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Jorge Luis Abelar

Address Residenciales Juncaya, Zona 3 Panajachel City, Atitln
Home 011-(502)-7762-1494
Mobile 011-(502)-5025-6938

1997 Universidad Rafael Landvar
Russian Language Course.

1996 Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Psychology Major. Research thesis: Effects of Positive
Reinforcement in the Acquisition of Gymnastics Skills.

1987 - 1994 Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

B.A. in Psychology.

1986 Facultad de Ciencias Qumicas y Farmacia. Universidad de San

Course in Taxonomy, identification, collection and preservation of
Macromicetes, at the School of Biological Chemistry.

1981 - 1985 Facultad de Ingenieria. Universidad de San Carlos.

First to fourth semesters in Industrial Engineering.

1976 - 1980 Liceo Javier School.

High school degree.

Job Experience:

1996 2011 Professional Private Practice.

Physical preparation and sports motivation workshops. Fitness
Personal Trainer, occupational and physical therapist, physiotherapy,
psychotherapy. Musical-rhytmical workshops and violin teaching.
Rhythmic and vestibular coordination therapies through artistic
gymnastics and trampoline training in competitive and recreational
levels. Summer camps organization, direction and coaching. Sports
and corrective psycho-motor therapy geared for individuals with
normal abilities and individuals with special abilities, skills and needs
(Brain and spine injuries, autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger
Syndrome, Attentional Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders).

2000 2007 World Gym

Summer camps in artistic gymnastics and trampoline.

1994 - 2000 Orquesta Clsica de Cuerdas de Guatemala (Guatemalan

Classical String Orchestra)(Conductor: Ricardo del Carmen)
Former member as Violin II.

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1994 1995 Schumann`s Kenpo Karate Studios
Artistic gymnastics instructor.

1994 CLINAF (Psychiatry Clinics Dr. Alberto Lpez Loucel)

Milieu therapist and sports therapist assistant.

1993 Integral Psychopedagogical Development Center (CEDEPI)

Psychomotor skills educational therapist and artistic gymnastics for
children with special needs and Down syndrome children.

1993 Nimbei School

Language and literature teacher (Spanish) and physical education
teacher and coach. Educational therapist.

1987 1992 Guatemalan National Artistic Gymnastics Federation (F.N.G.)

Coach, trainer and artistic gymnastics instructor in basic, middle and
competitive levels. From 1989 through 1991; director, coordinator and
head-coach of a delegation of 12 gymnasts who traveled yearly for
training in Houston, Texas. Duties of organization, leading,
motivation, preparation of athletes and interpreter.

1991 American School of Guatemala (C.A.G.)

Teacher assistant in English for middle and high-school levels.

1990 Guatemalteco Bilinge School

Teacher in English language for middle school level (4th, 5th and 6th

1988 1990 Various Real Estate Companies

Sales assessment.

1987 Galaxia 2000 Gymnasium

Aerobics instructor and fitness trainer.

Professional Training:

2009 Interamerican Society of Psychology.

Lecture: Neuroplastic and therapeutical effects of physical exercise,
Yoga, Tai-Chi and meditation, given at the XXXII Interamerican
Congress of Psychology held in Guatemala at the Del Valle University

2008 Eli-Lilly Laboratories.

Diploma for attendance in the course of five modules: Neurobiology
of ADHD disorders: New therapies.

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2007 Universidad Francisco Marroqun (U.F.M.) (Francisco Marroqun
Lecture: Psychology of Sport given for the psychology students.

2006 Asociacin Guatemalteca de Psicologa (Guatemalan Society of

Fifth National Congress of Psychology: Integral Development as a
challenge: A psychological perspective.

2004 Interamerican Society of Psychology.

First Regional Congress of Psychology held in Guatemala at the
(URL) Rafael Landvar University campus.

2004 Interamerican Society of Psychology.

Lecture: The trampoline: A recreative resource for neurovestibular
development, given at the First Regional Congress of Psychology
held in Guatemala at the (URL) Rafael Landvar University campus.

2004 Asociacin Guatemalteca de Psicologa y Asociacin de

Orientadores Escolares de Guatemala (Guatemalan Society of
Psychology & Guatemalan Society of Scholar Counselors).
Fourth National Congress of Psychology and Third Congress of
Scholar Counselors: Psychology, Bridge Towards Development and

1999 Comit Olmpico Guatemalteco (C.O.G.) (Guatemalan Olympic

Lecture: Psychology in High Level Sports, given as a collaboration
for the Athletes Commission in the programmed activities of the 3rd
Olympic Festival.

1994 Federacin Nacional de Gimnasia (F.N.G.) (Guatemalan National

Gymnastics Federation).
Lecture: Motivation in the Training of Artistic Gymnastics given for
the coaches staff..

1992 Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social (I.G.S.S.)

(Guatemalan Institute of Social Security).
First National and International Congress: Alcoholism and Drug
Addiction: Myth and Reality.

1991 Interamerican Society of Psychology.

XXIII Interamerican Congress of Psychology held in San Jos, Costa

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Additional Skills:

Violin studies (concluded fifth year of seven) under the mentorship of

Maestro Jos Luis Abelar. Intermediate level interpreting music of
Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, etc.

Software handling of Windows XP, musical composition software

packages, artistic gymnastics software packages and multimedia
combined with other applications

Bilingual English and Spanish. Professional English language skills in

reading, writing and conversation. TOEFL (Test of English as a
Foreign Language), 557/660 (1987).

Other languages: Basic conversational and reading skills in

Japanese, Russian, German and French.

Sports Activities:

-- Former member of the artistic gymnastics national team from 1984

through 1987; participating in several national and international
competitions and exhibitions.

-- Other activities include trampoline, board diving, professional

frisbee, volcano climbing, triathlon and half marathons.

Professional References:

*Lic. Guido Aguilar Schinini

Clnicas de Psicologa y Biorretroalimentacin
Tels. 011-(502)-2368-0229, 011-(502)-2337-0257

* Dra. Andrea Musso de Licht

Clnica Dr. Victor Frankl
Departamento de Psicologa
Universidad Francisco Marroqun
Tels. 011-(502)-2338-7883, 011-(502)-2338-7799

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