bases while making that Bash Brother As were thunderstruck once again.
famed shotgun motion as he rounded second. This time it was Lou Piniellas Cincinnati Reds that
Lost in the haze of victory was the fact Dodgers outfield- became one of three all-time World Series winners with
er Mike Davis, signed as a free agent the previous winter exactly a dozen fewer regular-season victories than their
after spending his first eight big-league seasons with the favored opponent.
As, drew a two-out pinch walk on five pitches and then Having fallen to the Dodgers after winning 104 games in
stole second. Eckersley, the A.L. Cy Young runner-up and 1988, Tony La Russas Oakland club in 1990 somehow
blessed with pinpoint control, was just starting a five-year found a way to get swept after pounding out 103 wins and
period (1988-92) in which the future Hall of Famer allowed sweeping four games from the Boston Red Sox in the A.L.
A 7-0 Reds win in the opener at Riverfront Stadium
knocked the As onto their heels as Jose Rijo outpitched
Dave Stewart, the As ace fresh off his fourth straight 20-
win season. Then came another dose of postseason pain
for Eckersley, the usually unassailable closer who went 48-
for-51 in save opportunities during the season.
Entering a 4-4 tie in the bottom of the 10th inning in
Game 2, it took Eckersley just 11 pitches (all strikes) to lose
the game. Slap-hitting pinch hitter Billy Bates reached on
a one-out chopper to third, Chris Sabo followed with a
groundball single through the shortstop hole, and catcher
Joe Oliver was able to sneak the game-winning single
DENNIS through the As infield.
ECKERSLEY Then Rijo and the Nasty Boys bullpen made sure there
would be no As comeback, securing the only World Series
title (or pennant) for a Piniella-managed club in 23 seasons.
La Russa, meanwhile, experienced a welcome turnabout
16 years later with the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals, winners of
a dozen fewer regular-season games than the powerhouse

30 September/October 2016
Detroit Tigers they downed in five games. in his or her mind.
The 1974 Oakland As, completing a World Series three- Then 23 and in his first year back after serving in the
peat with a five-game victory over the 102-win Dodgers, Army, Mays won his first of two National League MVP
also showed a dozen-game difference doesnt necessarily awards that season for a 97-win Giants club. The powerful
matter in a short series. Cleveland Indians, however, were 111-game winners look-
ing for a bookend title to pair with their 1948 World Series
To find the ultimate World Series upsets, however, one Tied 2-2 with two runners on in the eighth inning of the
must go back, back, back to the days of black-and-white opener, Wertz crushed a ball off reliever Don Liddle that
television (1954 New York Giants) and horse-and-buggy would have been out in nearly any other park but the Polo
transportation (1906 Chicago White Sox). Grounds. Mays turned his back to the infield and ran
Better known as the Hitless Wonders, those White Sox seemingly forever before making the over-the-shoulder
(93 wins) won a whopping 23 fewer games than the catch of a lifetime.
crosstown Cubs (116) in their championship season. Adding to the moments wonder, Mays whirled and fired
Despite hitting just .230 during the season, seven points the ball back to the infield, keeping both Larry Doby and
lower than the next-worst offense in the American League Al Rosen from tagging and advancing. De facto closer
and 32 points lower than the Cubs, player-manager Fielder Marv Grissom came on to work out of a bases-loaded jam
Jones club pinned a pair of losses on Cubs ace Mordecai after walking his first batter.
Three Finger Brown. Wertz would go on to hit .500 in the Series, but he would
That included an 8-3 romp in the sixth and final game at have traded those eight hits for one key double over Mays
South Side Park. The Hitless Wonders actually put up outstretched glove. Two innings later, Dusty Rhodes deliv-
eight runs in support of Big Ed Walsh in Game 5 as well. ered the three-run walk-off homer off Bob Lemon in the
Led by third baseman George Rohe and second baseman 10th, and the Giants were on their way to a stunning four-
Frank Isbell, the Sox hit just .198 in the Series and rapped game sweep.
into three double plays against the Cubs of Tinker to Evers Asked later about the catch, Mays famously replied, I
to Chance fame. Still, the Hitless Wonders prevailed. dont rank em. I just catch em.
The World Series upset that looms most memorable, Say Hey, indeed. BD
however, belongs to the 54 Giants. It helps that any seri-
ous baseball fan has Willie Mays famous catch of Vic Mike Berardino covers the Minnesota Twins for the St. Paul
Wertz 440-foot drive to center playing on an endless loop Pioneer Press.

Largest Margin In Regular

Season Wins By Pennant Winners
Boldface type indicates Underdog Team won World Series
1906 Cubs (116) White Sox (93) 23
1932 Cubs (90) Yankees (107) 17 KIRK
1927 Pirates (94) Yankees (110) 16
1944 Cardinals (105) Browns (89) 16 GIBSON
1961 Reds (93) Yankees (109) 16
1998 Padres (98) Yankees (114) 16
1907 Cubs (107) Tigers (92) 15
1954 Giants (97) Indians (111) 14
1905 Giants (105) As (92) 13
1975 Reds (108) Red Sox (95) 13
1986 Mets (108) Red Sox (95) 13
1909 Pirates (110) Tigers (98) 12
1973 Mets (82) As (94) 12
1974 Dodgers (102) As (90) 12
1984 Padres (92) Tigers (104) 12
1990 Reds (91) As (103) 12
Cincinnati Reds

2006 Cardinals (83) Tigers (95) 12

1915 Phillies (90) Red Sox (101) 11
1930 Cardinals (92) As (102) 10
1936 Giants (92) Yankees (102) 10
Reds relievers Randy Myers, left,
1938 Cubs (89) Yankees (99) 10 and Rob Dibble, right, helped
1940 Reds (100) Tigers (90) 10 guide the underdog Cincinnati Reds
1945 Cubs (98) Tigers (88) 10 to victory over the favored Oakland
1985 Cardinals (101) Royals (91) 10 As in the 1990 World Series.
1987 Cardinals (95) Twins (85) 10
1988 Dodgers (94) As (104) 10
1995 Braves (90) Indians (100) 10
2003 Marlins (91) Yankees (101) 10
2005 Astros (89) White Sox (99) 10
2009 Phillies (93) Yankees (103) 10 Ron Vesely
September/October 2016 31
Path To
Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts, a
native of Aruba, overcame a confidence
breakdown to fulfill his promise as one
of the games top players
By Evan Drellich
alking to the media that flocked to him in waves ahead of
the All-Star Game, Xander Bogaerts gave a little look that

said, That time has passed.
Theres no anonymity for the Red Sox shortstop anymore
in his home country of Aruba, a 70-square-mile island off
the coast of Venezuela. Realistically, any hope of blending
in disappeared three years ago, when he was a skinny rook-
ie on a Red Sox team that won the World Series.
Its pretty busy over there. People know you, Bogaerts
said of home. They always see you on TV, especially after
we won in 2013. . . They knew you pretty well after that.
Bogaerts started all six games against the Cardinals in
the 13 Fall Classic. All eyes in Aruba, Bogaerts expected,
would again be fixed on him at this years All-Star Game in San Diegohis first
All-Star honor, and the first for anyone from his country.
Pitcher Sidney Ponson is the islands most famous player to date, with a 12-
year big-league career from 1998 to 2009.
But Bogaerts is on a far different trajectory.
From the start of the second half in 2015 through July 21 this year, the 6-foot-
1 right-handed hitter carried a .329 average, second in the majors in that span
only to Houstons Jose Altuve, who hit .348.
(Altuve, for what its worth, thinks Bogaerts has the best chance of anyone
today to break Joe DiMaggios 56-game hit streak.)
Just 23 years old, Bogaerts seems to grasp what his arrival in the circle of elite
shortstops has meant for him and his homeland. In a group that includes Carlos

32 September/October 2016
Xander Bogaerts, signed by the Red Sox as an amateur free agent in 2009
as a 16-year-old, made his major-league debut in 2013 at age 20.

Correa and Francisco Lindor, Didi Gregorious and Corey Seager, Bogaerts
has shown himself to be just as good as any.
Its funits a big pressure because you obviously have a whole island
behind you, Bogaerts said. But its about just going out there having fun
and representing your island, representing your team. Thats the biggest
part of it all.
Bogaerts may not have quite the same power potential as a guy like
Correa or Machado. But when it comes to pure hitting, putting the bat on
the ball? Bogaerts has the sweetest stroke.
Bogaerts, Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. (26 years old) and right
fielder Mookie Betts (23) have unearthed the Killer Bs moniker in a Red
Sox offense that's been dominant all year. The label is still property of the
Astros Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman and Craig Biggio, but not unfairly
borrowed by this group of budding stars.
Betts and Bogaerts were more established entering the year than
Bradley Jr., whose 29-game hit streak is the only A.L. run longer this sea-
son than Bogaerts 26-gamer.
Bogaerts is probably the most candid of the new Killer Bs. His streak
crossed over with Bradleys, and there were days when Bradley would say
he wasnt thinking about it at all. Bogaerts, on the same day, then would
readily admit, yeah, the streak was on his mind.
All of the Sox youngsters get to learn from David Ortiz in his unbeliev-
able swan-song season. Ortiz, the cleanup hitter, protects Bogaerts in the
lineupand it was the other way around at the All-Star Game.
Its a blessing just to be around him every day, not just as a teammate
but as a friend, Bogaerts said. Getting advice from him on the field, off
the field, hanging out with him in the clubhouse. Thats the biggest thing
well miss from him.
But Ortiz sounds even more amazed when talking about Bogaerts.
XANDER When the team was in Minnesota this season, Ortiz said hed put his boy
BOGAERTS up against anybody at the position right now.
The things that he has accomplished, you know, its crazy, Ortiz said.
Like, I watch him play, I saw him develop, you know what Im saying? So,

Photos by SportPics

September/October 2016 33

Chris Bernacchi/SportPics SportPics

(1913 through Aug. 6, 2016)
Jimmy Rollins, Phillies Aug. 23, 2005 April 5, 2006 38 169 64 .379
Eddie Bressoud, Red Sox Aug. 27, 1963 May 9, 1964 34 133 52 .391
Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox July 26 Aug. 29, 1997 30 141 54 .383
Roger Peckinpaugh, Yankees June 11 July 9, 1919 29 110 48 .436
Luke Appling, White Sox Aug. 6 Aug. 31, 1936 27 100 35 .350
Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox May 6 June 2, 2016 26 117 45 .385
Jose Reyes, Marlins July 13 Aug. 8, 2012 26 104 38 .365
Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox April 27 May 26, 2003 26 110 41 .373
Johnny Pesky, Red Sox Aug. 30 Sept. 20, 1947 26 107 43 .402
Royce Clayton, Cardinals June 11 July 24, 1996 25 112 39 .348
Dick Groat, Pirates Sept. 17, 1961 April 25, 1962 25 106 39 .368
Derek Jeter, Yankees Aug. 20 Sept. 16, 2006 24 101 39 .386
Edgar Renteria, Red Sox/Braves Oct. 2, 2005 May 9, 2006 24 102 36 .353
Michael Young, Rangers Sept. 2 Sept. 29, 2005 24 98 39 .398
Miguel Tejada, As July 11 Aug. 4, 2002 24 102 34 .333
Tony Womack, Diamondbacks May 2 May 29, 2000 24 111 40 .360
Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox June 7 July 3, 1998 24 106 41 .387
Dick Groat, Pirates Aug. 26, 1960 April 24, 1961 24 105 38 .362
Alvin Dark, Giants Sept. 16, 1953 May 2, 1954 24 103 34 .330
Chico Carrasquel, White Sox July 8 Aug. 5, 1950 24 92 33 .359
Cecil Travis, Senators June 16 July 14, 1941 24 100 42 .420
Michael Young, Rangers May 14 June 10, 2008 23 109 37 .339
XANDER Cristian Guzman, Twins Aug. 1 Aug. 25, 2002 23 97 35 .361
BOGAERTS Barry Larkin, Reds Sept. 10, 1988 April 5, 1989 23 89 34 .382
Alvin Dark, Braves June 20 July 11, 1948 23 88 38 .432
SportPics SportPics

its something that, man, its fun to watch. Im having a and that pushed the younger Bogaerts to the hot corner.
blast just watching him play. . . Im hitting behind and I His hitting suffered in turn.
watch him, the way he approaches everything. How old Bogaerts finished the year with a .240 average, .297 on-
is Bogey now, 23? Thats crazy. base percentage and .362 slugging percentage.
As a kid, Bogaerts idolized Andruw Jones, who is from It was at Yankee Stadium where Bogaerts seemed to
Curacaoanother Caribbean island that is a constituent right his path.
country to the Netherlands, just as Aruba is. Knowing what you want to do, knowing who you want
Heres some fun trivia: Bogaerts knows four languages. He to become, knowing what type of player you want to
speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento, the last a becomeits not always going to be the player that every-
Creole language spoken in Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. one expects you to be, Bogaerts recalled of his growth.
Bogaerts loved Derek Jeter as a kid as well. In a banner But, also look at yourself and be like, Hey I want to be
year for the Sox offense and a down year for the Yankees, if able to do this on the field to help my team win every day.
you catch a glimpse of Bogaerts storming the bases at I also listened to a lot of guys when I struggled in 14. I
Yankee Stadium while wearing No. 2, well, your mind will was kind of searching because I wasnt having a lot of suc-
probably land on a natural comparison. cess once I got moved over there (to third). I started listen-
Two years ago, though, Bogaerts wasnt even playing ing to one guy, that was probably the biggest key after that.
shortstop. I had a lot of good teammates on that team, so all of
He was clearly lost, a 21-year-old in his first full season in them saw me struggling, so all of them want to help you
the big leagues trying to learn a new position. He was flail- which is a good thing. But it also hurts at the same time.
ing mentally. Theyre doing this one day, theyre doing that the next day,
The Red Sox re-signed veteran Stephen Drew in 2014, theyre just all around.

34 September/October 2016
The one guy Bogaerts started listening to? Assistant hit- (Bogaerts) said to me, Youre my guy. Im going to lis-
ting coach Victor Rodriguez. Rodriguez by then had become ten to you. Whatever you want me to do, Im going to do.
part of the major-league staff, but had known Bogaerts from That was the beginning.
the start of his journey in the Sox organization. Rodriguez didnt proceed to tear apart Bogaerts swing
I was the one who threw batting practice to him when and mechanics, however. Simplification in itself was a help.
he signed in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez said. I We didnt do much, Rodriguez said. We went back to
was the hitting coordinator. So I knew him from the first basics. We did some drills to get him to stay back, to let the
day he signed until he came here in 2013, and I was that ball come to him. And then he came out and, if Im not
guy he knew, he trusted. wrong, I think he went 4-for-5 (the) same day.
Bogaerts was signed on Aug. 23, 2009, after the Red Sox Bogaerts was 4-for-5 at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 2, 2014,
took notice of him on a day he had the chicken pox and a in a 9-4 win over the Yankees. He finished play that day
bad fever. hitting .231.
There was a tryout in Aruba where Bogaerts twin broth- And he was struggling for a while, Rodriguez contin-
er Jair was getting a look. Red Sox scout Mike Lord want- ued. So that tells you when you commit, and you trust
ed to be sure he saw everyone he could while he was on the and you believe in what youre doing, its easier. Its not

Bogaerts defensive play at shortstop has been described as choppy at

times, but his athleticism and work ethic to master the position have
allowed him to improve his play and become a more dependable fielder.


island, and was told about the ill Xander. like we did (some change) and right away he came out and
I had to call my mom and ask for permission to go to did that. It was more, he felt like he trusted what we
the tryout, Xander said. Thats how it all came down. did. Whatever we did, it doesnt matter. He trusted what
Both Bogaerts brothers signed with the Sox for a com- we did. And he took it to the game.
bined $590,000, with more than $400,000 going to That was almost two years ago, hes still doing the same
Xander. (Jair played in the minors briefly.) thing.
Its been seven years since signing day, but Xander said Bogaerts seemed to suggest that in 2014, he didnt quite
he hasnt looked back much on the length of his journey. know who he wanted to be. Pressed on that subject, he
You dont get too much alone time to reflect on those clarified.
kind of (things), Bogaerts said. Its a busy season. Yeah, you know who you want to be, Bogaerts said.
Rodriguez remembers the turnaround, though. (But) 2014 comes, youre having a good year, and then
The Red Sox were in New York in September 2014 when they kind of move you over there and youve kind of lost
Bogaerts came to him and told the hitting coach how he everything.
needed one voice, how he needed to rely on Rodriguez Confidence is one of the biggest things I lost that year.
word and not the bombardment from elsewhere. And you kind of started doubting yourself. It was a hard
I think he got a message from Andruw Jones (who time for me, to be honest. It was probably the toughest
kind) of told him that hed been through that, Rodriguez time of my baseball career ever. Overcoming that was one
said at Yankee Stadium this season. He was listening to of the biggest things for me, which wasnt easy.
too many people. He was searching until he found one Bogaerts, perhaps the best young shortstop in baseball,
person that he really believed and trusted. And it was easy makes it look so easy noweven with the weight of an
for him to make adjustments and get back on track. island on his shoulders. BD
September/October 2016 35

By Rick Sorci

Full Name: Paul Edwards Goldschmidt Throws: Right Status/Family:
Age: 28 Born: September 10, 1987 Bats: Right Married with one son
in Wilmington, DE HT: 6-3 WT: 225 Home: Phoenix, AZ Nickname: Goldie

aul Goldschmidt has emerged as one of the games top first basemen during
his six big-league seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The four-time
All-Star and two-time National League MVP runner-up has captured
two Gold Glove awards and two Silver Slugger trophies while twice hitting
30-plus homers and driving in 100 or more runs in a season. The former
N.L. home-run and RBI champion (2013) recently took time to talk with
Baseball Digest.
Best teammate ever: I have a lot of them. I could probably name
five. But Id say Willie Bloomquist was probably my best teammate.
If not a ballplayer I would have been: I was studying
finance, so maybe something in banking or investing.
If I could walk through time: I dont know. Ill worry about
that when I get there. Ill keep my options open. But well see.
When its time to eat I like: Ill eat anything. But Id say
my favorite food is a hamburger and French fries.
My greatest desire: Of course you want to win a World
Series. But thats out of my control. I just try to work hard
every day and give it my best.
The person who had the greatest impact on me:
My dad. He got me to play baseball when I was 5-years-old.
He taught me the game and supported me.
If I could change one thing Ive done: I dont have anything
I want to change. There are plenty of mistakes I've made. But its
also part of whats made me who I am.
In designing my game my influence was: I grew up in
Houston. So theres a lot of guys I watched growing up. I loved
watching guys like Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Lance Berkman play.
A president I would have loved to talk to: George W.
Bushprobably for all the things that went on during his eight years
as president. In my lifetime it was the first time I knew what was
going on in the world.
When I look for a film: Old School is one of my favorites.
Any comedy.
And that one film I can watch again and again:
Old School and Major League
My favorite baseball moment was: When we made
the playoffs my rookie year in 2011. It was awesome
playing in the playoffs. When we clinched, it was great
celebrating on the field and then with champagne. That
was fun.
Favorite non-baseball player: I really like what
Andrew Luck does in football.
The best advice a player ever gave me: There were
some things said to me that I would tell other people. I JEFF
would definitely tell them to work hard and have fun. BAGWELL
My worst habit: Im sure I have plenty. But I dont
know what the worst one would be.
My favorite ballparks: AT&T Ballpark in
San Francisco
My three favorite cities on the road: Chicago,
Photos by SportPics

Washington, D.C. and San Diego

Life after baseball: Whatever it turns out to be,
Im going to enjoy it and work hard at it.

36 September/October 2016
this stage in his career.
Not to take anything away from
anybody else on the ballclub. But
with what he does on the offensive
and defensive side, yeah, hes our
best player.
Roberts took it a step farther.
As Seager became the youngest
position player in Dodgers
history to be named to an All-
Star team, Roberts called
him the best shortstop in

the National League, and
when you take both sides
of the ball, in the big
Its a bold procla-
mationnot as bold

BETTER By Bill Plunkett
The Orange County Register

hen youre a heralded first-round draft pick and the con-

W sensus No. 1 prospect in baseball as Corey Seager was
before this season, the expectations can get pretty big.
Seager hadnt even made the big leagues yet when future shortstop is
Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez was upping the ante on those
I told (Rockies coach) Eric Young when we were playing against
excited with his
the Rockies last year and he (Seager) was still in the minors,
Gonzalez said. We were talking about prospects and I told him that opportunity to
Seager was a special kid, that I could see him being a Hall of Famer.
And that was before anybody put him as a No. 1 prospect. This was
early in the year last year.
follow the
He has the talent and the makeup, the potential. I think he is
going to be a great major-leaguer for a long time.
leadership of
Cooperstown might have to wait for a few years. But Seager has
already become a very good major-leaguer very quickly. In fact, at his teammates
age 22 with just over 100 big-league games under his belt, he has
become the best position player on a team with a $230-million pay- and become one
roll and championship aspirations.
Theres really nothing he cant do on the baseball fieldthe at-
bats, the late-inning production, playing a premium defensive
of the best
Photos by SportPics

position, hitting the ball out of the park, driving in runs, taking a
walk when he needs to, running the bases, Dodgers manager Dave
players in the
Roberts said. Its scary to think hes only 22 and how much hes
grown and already become a very, very good major-league player at major leagues
38 September/October 2016
as Gonzalez pre-emptive Hall of Fame strike. But Seagers play in the
first half of the season made a strong argument to support it.
While fellow rookie shortstops Trevor Story in Colorado and Aledmys
Diaz in St. Louis got off to hot starts, Seager started relatively slowly. At
the end of April, he was hitting just .250 with two home runs and a .707
OPSa far cry from the torching he gave big-league pitching as a
September callup last fall (a .337 average and .986 OPS in his first 27
major-league games).
But Seager has taken off since April. He reached the All-Star break
leading the Dodgers in hits, runs and home runs. No Dodgers rookie
has led the team in those three categories over a full season since
Jackie Robinson in 1947. Seager also led the Dodgers in batting aver-
age, total bases, OPS, OPS-plus and WAR.
He had a 19-game hitting streak through June and early July that
was the longest in the National League at midsummer.
Seager played his 100th
big-league game in
late June during


With 31 doubles and 19 homers through

August 6, Seager was on pace to
become the eighth rookie in MLB
history to record 25 or more homers
and 40-plus doubles.

July/August 2016
2015 39
that streak. He reached that early mile- These guys right here. The veterans on
stone with a .301 average, 20 home runs this team, he said when asked to explain
and 64 runs scored. Only four other play- the ease with which he has slipped into
ers in the past 60 years have had the com- the major leagues. In the minor leagues,
bination of a .300 average, at least 20 you were always seen as ... the whatever,
home runs and 60 runs in their first 100 the guy. Here, you just fall in line with the
big-league gamesHall of Famers veterans that have already established
Orlando Cepeda and Carlton Fisk, Wally things. You just fall in line and get on the
Joyner and Ryan Braun. train, like Ive always said.
At his current pace, Seager has a shot at Seager also credits his older brother,

Photos by SportPics
posting the highest OPS and the most home Kyle, with helping him get ready to jump
runs and extra-base hits ever by a rookie HOWIE on board. Six years older, Kyle Seager is
shortstop, passing such slugging shortstops KENDRICK with the Seattle Mariners and was already
as Nomar Garciaparra (30 homers and an establishing himself in the major leagues
.875 OPS as a rookie) and Hanley Ramirez You know whathes a very as Corey climbed quickly through the
(74 extra-base hits as a rookie). Dodgers farm system. Kyle became an
confident player. He knows who
That is, if Seager doesnt hit a slump invaluable source of information and
something that Roberts said the rookie he is as a hitter. He looks at every preparation for his younger brother.
has uniquely been able to avoid. day the same. Ive been playing That helps. A lot, said Corey, who also
To see the consistency from a young against his brother for years has another brother, Justin, playing in the
player as the league is trying to figure out (in the A.L. West) and his brother Mariners farm system. It was kind of
how to pitch him and get him outhis has that same demeanor understanding without being there. He
consistency just doesnt happen. This goes about his business, plays can tell you everything, but you dont
isnt normal, Roberts said. I would the game the right way, plays understand it until youre in the fire.
expectas with any young playerhighs Thats kind of what it was like building it.
hard every day. Little things
and lows. Now its more talking to each other about
dont affect him.
Seager takes almost no credit for his our swings and how youre feeling and
smooth transition to stardom, preferring to credit the vet- checking in about the family. All that stuff.
erans around him. His 37-year-old double-play partner Another veteran in the Dodgers clubhouse, Howie
Chase Utley, in particular, has been a mentor to the young Kendrick, was with the Los Angeles Angels when another
shortstop. precocious talent broke into the majors. Kendrick sees a lot

ith Corey Seager and Xander Bogaerts leading

W the way, several talented major-league

shortstops are creating a stir by meeting high
expectations both offensively and with the glove at
the games premier defensive position.



Tim Anderson, White Sox 23 .273 in first 43 games
Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox 23 .330 with 78 runs, 66 RBI in first 100 games of 2016
Carlos Correa, Astros 21 2015 A.L. Rookie of Year hit .267-15-70 through Aug. 6
Aledmys Diaz, Cardinals 26 Hit .312 with 14 HR in first 96 games
Didi Gregorius, Yankees 26 Jeter replacement hit .288, 12 HR through Aug. 6
Jose Iglesias, Tigers 26 Defensive star needs to remain healthy
Francisco Lindor, Indians 22 At 22, sky is the limit for all-around performer
Ketel Marte, Mariners 22 .273 with 36 runs in first 74 games of 2016 TIM
Addison Russell, Cubs 22 Lofty potential with bat and glove for young All-Star
Andrelton Simmons, Angels 26 Two-time Gold Glove recipient is among best defenders
Corey Seager, Dodgers 22 Five-tool star hit .303 with 19 HR, 71 runs through Aug. 6
Trevor Story, Rockies 23 .272 with 27 HR and 72 RBI in first 97 games
Trea Turner, Nationals 23 Potential stardom for years to come in Washington
Jonathan Villar, Brewers 25 Stolen-base threat steady in all aspects of game

40 September/October 2016
of similar qualities in Seager hard every day. Little things
and Angels star Mike Trout. dont affect him.
Their demeanors, just I wish I could have been
who they are as people that way when I first came
theyre very comfortable up. Thats a gift.
with who they are, Kendrick Gifted as he is, Seager has
said. They dont really let carried baggage throughout
any minor things affect them his professional career. At 6-
throughout the game. You foot-4 and 215 pounds, he is
can just see it. The limelight considered too big to stay at
and all those things, they shortstop. He will inevitably

dont really care ... because outgrow the position and
that doesnt define who they have to move to third base,
are. Thats a testament to the way they were raised. Both the projections claim.
guys have great parents and that says a lot about who they That he was able to make the All-Star Game as a short-
are as people and as players, too. stop this season gave Seager added satisfaction.
They both go after it on the field, added Kendrick. Since the day I signed, Ive been told Id have to move to
They bring their best every day and they can live with it third base, said Seager who did play there some for the
either way. If they have success or dont, theyre not really Dodgers last September (before taking over shortstop
affected by that. Theyre still the same guy. You can walk from fading veteran Jimmy Rollins). Its always been,
up and talk to them and they have that same attitude. maybe not a chip on your shoulder, but a little drive to
Theyre really strong competitors. prove that you can. They havent seen you play, but
Given Seagers strong base and the obvious physical theyve already got you written off.
skills, Kendrick said he is not really surprised at how Roberts says Seagers defense this season has been bet-
quickly the rookie has started to play like the star he was ter than he expected, given the talk that he had also heard
expected to be. about Seagers future at the position.
You know whathes a very confident player. He knows Yes, it has, Roberts said. You look at the body and his
who he is as a hitter, Kendrick said. He looks at every day size and you wonder if hes going to get to balls and have
the same. Ive been playing against his brother for years (in that range. But he does. I think you have to give some
the A.L. West) and his brother has that same demeanor credit to our analytics people. More times than not, were
goes about his business, plays the game the right way, plays in the right place. BD

September/October 2016 41

ou might not have heard as much about Washington

Y Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy in recent sea-

sons if it wasnt for Mets hitting coach Kevin Long.
Murphys playoff power surge propelled the Mets to the
World Series last October, and this season hes in the run-
ning for the National League batting title and MVP honors
with the Nationals. Neither the Mets run nor Murphys
2016 success were likely without a mechanical makeover
orchestrated by Long in spring training of last year.
But looking back, Long didnt know what kind of reaction
hed get when he reached out to Murphy for the first time
after taking over as the teams new hitting coach in
December 2014.
It was Longs job to find out if he could help Murphy, a six-
year veteran and 2014 All-Star, with his hitting. He knew
accomplished players like Murphy, who are obsessed with hit-
ting, will sometimes balk at unsolicited advice from a new
Much to Longs relief, Murphy responded enthusiastically.
Long, who served as the Yankees hitting coach from 2007 to
2014, suspected this career slap-hitter could hit with more power
by changing his mechanics.
He just helped me focus in on doing more damage with
each plate appearance, said Murphy, who tends not to reveal
much in interviews. I am trying to get a pitch in my zone and
hit it as hard as humanly possible to get my A-swing off.
The results were not immediate. For the first four weeks of
2015, the 6-foot-1, 220-pound Murphy batted .145 with one
Through July, Murphy
home run. Then the dam broke. ranked among N.L.
Murphy batted .300 with 13 homers the rest of the way, leaders with a .351
though that was nothing compared to his postseason tear. He average, .390 on-base
percentage and .622
led the Mets to the World Series by hitting .421 with seven slugging mark.

Daniel Murphy
developed into a
productive player
with the Mets
before moving to
Washington to
put together his
best season

42 September/October 2016
home runs in the first two rounds of playoff action and was named the National League
Championship Series MVP.
Most impressive of all: he became the first player to homer in six consecutive playoff
games, connecting off elite hurlers Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, Jake Arrieta and Jon
Murphy finished the postseason with seven homers, falling one shy of the major-league
record set by the Giants Barry Bonds in 2002, and equaled by Carlos Beltran of the 2004 Astros
and Nelson Cruz for the 2011 Rangers.
The 31-year-old veteran has continued his torrid hitting with the Nationals, already sur-
passing his career single-season high marks in home runs (14) and RBI (78)through
Aug. 6, he had 21 homers and 81 RBI in 104 games.
Murphy, an intense player with a career .288 batting average coming into this sea-
son, continues to rely on the tweaks he worked on with Long.
We made a couple of mechanical adjustments, Murphy said. I try to use my
legs more and get on the plate more.
He now crowds the plate, standing several inches closer than he did prior to
meeting Long. He also went from standing fairly straight to settling into a crouch.
These changes have Murphy pulling the ball more often and hitting it less fre-
quently on the ground. Plus, his bat speed and control are just better.
Nationals manager Dusty Baker, who wrote a book called You Can Teach
Hitting, said Murphy is one of the most intense students that hes ever seen. He
attributed his cleanup hitters success to concentration, discipline and study.
His confidence level is at an all-time high, Baker added. He always thought
he could hit. Now, he knows he can really hit.
Batting in the cleanup spot behind Bryce Harper has clearly helped Murphy.
Pitchers are not eager to give Harper, the 2015 National League MVP, a good pitch to
He is always on base, Murphy said. When people are on base, it puts the pitcher
in high-leverage situations.
But Washington hitting coach Rick Schu says it doesnt matter where Murphy hits in
the lineup. Schu believes hed have just as much success batting first or ninth.
I have sat in the opposing dugout and watched him and said, This guy kills us, Schu
said with a laugh. Its really nice to
have him in my dugout.
Schu has worked with all kinds of
players, from struggling rookies to
All-Stars. Few have impressed him as
much as Murphy, who signed a three-
year, $37.5-million contract with the
Nationals in December.
He is definitely an attention-to-
detail guy, Schu said. He is really on
it. He really understands what he is
trying to do. He knows his opponent
and how guys pitch to him. I usually go
over with the guys daily on who they
face and I ask his plan and he is right on.
He is like an extra coach for me because
of his knowledge, work ethic and how he
Photos by SportPics

leads by example.
The Nationals feature plenty of veter-
an leadership from players like first
baseman Ryan Zimmerman, left

SUCCESS September/October 2016 43

DANIEL Players With Most HR Murphy explained. I really
MURPHY In One Postseason enjoyed the trip back there.
Murphy admits it felt a little
wenty major-leaguers have hit six or more home

strange: I was there for a decade,
runs in one postseason. Bob Robertson and Lenny but this time I came in a different
Dykstra are the only players to accomplish the entrance.
feat before the wild-card game and divisional playoffs The special attention from the
were added to the postseason format. Mets was nice for the club and
fans, but it didnt take long before
YEAR PLAYER, TEAM HR PLAYOFF OUTCOME the Mets were sick of seeing
2002 Barry Bonds, Giants 8 Lost World Series Murphy. He hit .423 against them
2004 Carlos Beltran, Astros 8 Lost NLCS
with seven home runs and 21 RBI
2011 Nelson Cruz, Rangers 8 Lost World Series
2002 Troy Glaus, Angels 7 Won World Series in 13 first-half games.
2008 B.J. Upton, Rays 7 Lost World Series Its obvious he wants to beat
BARRY BONDS 2009 Jayson Werth, Phillies 7 Lost World Series them up, Scherzer said. When
2015 Daniel Murphy, Mets 7 Lost World Series you face your former team, you
1971 Bob Robertson, Pirates 6 Won World Series obviously want to get the best of
1993 Lenny Dykstra, Phillies 6 Lost World Series
them. For him to come out and
1995 Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners 6 Lost ALCS
1996 Bernie Williams, Yankees 6 Won World Series really slug against them, I know it
1998 Jim Thome, Indians 6 Lost ALCS puts a smile on all of our faces
CARLOS BELTRAN 2002 Rich Aurilia, Giants 6 Lost World Series because we know what he is going
2004 Albert Pujols, Cardinals 6 Los t World Series through. Its special for him to be
2004 Larry Walker, Cardinals 6 Lost World Series able to do that.
2008 Evan Longoria, Rays 6 Lost World Series New York didnt show much
2009 Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 6 Won World Series
interest in retaining Murphy, who

Photos by SportPics
2009 Chase Utley, Phillies 6 Lost World Series
2010 Nelson Cruz, Rangers 6 Lost World Series wasnt offered a multiyear con-
NELSON CRUZ 2012 Pablo Sandoval, Giants 6 Won World Series tract. Instead the Mets pitched a
one-year, $15.8-million qualifying
arbitration offer, which he turned
The Mets always loved Murphys bat, but not his glove.
NATIONAL SUCCESS He committed 86 errors in his New York career, including
fielder Jayson Werth and pitcher Max Scherzer. a costly one in Game 4 of the 2015 World Series against
Murphy has wasted no time in joining that group. He Kansas City. At seasons end, the Mets replaced him with
gets praise for his professionalism, day-to-day preparation Neil Walker, acquired in a December trade with Pittsburgh.
and willingness to work with younger players. With the Mets, Murphy sometimes wore the label of a
I think you will see him lead more and more the longer subpar defensive player like a tattoo. He played left field
he is here, Baker said. He was a welcome addition in when he reached the majors in August 2008. He moved to
more ways than one. He just goes about first base the next season, and in 2010 the
his business. He studies hard; he works Mets used him as a second baseman and
hard and is a motivator for his team- utility infielder. He finally made a full-
mates. time move to second base in 2011.
Werth loves the leadership Murphy If Murphy has any natural position, its
brings to the clubhouse. third base. He played third in the minors,
He is filling a void from when we lost but shifted to second since the Mets
Ian Desmond, Werth said, referring to already had David Wright as the clubs
the veteran shortstop who left Washing- everyday third baseman.
ton for Texas over the winter. (Murphy) Murphy wasnt drafted until the
has stepped into that leadership role and 13th round in 2006, selected out of his
I think he is a natural leader. Its been an hometown Jacksonville University. Even
easy transition for him and I think he was then, Murphy, who is married with a
a real leader for the Mets. He is a take-charge kind of guy. young son, was considered a first-rate hitter, but no more
Going to New York for the Nationals first series against than an average defender and baserunner.
the Mets was both difficult and exciting for Murphy, who I feel like he has been a very good hitter and is continu-
spent nine seasons in the Mets organization. His former ing to find ways to get better, Mets outfielder Curtis
club used the occasion to honor him with a video tribute Granderson said.
and present him with his National League championship But its not like all of a sudden he has blossomed and
ring. became a hitter that has the ability to drive in big runs and
New York front-office officials made it clear that without lead the team in batting. Those are the things he has done.
him that the Mets wouldnt have reached the World Series. So I just think he is getting the chance to continue to play
It was very classy for the organization to reach out to on a big stage and more people are now getting a chance
me as a division rival and do something on the field, to see him. BD

44 September/October 2016

Collect 10 points for each question answered correctly.

(If you score 80 or better, youre a Hall of Famer; 70 or better,
MVP; between 60 and 70, All-Star; and 40 to 60, a minor leaguer.)

In the 2015 World Series, Mets outfielder

1 Michael Conforto became the 42nd player
in World Series history to club two or more
homers in one game. Among those 42 batters,
13 are in the Hall of Fame as players. Collect 10
points if you can identify six Hall of Famers to
club two or more homers in one Fall Classic game.
Prior to the 2016 postseason, 34 players had hit
2 a home run in their first World Series at-bat.
Only two of these hitters have been elected to the Hall of
Fame. For 10 points, name one of these two Hall of Famers MIKE
who homered in their first World Series at-bat. MOUSTAKAS

Who was the last player to hit a grand slam in

3 World Series competition: Albert Pujols, Pablo
Sandoval, Paul Konerko or Mike Moustakas?
Eight pitchers have won the Cy Young Award
4 and fanned 10 or more batters in a World Series
game in the same season. Collect 10 points if you
can identify four of these pitchers.
Excluding Cap Anson, because he played before
5 the World Series began, four players with 3,000
lifetime hits never hit safely in a Fall Classic. Nap
Lajoie is one and Ichiro Suzuki (through the 2016
regular season) is another. Collect five points for each of the other two you can identify.
Luis Gonzalez is one of six sluggers to belt 50 or more regular-season homers
6 and add another in World Series play in the same season (2001). Collect two
points for each of the other five players you can identify who accomplished this feat.
The St. Louis Cardinals have captured 11 World Series
7 titles under nine different managers. Tony La Russa
managed two championship clubs (2006, 2011). Who was
the other skipper to win two Fall Classics with the Cardinals:
Rogers Hornsby, Red Schoendienst, Billy Southworth or
Frankie Frisch?
Since 1957, when the first Gold Glove awards were
8 presented, only seven catchers have won the honor
and a World Series title in the same season. Collect 10
points if you can identify three of these backstops.
Since divisional play began in 1969, 11 teams
9 have won five or more league pennants through
the 2015 season. The Yankees lead the way with 11.
Collect one point for each of the other 10 teams you
can identify that have won five or more pennants
between 1969 and 2015.
Who is the only player with 10 or more
10 RBI in a World Series for a winning
team: Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols
or Roberto Clemente?
September/October 2016 45
TURN BACK ecstatic. Despite the win, the Tigers were still
two games under .500 and 10 games behind the
first-place Yankees in the American League

THE CLOCK East. And yet, the crowd refused to leave, rock-
ing the old ballpark with chants of We want
The Bird! We want The Bird! until Fidrych
finally emerged from the clubhousethe first
By THOM HENNINGER Tiger Stadium curtain call since September 14,
n June 28, 1976, Mark The Bird Fidrych stood 1968, when Denny McLain won his 30th game.

O on the field at Detroits Tiger Stadium, doing his

first-ever nationally televised interview in his
stocking feet.
Twenty minutes earlier, the lanky, shaggy-haired Tigers
rookie had put the finishing touches on an efficient 5-1
Having already tossed his jersey into the clubhouse
laundry hamper, Fidrych returned to the field wearing a
Tigers warm-up jacket over his soggy undershirt; but in
his rush to respond to the roaring crowd, hed completely
forgotten to put his cleats back on.
complete-game victory over the New York Yankees. As Everything is just new to me, Fidrych told ABCs Bob
millions of Monday Night Baseball viewers looked on Uecker during the postgame interview, his exuberant rush of
from living rooms across the country, the 21-year-old words additionally blurred by his thick Central
right-hander had exited the field in a celebratory daze, Massachusetts accent. He heaped praise upon his team-
giddily shaking the hands of each and every person he matesThose guys are doing two-thirds of the work, and
encountered on his dash to the dugout after the final out. Im only doing a third by pitching, you know?and thanked
The nearly 48,000 fans in attendance were equally the fans for pumping up his adrenaline every time he took

The eccentric right-hander
created a huge following with
his magnificent Rookie of the
Year season 40 years ago
By Dan Epstein

46 September/October 2016
the mound. I couldnt ask for no much more! he gushed. mid-March, the sports media in the spring and summer of
Baseball fans in 1976 couldnt have asked for no much 76 remained filled with negative stories about the greedy
more, either. The Birdso nicknamed for his physical players who would soon be leaving their longtime teams
resemblance to Big Bird from Sesame Streetcouldnt and marketing themselves to the highest bidder.
have hatched at a better moment for the game. Into this atmosphere of cynicism, mistrust and recrimi-
While the nations Bicentennial celebration was gather- nation stepped one of the most genuinely joyful charac-
ing star-spangled steam, the national pastime was mired ters the game has ever known, though it took the fans and
in nasty labor negotiations resulting from the December press alike some time to become aware of his presence.
1975 arbitration ruling that pronounced Andy Messersmith Signed out of Northboro, Mass., in the 10th round of the
and Dave McNally (having played the entire 1975 season June 1974 amateur draft, Mark Fidrych had risen quickly
without signed contracts) to be free agents. through the Tigers farm system. Yet, despite earning a ros-
The ruling, which MLB owners tried unsuccessfully to ter spot with the Tigers in the spring of 76and despite the
reverse in court, essentially nullified baseballs long- fact that, with the team coming off a miserable 59-103 sea-
standing reserve clausewhich bound players in perpetu- son, Detroit fans were desperate for any new reason to feel
ity to the team that had them under contractand opened good about their ballclub and their depressed, crumbling
the gates to full-scale free agency. citythere was little press coverage of his promotion.
The owners, fearing the impact of this development on Fidrych didnt receive much playing time during the
the game (and their pocketbooks), locked the players out first four weeks of the season, either. Tigers manager
of spring training in hopes that they would renounce the Ralph Houk, sensing that his excitable rookie righty need-
liberty theyd just won. Though commissioner Bowie ed some time to become acclimated to life in the big
Kuhn finally forced the reopening of training camps in leagues, used Fidrych sparingly in relief.

Its a weird scene.

You win a few
baseball games and
all of a sudden
youre surrounded by
reporters and TV
men with cameras
asking you about
Vietnam and race
relations and stuff
like that. I dont even
know who I am yet.
Mark Fidrych

September/October 2016 47
Fidrych repeatedly exulted Whoa, I struck out Hank
TURN BACK MARK Aaron! upon his return to the dugout.)
Fidrychs starts at Tiger Stadium began to feel more like
rock concerts than ballgames, with fans of all ages cheer-
ing his every move, brandishing homemade banners with
his nickname on them, and engaging in near-constant
He made his first official MLB appearance on April 20 in chants of Go Bird Go!
Oakland, giving up a game-winning single to Don Baylor, But in the pre-cable, pre-internet days of baseball
the first batter he faced. He didnt make his second media coverage, when youd be lucky to catch more than a
appearance until May 5, when he pitched a scoreless mop- few baseball games on TV (and most games werent tele-
up inning in the Tigers 8-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins. vised at all), Fidrych still seemed more like a rumor or a
It wasnt until May 15 that Fidrych finally got the chance figment of the imagination outside of Detroitat least
to show Tigers fans what he could do. Filling in for sched- until the Monday Night Baseball broadcast of June 28,
uled starter Dave Roberts, who had suddenly come down when baseball fans across the nation were finally able to
with the flu, Fidrych no-hit the Cleveland Indians for six witness The Bird in full flight.
innings at Tiger Stadium, on his way to a two-hit, 2-1 com- After Fidrychs nationally televised victory over the
plete-game victory. He walked only one batter and struck Yankeeswhich improved his record to 8-1 and lowered
out five, but his pinpoint control wasnt the only thing his ERA to 2.05Birdmania took the country by storm.
that caught the attention of the 14,583 fans in attendance. Little leaguers everywhere, identifying with Fidrychs
Fidrych looked almost comical out there, flapping his whimsical energy, began imitating his moves on the
arms, excitedly congratulating his teammates after even mound; older fans, jaded by players increasing contractu-

Rookies Who Led The WILHELM

League In ERA (1901-2015)

1911 Vean Gregg, Indians 1.81
1933 Monte Pearson, Indians 2.33
1940 Ernie Bonham, Yankees 1.90
1948 Gene Bearden, Indians 2.43
1963 Gary Peters, White Sox 2.33
1976 Mark Fidrych, Tigers 2.34
1912 Jeff Tesreau, Giants 1.96
1935 Cy Blanton, Pirates 2.58
1937 Jim Turner, Braves 2.38
1952 Hoyt Wilhelm, Giants 2.43 GARY PETERS

the most perfunctory plays, and dropping to his knees in al demands, were charmed by Fidrychs down-to-earth
order to rearrange the dirt on the mound. He also seemed attitude, as well as his unabashed gratitude at earning the
to be talking to the ball between pitches, like he was giv- minimum rookie salary of $19,000 a year. (The only other
ing it instructions on where to go. job I could have is working in a gas station back home, he
He had us psyched out with all that stuff he does on the told reporters following the Monday Night game.)
mound, Indians DH Rico Carty told reporters after the Some players grumbled about the attention his act was
game. It was like he was trying to hypnotize us. I said, receiving: Yankees captain Thurman Munson accused him
Just throw the ball. Then he didand I couldnt hit it. of being a showboat, and Pete Rose promised to line one
Fidrychs goofy mound mannerismswhich also includ- through the box against him at the All-Star Game, which
ed tossing balls back to the home plate umpire if he felt they Fidrych was given the honor of starting for the American
had a hit in themsoon became part of his legend, but it League.
would take another six weeks for that legend to really build. Other prominent opponents like George Scott and
Following a disappointing 2-0 loss against Luis Tiant Reggie Jackson openly praised the young rookies poise,
and the Red Sox in front of friends and family at Fenway competitiveness and pinpoint control. Fidrych wasnt
Park, Fidrych rattled off six straight wins for the Tigers, overpowering on the mound (he would finish the season
five of them complete-game efforts. with only 97 strikeouts in 250.1 innings), but he clearly
Each appearance brought increased newspaper cover- knew how to pitch.
age of his masterful pitching, his wacky antics, and his The Birds star quality quickly transcended the sport,
almost childlike wonder at being able to play major- as well. His easy-going charisma resonated with high
league baseball. (After fanning home-run king Hank school and college kids who saw him as the kind of guy
Aaron during a May 31 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, they might find hanging out at their local keg party, while

48 September/October 2016
his blonde good looks transformed him behind Jim Palmer in the A.L. Cy Young
into a pin-up to rival Peter Frampton, balloting, and 11th in the A.L. MVP vot-
whose album Frampton Comes Alive ing. (In a more advanced statistical era,
topped the Billboard charts for much of he might have had a decent shot at win-
the summer of 76. ning all three honorshis WAR of 9.6 was
People magazine did a feature on him. considerably better than Palmers 6.6 or

David Durochik/SportPics
Elton John and the Beach Boys invited him MVP Thurman Munsons 5.3.)
to hang out with them when they played Tragically, Fidrych would never pitch
concerts in the Detroit area. Multiple nov- another full major-league season. A freak
elty songs (like Shirley Stringhams disco- knee injury sustained in spring training
fied Mark The Bird) were recorded and of 1977 was followed by an undiagnosed
released in his honor, or at least in attempt to cash in on his rotator cuff tear; though he continued to show flashes of
massive popularity. Hollywood producer Allan Carr wanted his 1976 brilliance, his arm troubles forced him to retire in
him to audition for a role in the upcoming film version of 1980 after making only 27 more MLB starts.
Grease, his hit Broadway musical. Endorsement offers One cant help wonder what might have been if Fidrych
came rolling in by the dozens. had stayed healthy. Would he have continued to befuddle
It would have been a head-spinning experience for anyone, opposing hitters and delight fans? Would his lack of speed
let alone a 21-year-old rookie. and power have ultimately proved a detriment? Would he
Its a weird scene, Fidrych admitted to Jim Hawkins from have won a ring with the 84 Tigers? Would he still be alive
the Detroit Free Press. You win a few baseball games and all today, instead of dying in an accident while repairing a
of a sudden youre surrounded by reporters and TV men with truck engine on his Massachusetts farm in Northborough?
cameras asking you about Vietnam and race relations and Well never know, of course, but we can still bask in the
stuff like that. I dont even know who I am yet. glow of the brief but glorious flight of The Bird. Anyone
Still, Fidrych generally kept his cool, and kept his fans who saw him pitch, felt the excitement he generated, or
smiling. Though he gave up four hits (including a liner up the observed the sense of pride he brought to the Motor City
middle from Pete Rose) and two runs in two innings at the during the summer of 1976 will tell you the same thing: We
All-Star Game, and took the loss for the American League, couldnt have asked for no much more. BD
his first start after the break saw him pitching an 11-inning
shutout against the Oakland As in front of nearly 46,000 Dan Epstein is the author of Stars and Strikes: Baseball
screaming fans at Tiger Stadium. and America in the Bicentennial Summer of 76. He hated
By August, Birdmania had become such a phenomenon having curly hair until The Bird came along.
that opposing teams were actually beg-
ging the Tigers to re-arrange their rota-
tion so that Fidrych could pitch against
them in their ballparks. An appearance
by The Bird was guaranteed to sell as
many as 20,000 more tickets than
Many Tigers fans, proud of their new
stars sudden ascensionbut feeling
that he wasnt being properly compen-
sated by the team for his ability to make
their turnstiles spinengaged in a
grass-roots Bucks for the Bird cam-
paign. Even unemployed auto-workers
were stuffing singles and fives into
envelopes and mailing them to the
pitcher at Tiger Stadium.
Whether it was because of the pres-
sure of the constant media attention,
the rigors of pitching his first full season
in the majors, or because opposing hit-
ters were finally beginning to figure him
out, Fidrychs pitching slipped some-
what during the second half of the sea-
sonhe went 9-7 with a 2.93 ERA in his
last 17 starts.
He still finished with a 19-9 record,
while leading the league with a 2.34
ERA and a whopping 24 complete
games, which was good enough to earn
him the A.L. Rookie of the Year Award
in a landslide. He also finished second
September/October 2016 49
As Told To Barry Rozner

Former All-Star and

Cy Young Award winner
recalls his perfect game
for the Yankees against the
Montreal Expos in 1999

Mike Ponzini

50 September/October 2016
ome of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history never threw a no-

hitter, including the likes of Greg Maddux, Steve Carlton and Pedro Martinez, who
combined to win more than 900 games in the big leagues. It takes a lot of luck and
the perfect circumstances, not to mention great stuff and a terrific defense.
David Cone looked like he might have a chance on Sept. 2, 1996, pitching for
the Yankees in Oakland. Two years removed from winning Cy Young honors
and arguably the best pitcher in the American League, Cone was coming off
surgery for an aneurysm under his right armpit. Making his first start in four
months, he was sensational. He had tossed seven no-hit innings when New
York manager Joe Torre removed him from the game after 85 pitches.
I put Joe in a tough spot, Cone said with a laugh. It was the right thing to
do. I was coming off a long layoff and we were worried about winning the World
Series, not a game in September. He made the right call.
A month later, Cone would start a game in each playoff series and win a
Just about World Series game as the Yankees took home the big trophy for the first time in
18 years.
every day some- Of course, every pitcher dreams about throwing a no-hitter, Cone said.
But we also dream about winning the World Series and thats bigger. Plus, you
one tells you get a chance to throw a no-hitter every time out. You dont get a chance to win
the World Series every day.
where they
were and who
they were
watching the
game with when
they saw it. It
makes you feel
something very
special when
people tell you Cone pitched three one-hitters in his career, but his best opportunity for
immortality would come on July 18, 1999, in one of the oddest coincidences in
they saw you do baseball history. Soon after Hall of Famer Yogi Berra finally reconciled with the
Yankees, the club celebrated Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium. Don Larsen
something theyll was on the mound for the ceremonial first pitch, throwing to his battery-mate.
The two men had conspired to complete the most famous perfect game in
never forget the baseball history in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series.
The funny thing about it is, I said something to (Larsen) after the pitch
rest of their about him running and jumping into Yogis arms, Cone said, laughing. And,
of course, I got it wrong. It was Yogi who jumped into his arms. I mean, how do
lives. you mess that up? I felt pretty dumb at that moment. It was embarrassing and
he let me know I got it wrong.
DAVID CONE That was pretty much the last thing Cone would get wrong that day.
Cone was throwing to catcher Joe Girardi, who was behind the plate for Doc
Goodens no-hitter in May 1996. Girardi and Cone were on the same page from
the first pitch of the game against the Montreal Expos.
It started simply enough with a three-pitch strikeout of Wilton Guerrero, but
the chance for something special nearly came to an end facing the second bat-
ter of the game. Cone left a 2-2 pitch over the heart of the plate and Terry Jones
David Cone is the only pitcher in MLB history to ripped it into right-center for what looked like extra bases.
have a 20-win season with both the Mets and I was thinking about backing up third base when he hit it, Cone said. But
Yankees. In 1988, he posted a 20-3 record with
the Mets. Ten years later in 1998, he went
Paul ONeill got a great jump in right field and he took a straight route right at
20-7 as a member of the Yankees. the ball and kind of cut it off. If he takes an angle toward the fence, he doesnt

get it because it was hit too hard. He went straight at the ball and made a great,
diving catch. Hes a lefty, so the glove is on his right hand and Im not sure he
September/October 2016 51

makes the play if the glove is on the other hand. Thats probably the time you start thinking about the
Cone retired the first six batters in order before the possibilities, and then its mental gymnastics from that
Yankees staked him to a five-run lead in the second point forward, Cone said. You have to try to stay out of
against Javier Vazquez. Cone responded by striking out your own head. You try not to get ahead of yourself, but its
the side in the third. Nine up, nine down. Then came a 33- pretty hard not to.
minute rain delay in the bottom of the inning that threat- Its a tug between taking it one pitch at a time and
ened to derail Cones chase for history. remembering theres a game to win, and thinking ahead
It was a really hot, muggy day. It was 90-plus and to what happens in the eighth or ninth inning. You try to
steamy as can be, so staying loose was not a problem, stay in the moment, but youre human. You know whats
Cone said. I threw a bit underneath the Stadium just to happening. And its so quiet because no one is talking to
keep loose, but it wasnt a big deal because it was so hot. you. Its the oddest thing in baseball because dugouts are
Through five innings, Cone was at just 50 pitches and so loud and theres so much going onguys talking to
had not gone to ball three on a single Expos hitter. Thats each other the whole game and now no one will speak to
when it started to get serious. Thats when his teammates you.
stopped talking to him. I was anxious because I had been close so many times,
David Durochik/SportPics



Through August 7, 2016 + Indicates World Series Game
Lee Richmond, Worcester June 12, 1880 Cleveland Blues
John Montgomery Ward, Providence June 17, 1880 Buffalo Bisons

Cy Young, Red Sox May 5, 1904 As
Addie Joss, Indians Oct. 2, 1908 White Sox
Charlie Robertson, White Sox April 30, 1922 Tigers
Don Larsen, Yankees Oct. 8, 1956 + Dodgers
Catfish Hunter, As May 8, 1968 Twins
Len Barker, Indians May 15, 1981 Blue Jays JIM
Mike Witt, Angels Sept. 30, 1984 Rangers BUNNING
Kenny Rogers, Rangers July 28, 1994 Angels SportPics
David Wells, Yankees May 17, 1998 Twins
David Cone, Yankees July 18, 1999 Expos
Mark Buehrle, White Sox July 23, 2009 Rays
Dallas Braden, As May 9, 2010 Rays
Philip Humber, White Sox April 21, 2012 Mariners
Felix Hernandez, Mariners Aug. 15, 2012 Rays DAVID CONE

Jim Bunning, Phillies June 21, 1964 Mets
Sandy Koufax, Dodgers Sept. 9, 1965 Cubs
Tom Browning, Reds Sept. 16, 1988 Dodgers
Dennis Martinez, Expos July 28, 1991 Dodgers
Randy Johnson, Dbacks May 8, 2004 Braves

Roy Halladay, Phillies May 29, 2010 Marlins

Matt Cain, Giants June 13, 2012 Astros
52 September/October 2016
Cone admitted. When I was with the Mets, we all wanted PERFECT GAME BOXSCORE
to be the first guy to throw a no-hitter for the Mets. But now Montreal 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
I was what, 36 years old? You start thinking this might be New York 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 1 x 6 8 0
your last chance at something like this. My stuff was really
good that day and I didnt want to blow the chance. Not MONTREAL EXPOS
exactly the thing you should be thinking about between Wilton Guerrero, dh 3 0 0 0
innings. But then you get back on the mound and kind of Terry Jones, cf 2 0 0 0
settle down and go about your business. James Mouton, cf 1 0 0 0
Cone only needed five pitches in the sixth to get the next Devon White, lf 3 0 0 0
Vladimir Guerrero, rf 3 0 0 0
three Expos, and another 15 in the seventh. In the eighth Jose Vidro, 2b 3 0 0 0
with one out, Jose Vidro hit a shot up the middle that Brad Fullmer, 1b 3 0 0 0
looked like trouble. Second baseman Chuck Knoblauch Chris Widger, c 3 0 0 0
Shane Andrews, 3b 2 0 0 0
scooted quickly to his right to make a clean backhand of Ryan McGuire, ph 1 0 0 0
the ball and a strong throw to first baseman Tino Martinez Orlando Cabrera, ss 3 0 0 0
for the second out. Cone then caught Brad Fullmer looking Totals 27 0 0 0
at an 0-2 breaking ball. He needed just three outs for a per-
fect game.

That was not an easy play and Chuck made it look Chuck Knoblauch, 2b 2 1 1 0
easy, Cone said. The crowd went crazy for that play and Derek Jeter, ss 4 1 1 2 VLADIMIR GUERRERO
Paul ONeill, rf 4 1 1 0
then the strikeout, and that kind of carried me off the field Bernie Williams, cf 4 0 1 1
for the eighth. I could actually feel my heart pounding as I Tino Martinez, 1b 4 0 1 0
walked off the field. Chili Davis, dh 3 1 1 0
Ricky Ledee, lf 4 1 1 2
The 41,930 in attendance stood again as Cone headed to Scott Brosius, 3b 2 1 0 0
the bump for the final inning. The ovation was thunderous Joe Girardi, c 3 0 1 1
and the right-hander was feeling strong despite the heat. Totals 30 6 8 6
After he got Chris Widger fishing on a low-and-outside 0-2 2B: Girardi, ONeill; HR: Ledee (off Vazquez),
slider for the first out, Cone was almost too smart for his Jeter (off Vazquez); HBP: Knoblauch (Vazquez), ONeill
(Vazquez). LOB: New York 4, Montreal 0
own good.
I got strike one on (pinch-hitter Ryan) McGuire and Joe PITCHING
Girardi calls for a cutter in on his hands, Cone recalled. MONTREAL EXPOS

Chris Bernacchi/SportPics
Now, Joe is calling this great game and its the ninth inning IP H R ER BB SO
Javier Vazquez (L) 7 7 6 6 2 3
and I did not shake him off one time all day, but now I shake Bobby Ayala 1 1 0 0 0 0
him off. I wanted to throw the same fastball and I missed
outside. What are you thinking, right? Now youre going to NEW YORK YANKEES
shake him off? I ended up behind 2-1 in the count. David Cone (W) 9 0 0 0 0 10 TINO MARTINEZ
Cone evened the count before McGuire reached out and
poked a soft fly to medium left field. Ricky Ledee came in Umpires: Ted Barrett (HP), Larry McCoy (1B), Jim Evans (2B), Chuck Meriwether (3B)
Time of Game: 2:16
on it and made an awkward-looking catch, flipping his
Attendance: 41,930
glove to make a basket grab at the very last moment.
It was a very scary moment because that field during
the day can be hard, Cone said. He must have lost it in
the white shirts because he had to adjust at the last sec- out of the dugout and indeed created a pile on top of Cone
ond. I shook my head and took a deep breath. and Girardi to celebrate the 16th perfect game in major-
One out away. league history. It was the third in Yankees history and sec-
Theres no way to really describe what your body feels ond in 14 months, following David Wells perfecto the year
like at that moment. Crowd is screaming, the whole world before.
is watching, and youre trying to execute a pitch when you To this day, I dont really know why I fell to my knees,
can hardly feel anything at all, Cone said. The adrena- Cone said. Maybe it was just exhaustion.
line is flowing and youre fighting to maintain your com- Cone was carried off the field by his teammates and con-
posure. Its really odd to feel it. gratulated byof all peopleDon Larsen.
With the count 1-1 on Orlando Cabrera, Cone What are the odds that it takes place on the same day as
threw his 88th pitch of the day. Cabrera swung Don Larsen throws out the first pitch to Yogi Berra? Cone
hard and popped it up just foul on the third-base asked. Thats Yankee magic for you. Things happen at
side on the infield. Scott Brosius was there in plen- that Stadium that you just cant believe could happen any-
ty of time, camped under it, and when the ball where else.
came down he squeezed it tight. Cone dropped to The 6-0 victory was the last shutout of Cones career, but
his knees a few feet from Brosius and Girardi its a game he hears about frequently.
jumped into Cones arms, tackling him and falling Just about every day someone tells you where they
on top him. were and who they were watching the game with when
He told me he didnt want me on the bottom of they saw it, Cone said. It makes you feel something very
the pile, Cone laughed. He was protecting me. special when people tell you they saw you do something
Yankee Stadium erupted as the Yankees poured theyll never forget the rest of their lives. BD
September/October 2016 53
dugout to appeal the batting-out-of-order snafu. The
umpires properly called Lucroy out for failing to bat in turn,
thus ending the inning. Braun batted in his proper No. 4 spot
to lead off the second and grounded out.
Brewers manager Craig Counsell took the blame for the
lineup card mix-up. I screwed up, Counsell said. I was
going with some different lineupswith Ryan in and out of
the lineupand it was just my mistake. It was just a screw-
By Rich Marazzi
up, completely my mistake. I gave Joe (Crawford, Brewers
assistant coach and video coordinator) a couple lineups, and
Batting my mistake.


he Milwaukee Brewers batted out of turn in a 1-0 FORMERLY 6.07

T victory over the Washington Nationals on July 4.

Here is what happened.
The official Brewers lineup card handed to the umpires
The following points should be kept in mind regarding
the rule.
(1) The lineup card handed to the plate umpire before the
and Nationals manager Dusty Baker had Jonathan Lucroy start of the game is official. The lineups posted in the dugout
batting third, Ryan Braun in the No. 4 slot, and Aaron Hill or on the scoreboard are unofficial.
batting fifth. In the bottom of the first inning, Braun, incor- (2) The manager of the defensive team should never
rectly batting in Lucroys No. 3 spot with two outs, singled off appeal the batting-out-of-order violation in the middle of an
Nats starter Max Scherzer. Baker then emerged from the improper at-bat. If he does, no out is recorded. If Baker



54 September/October 2016
BAKER Baker is no stranger to the rule. Playing for the Dodgers on
May 4, 1980, he batted out of turn in the top of the first
inning and grounded out. Phillies manager Dallas Green
inexplicably appealed and Ron Cey, the proper batter, was
called out. Baker then batted in his own spot and hit a three-
run homer to lead the Dodgers to 12-10 win.


On Sept. 1, 2008, in a game between the Mariners and Blue
Jays, the Jays batted out of order. They had Hill in the No. 6
spot, Lyle Overbay at No. 7, and Gregg Zaun batting eighth. In
the bottom of the second, Overbay batted sixth (in Hills spot)
instead of his No. 7 position. Overbay flied to left. If appealed,
Hill would have been called out for failure to bat in turn and
Overbay would have batted again, as Braun did. But because

Overbay made an out, Mariners manager John McLaren had

appealed in the middle of Brauns at-bat, the umpires would

have sent Lucroy to the plate and he would have inherited
Brauns count.
Likewise, if Counsell recognized the batting-out-of-order
faux pas in the middle of Brauns at-bat, he could have sent
Lucroy to the plate to inherit Brauns count. Also, the man-
ager of the offensive team can return to the correct order at
any time during the game. It is not true that the offensive
team must follow the same order throughout the game if a
batting-out-of-turn situation arises early in the game.
(3) When batting out of order occurs, the player who fails
to bat in the proper order (Lucroy) is the one who is called
out if the opposing manager appeals after the improper bat-
ter reaches base or delivers a successful outcome, such as a
sacrifice fly. The appeal must be made before the next pitch
or play. Despite Brauns single, after Baker appealed, Lucroy
was properly called out.
(4) In most cases, it is wise for the manager of the defen-
sive team to hold his appeal option when recognizing a bat-
ting-out-of-turn situation until the improper batter does
something productive. Baker waited until Braun hit safely,
and his appeal nullified a hit.
(5) As soon as a pitch is made to the next batter of either
team before an appeal is made, the improper batter there-
by becomes the proper batter and the results of his at-bat
are legal.
(6) When an improper batter (Braun) becomes a runner or
is put out, and a pitch is made to the next batter of either
team before an appeal is made, the improper batter (Braun)
is legalized and the batter who follows him (Hill) becomes
David Durochik/SportPics

the proper batter. In the above scenario, if Lucroy had batted

after Braun, as soon as a pitch was made to Lucroy, Brauns
at-bat would be legal and Hill should be the proper batter,
not Lucroy. Remarkably, Hill was involved in a batting-out-
of-order rule situation relating to point No. 6.

September/October 2016 55
1 This Cubs manager wears uniform 1 N.L. Cy Young Award winner in 2007
number 70 2 Marco ____ is a Mexican-born Blue
6 Legendary umpire ____ Conlan Jays hurler
9 A pitch on a batters hands is said 3 Hall of Fame shortstop who was nick-
to be in his ____ named Old _ _ _ _ s and Pains
10 Mike ____ was a three-time N.L. By Larry Humber 4 He was 18-8 with the Tigers when they
MVP went all the way in 1984
11 A double ____ retires two 5 ____ Chavez was a Venezuelan player
12 City thats won a Super Bowl and who pitched only two games in the majors
has NBA basketball, but only Triple-A for the Giants in 1967 at age 19
baseball 6 Cubs pitcher who won A.L. ERA title as
14 Non-professionals, like most who a member of the Angels
play ball 7 Home of the ill-famed Black Sox
15 Picks a ball out of the dirt, ____ it 8 Johnny ___ had his number 26 retired
up by the Rangers
18 ____ Cespedes hails from Cuba 13 Derek Jeters ____ followed the 2014
20 Fall in for a hit, ____ ____ in fair season
territory 16 Former outfielder Chris _____ works
23 The Orioles trained at Fort ____ as an analyst for ESPN
Stadium for over a decade 17 ___ __ Bell, a former Negro League
24 Mazs first name star
26 There were three ____ games in 19 Minnys ____ Escobar
2012, with Felix Hernandez getting the 21 Atlantas Hector ____
third for the Mariners 22 Creator of All-Star game Arch Ward
27 A minor illness or complaint was a newspaper _____
28 Dodger pitcher ____ Kazmir 23 Davey ____ stole 557 career bases
29 He won the N.L. MVP with Brewers 25 Hit hard

DID YOU KNOW . . . that since 1950, umpires properly removed Hill from
only nine major-league hurlers have completed a second base, but incorrectly called
season with 250 or more innings pitched while him out instead of Zaun, who failed to
issuing fewer than 40 walks? Among those nine,
only four struck out 200 or more battersJuan bat in turn. And because of that, the
Marichal for the Giants, Fergie Jenkins of the No. 9 batter should have been the next
Cubs, Curt Schilling of the Dbacks, and Roy batter, not Zaun.
Halladay for the Blue Jays and Phillies.
Pitcher, Team Year IP SO BB
Lew Burdette, Mil. 1959 289.2 105 39
Robin Roberts, Phi. 1959 257.1 137 35 RUNS IN SAME AT-BAT?
Lew Burdette, Mil. 1960 275.2 83 35 Well, almost. In 1956 Pignatano
David Durochik/SportPics

Lew Burdette, Mil. 1961 272.1 92 33

Ralph Terry, NYY 1963 268.0 114 39 played in the Texas League for Fort
Juan Marichal, SF 1966 307.1 222 36 Worth. In a game against Shreveport,
Bill Hands, Cubs 1968 258.2 148 36 Piggy was listed eighth in the batting
Fergie Jenkins, Cubs 1971 325.0 263 37
LaMarr Hoyt, CWS 1983 260.2 148 31 order behind Maury Wills. During the
Curt Schilling, Ari. 2001 256.2 293 39 AARON HILL game, Pignatano improperly batted in
Curt Schilling, Ari. 2002 259.1 316 33
Roy Halladay, Tor. 2003 266.0 204 32 no reason to appeal. Wills No. 7 slot and hit a home run.
Roy Halladay, Phi. 2010 250.2 219 30 Hill, batting out of turn, then fol- Shreveport manager Mel McGaha
lowed with a double. As soon as one appealed the batting-out-of-turn faux
LEW pitch was thrown to Hill, it legalized pas and Wills was called out for failing
BURDETTE Overbays at-bat and Zaun, the No. 8 to bat in turn. Pignatano, then batting
batter, should have been the proper in his proper No. 8 spot, homered
batter. At that point McLaren appealed again.
that Hill had batted out of turn. The How about that! BD

Rich Marazzi is the baseball rules consultant for the Blue Jays, Braves,
Dodgers, Mariners, Padres, Rays, Reds, Red Sox, Royals and Tigers.
If you would like to contact Rich, you can email him at
or write him at: 105 Pulaski Highway, Ansonia, CT 06401

56 September/October 2016


1955 Johnny Podres Dodgers P
1956 Don Larsen Yankees P DON

Lew Burdette
Bob Turley
1959 Larry Sherry Dodgers P
1960 Bobby Richardson Yankees 2B
1961 Whitey Ford Yankees P
1962 Ralph Terry Yankees P
1963 Sandy Koufax Dodgers P
1964 Bob Gibson Cardinals P
1965 Sandy Koufax Dodgers P
1966 Frank Robinson Orioles RF
1967 Bob Gibson Cardinals P
1968 Mickey Lolich Tigers P
The Fall Classic has been a
1969 Donn Clendenon Mets 1B best-of-seven series except for 1903,
1970 Brooks Robinson Orioles 3B
1971 Roberto Clemente Pirates RF 1919, 1920 and 1921, when the
1972 Gene Tenace As 1B/C
1973 Reggie Jackson As RF World Series was a best-of-nine showdown
Rollie Fingers
Pete Rose
between the National League and
1976 Johnny Bench Reds C American League pennant winners.
1977 Reggie Jackson Yankees RF
1978 Bucky Dent Yankees SS
1979 Willie Stargell Pirates 1B
1980 Mike Schmidt Phillies 3B FRANK
1981 Ron Cey Dodgers 3B
Pedro Guerrero Dodgers RF ROBINSON
Steve Yeager Dodgers C
1982 Darrell Porter Cardinals C
1983 Rick Dempsey Orioles C
1984 Alan Trammell Tigers SS
1985 Bret Saberhagen Royals P
1986 Ray Knight Mets 3B
1987 Frank Viola Twins P
1988 Orel Hershiser Dodgers P
1989 Dave Stewart As P
1990 Jose Rijo Reds P
1991 Jack Morris Twins P
1992 Pat Borders Blue Jays C
1993 Paul Molitor Blue Jays DH/1B/3B
1994 No Series Played
1995 Tom Glavine Braves P

1996 John Wetteland Yankees P

1997 Livan Hernandez Marlins P
1998 Scott Brosius Yankees 3B
1999 Mariano Rivera Yankees P
2000 Derek Jeter Yankees SS
2001 Randy Johnson Dbacks P MIKE
Curt Schilling Dbacks P
2002 Troy Glaus Angels 3B SCHMIDT
2003 Josh Beckett Marlins P
2004 Manny Ramirez Red Sox LF
2005 Jermaine Dye White Sox RF
2006 David Eckstein Cardinals SS
2007 Mike Lowell Red Sox 3B
2008 Cole Hamels Phillies P
2009 Hideki Matsui Yankees DH
2010 Edgar Renteria Giants SS
2011 David Freese Cardinals 3B
2012 Pablo Sandoval Giants 3B

2013 David Ortiz Red Sox DH/1B

2014 Madison Bumgarner Giants P
2015 Salvador Perez Royals C
Two-time World Series MVP winners include Sandy Koufax

(1963, 1965), Bob Gibson (1964, 1967) and Reggie Jackson

(1973, 1977). Jackson is the only player to capture the
award with different teamsAthletics and Yankees.

58 September/October 2016
1903 Boston Red Sox Pittsburgh Pirates 8
1904 No World Series Played JACK
1905 New York Giants Philadelphia As 5 MORRIS
1906 Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs 6
1907 Chicago Cubs Detroit Tigers 4
1908 Chicago Cubs Detroit Tigers 5
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates Detroit Tigers 7
1910 Philadelphia As Chicago Cubs 5
1911 Philadelphia As New York Giants 6
1912 Boston Red Sox New York Giants 7
1913 Philadelphia As New York Giants 5
1914 Boston Braves Philadelphia As 4
1915 Boston Red Sox Philadelphia Phillies 5

David Durochik/SportPics
1916 Boston Red Sox Brooklyn Dodgers 5
1917 Chicago White Sox New York Giants 6
1918 Boston Red Sox Chicago Cubs 6
1919 Cincinnati Reds Chicago White Sox 8
1920 Cleveland Indians Brooklyn Dodgers 7
1921 New York Giants New York Yankees 8
1922 New York Giants New York Yankees 4
1923 New York Yankees New York Giants 6
1924 Washington Senators New York Giants 7
1925 Pittsburgh Pirates Washington Senators 7 YEAR WINNER LOSER GAMES
1926 St. Louis Cardinals New York Yankees 7 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles 7
1927 New York Yankees Pittsburgh Pirates 4 1972 Oakland As Cincinnati Reds 7
1928 New York Yankees St. Louis Cardinals 4 1973 Oakland As New York Mets 7
1929 Philadelphia As Chicago Cubs 5 1974 Oakland As Los Angeles Dodgers 5
1930 Philadelphia As St. Louis Cardinals 6 1975 Cincinnati Reds Boston Red Sox 7
1931 St. Louis Cardinals Philadelphia As 7 1976 Cincinnati Reds New York Yankees 4
1932 New York Yankees Chicago Cubs 4 1977 New York Yankees Los Angeles Dodgers 6
1933 New York Giants Washington Senators 5 1978 New York Yankees Los Angeles Dodgers 6
1934 St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers 7 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates Baltimore Orioles 7
1935 Detroit Tigers Chicago Cubs 6 1980 Philadelphia Phillies Kansas City Royals 6
1936 New York Yankees New York Giants 6 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees 6
1937 New York Yankees New York Giants 5 1982 St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers 7
1938 New York Yankees Chicago Cubs 4 1983 Baltimore Orioles Philadelphia Phillies 5
1939 New York Yankees Cincinnati Reds 4 1984 Detroit Tigers San Diego Padres 5

1940 Cincinnati Reds Detroit Tigers 7 1985 Kansas City Royals St. Louis Cardinals 7
1941 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 5 1986 New York Mets Boston Red Sox 7
1942 St. Louis Cardinals New York Yankees 5 1987 Minnesota Twins St. Louis Cardinals 7
SANDY KOUFAX 1943 New York Yankees St. Louis Cardinals 5 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers Oakland As 5
1944 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Browns 6 1989 Oakland As San Francisco Giants 4
1945 Detroit Tigers Chicago Cubs 7 1990 Cincinnati Reds Oakland As 4
1946 St. Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox 7 1991 Minnesota Twins Atlanta Braves 7
1947 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 7 1992 Toronto Blue Jays Atlanta Braves 6
1948 Cleveland Indians Boston Braves 6 1993 Toronto Blue Jays Philadelphia Phillies 6
1949 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 5 1994 No World Series Played
1950 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies 4 1995 Atlanta Braves Cleveland Indians 6
1951 New York Yankees New York Giants 6 1996 New York Yankees Atlanta Braves 6
1952 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 7 1997 Florida Marlins Cleveland Indians 7
1953 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 6 1998 New York Yankees San Diego Padres 4

1954 New York Giants Cleveland Indians 4 1999 New York Yankees Atlanta Braves 4
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers New York Yankees 7 2000 New York Yankees New York Mets 5
1956 New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers 7 2001 Arizona Dbacks New York Yankees 7
JOHNNY BENCH 1957 Milwaukee Braves New York Yankees 7 2002 Anaheim Angels San Francisco Giants 7
1958 New York Yankees Milwaukee Braves 7 2003 Florida Marlins New York Yankees 6
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers Chicago White Sox 6 2004 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals 4
1960 Pittsburgh Pirates New York Yankees 7 2005 Chicago White Sox Houston Astros 4
1961 New York Yankees Cincinnati Reds 5 2006 St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers 5
1962 New York Yankees San Francisco Giants 7 2007 Boston Red Sox Colorado Rockies 4
1963 Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees 4 2008 Philadelphia Phillies Tampa Bay Rays 5
1964 St. Louis Cardinals New York Yankees 7 2009 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies 6
1965 Los Angeles Dodgers Minnesota Twins 7 2010 San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers 5
1966 Baltimore Orioles Los Angeles Dodgers 4 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers 7
1967 St. Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox 7 2012 San Francisco Giants Detroit Tigers 4
1968 Detroit Tigers St. Louis Cardinals 7 2013 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals 6

1969 New York Mets Baltimore Orioles 5 2014 San Francisco Giants Kansas City Royals 7
1970 Baltimore Orioles Cincinnati Reds 5 2015 Kansas City Royals New York Mets 5
September/October 2016 59





here have been 18 players, through 2015, who have hit a grand slam in a World Series

T game, with eight of those players achieving the feat as a member of the New York
Yankees. Bill Skowron is the only player to hit a grand slam in a Game 7 while Dave
McNally is the only pitcher to hit a grand slam in a Fall Classic contest.


Elmer Smith, Indians Oct. 10, 1920 Burleigh Grimes, Dodgers 5 1
Tony Lazzeri, Yankees Oct. 2, 1936 Dick Coffman, Giants 2 3
Gil McDougald, Yankees Oct. 9, 1951 Larry Jansen, Giants 5 3
Mickey Mantle, Yankees Oct. 4, 1953 Russ Meyer, Dodgers 5 3
Yogi Berra, Yankees Oct. 5, 1956 Don Newcombe, Dodgers 2 2
Moose Skowron, Yankees Oct. 10, 1956 Roger Craig, Dodgers 7 7
Bobby Richardson, Yankees Oct. 8, 1960 Clem Labine, Pirates 3 1
Chuck Hiller, Giants Oct. 8, 1962 Marshall Bridges, Yankees 4 7
Ken Boyer, Cardinals Oct. 11, 1964 Al Downing, Yankees 4 6
Joe Pepitone, Yankees Oct. 14, 1964 Gordie Richardson, Cardinals 6 8
Jim Northrup, Tigers Oct. 9, 1968 Larry Jaster, Cardinals 6 3
Dave McNally, Orioles Oct. 13, 1970 Wayne Granger, Reds 3 6 SKOWRON
Dan Gladden, Twins Oct. 17, 1987 Bob Forsch, Cardinals 1 4
Kent Hrbek, Twins Oct. 24, 1987 Ken Dayley, Cardinals 6 6

Jose Canseco, As Oct. 15, 1988 Tim Belcher, Dodgers 1 2
Lonnie Smith, Braves Oct. 22, 1992 Jack Morris, Blue Jays 5 5
Tino Martinez, Yankees Oct. 17, 1998 Mark Langston, Padres 1 7
Paul Konerko, White Sox Oct. 23, 2005 Chad Qualls, Astros 2 7

ince the League Championship Series began in 1969, only 17 players have connected

S for a grand slam in a LCS game, with Mike Cuellar of the Orioles the only pitcher to
accomplish the feat. Robin Ventura (+) was credited with only a single because after the
winning run crossed home plate, teammates mobbed Ventura before he reached second base.

Mike Cuellar, Orioles Oct. 3, 1970 Jim Perry, Twins 1 4

Don Baylor, Angels Oct. 9, 1982 Moose Haas, Brewers 4 8
Jim Thome, Indians Oct. 13, 1998 David Cone, Yankees 6 5
Ricky Ledee, Yankees Oct. 17, 1999 Rod Beck, Red Sox 4 9
Johnny Damon, Red Sox Oct. 20, 2004 Javier Vazquez, Yankees 7 2
J.D. Drew, Red Sox Oct. 20, 2007 Fausto Carmona, Indians 6 1
Nelson Cruz, Rangers Oct. 10, 2011 Ryan Perry, Tigers 2 11 JAMES
David Ortiz, Red Sox Oct. 13, 2013 Joaquin Benoit, Tigers 2 8
Shane Victorino, Red Sox Oct. 19, 2013 Jose Veras, Tigers 6 7
Ron Cey, Dodgers Oct. 4, 1977 Steve Carlton, Phillies 1 7
Dusty Baker, Dodgers Oct. 5, 1977 Jim Lonborg, Phillies 2 4
Will Clark, Giants Oct. 4, 1989 Greg Maddux, Cubs 1 4
David Durochik/SportPics

Ron Gant, Braves Oct. 7, 1992 Bob Walk, Pirates 2 5

Gary Gaetti, Cardinals Oct. 10, 1996 Greg Maddux, Braves 2 7
Andres Galarraga, Braves Oct. 11, 1998 Dan Miceli, Padres 4 7

Robin Ventura, Mets + Oct. 17, 1999 Kevin McGlinchy, Braves 5 15

Aramis Ramirez, Cubs Oct. 11, 2003 Dontrelle Willis, Marlins 1 4

60 September/October 2016
uring the first 21 years of the League Division Series, there have been 22

D players who have hit a grand slam in a LDS contest, with eight being hit in the
American League and 14 in the National League. Adam LaRoche and Lance
Berkman are the only players to hit a grand slam in the same game from opposing teams.

Edgar Martinez, Mariners Oct. 7, 1995 John Wetteland, Yankees 4 8
Bobby Bonilla, Orioles Oct. 1, 1996 Paul Shuey, Indians 1 6
Albert Belle, Indians Oct. 4, 1996 Armando Benitez, Orioles 3 7
Paul ONeill, Yankees Oct. 4, 1997 Chad Ogea, Indians 3 4
Jim Thome, Indians Oct. 7, 1999 John Wasdin, Red Sox 2 4
Troy OLeary, Red Sox Oct. 11, 1999 Charles Nagy, Indians 5 3
Vladimir Guerrero, Angels Oct. 8, 2004 Mike Timlin, Red Sox 3 7
Robinson Cano, Yankees Oct. 1, 2011 Al Alburquerque, Tigers 1 6

Mark Lewis, Reds Oct. 6, 1995 Mark Guthrie, Dodgers 3 6
Devon White, Marlins Oct. 3, 1997 Wilson Alvarez, Giants 3 6
Ryan Klesko, Braves Sept. 30, 1998 Matt Karchner, Cubs 1 7
Eddie Perez, Braves Oct. 3, 1998 Rod Beck, Cubs 3 8
Edgardo Alfonzo, Mets Oct. 5, 1999 Bobby Chouinard, Dbacks 1 9
Reggie Sanders, Cardinals Oct. 4, 2005 Jake Peavy, Padres 1 5
Adam LaRoche, Braves Oct. 9, 2005 Brandon Backe, Astros 4 3
Lance Berkman, Astros Oct. 9, 2005 Kyle Farnsworth, Braves 4 8
Kaz Matsui, Rockies Oct. 4, 2007 Kyle Lohse, Phillies 2 4
James Loney, Dodgers Oct. 1, 2008 Ryan Dempster, Cubs 1 5
Shane Victorino, Phillies Oct. 2, 2008 CC Sabathia, Brewers 2 2
Paul Goldschmidt, Dbacks Oct. 4, 2011 Shaun Marcum, Brewers 3 5
Ryan Roberts, Dbacks Oct. 5, 2011 Randy Wolf, Brewers 4 1
Buster Posey, Giants Oct. 11, 2012 Mat Latos, Reds 5 5

iants shortstop Brandon Crawford was the first player to hit a grand slam
in a postseason wild card game. The wild card matchup first became part
of the Major League Baseball playoff format in 2013.
Brandon Crawford, Giants Oct. 1, 2014 Edinson Volquez, Pirates - 4


September/October 2016 61

The 13 Hall of Famers with a multi-homer game

1 in World Series play are Harry Hooper, Babe
Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri, Duke Snider, Yogi
Berra, Mickey Mantle, Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Perez,
Johnny Bench, Reggie Jackson, Eddie Murray and
Gary Carter.

The two Hall of Famers who homered in their

2 first World Series at-bat are Mel Ott and Brooks
RobinsonOtt in 1933 for the Giants and Robinson
in 1966 with the Orioles.

Paul Konerko of the White Sox was the last player

3 to hit a grand slam in a World Series game. In
Game 2 of the 2005 Series, Konerko connected off
Astros pitcher Chad Qualls to help Chicago to a 7-6
The eight pitchers to win the Cy Young Award
4 and have a 10-strikeout game in the World Series
during the same season are Bob Turley, Yankees
(1958); Sandy Koufax, Dodgers (1963, 1965); Bob Gibson,
Cardinals (1968); Tom Seaver, Mets (1973); Steve Carlton,
Phillies (1980); John Smoltz, Braves (1996); Randy
Johnson, Dbacks (2001) and Roger Clemens, Yankees
GARY Besides Cap Anson, Ichiro Suzuki and Nap Lajoie,
5 the two other 3,000-hit-club members not to collect
a hit in World Series competition are Rod Carew and
Rafael Palmeiro.
In addition to Luis Gonzalez, the five players to
6 hit a World Series home run after clubbing 50 or
more in the regular season are Babe Ruth, Yankees
(1921, 1927, 1928); Mickey Mantle, Yankees (1956);
Roger Maris, Yankees (1961); Albert Belle, Indians
(1995) and Greg Vaughn, Padres (1998).
PAUL Billy Southworth was the first manager to win two
David Durochik/Chicago White Sox
7 World Series titles with the Cardinals (1942, 1944).
The seven catchers to win a Gold Glove and a
8 World Series championship in the same season
are Bill Freehan, Tigers (1968); Johnny Bench, Reds
(1975, 1976); Lance Parrish, Tigers (1984); Charles
Johnson, Marlins (1997); Bengie Molina, Angels
(2002); Yadier Molina, Cardinals (2011) and Salvador
Perez, Royals (2015).
Besides the Yankees (11), the 10 teams to win
9 five or more pennants from 1969 through 2015
are the Cardinals (7), Mets (5), Reds (5), Dodgers (5),
Phillies (5), Giants (5) and Braves (5) in the National
League. The As (6), Orioles (5) and Red Sox (5) are the
five-time pennant winners in the A.L.
Yogi Berra is the only player to collect 10 or
10 more RBI in a World Series for a winning
team; he totaled 10 for the Yankees in the 1956 Fall
Classic against the Dodgers. Five players have record-
ed at least 10 RBI in a losing effort: Bobby Richardson,
Yankees (12 RBI in 1960); Mickey Mantle, Yankees

(11 in 1960); Ted Kluszewski, White Sox (10 in 1959);

Sandy Alomar Jr., Indians (10 in 1997) and Mike
62 September/October 2016
Napoli, Rangers (10 in 2011).