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Terms and conditions https://sadhak.shivyog.



If a person wishes to register for an event (Shivir), it is mandatory for the such person to visit the
website and register online. The registration process involves the creation of user account and the
said person will be provided with a one-time Unique Identity Number.

Necessary data to be provided includes name, surname, phone no., full postal address, e-mail
address, PAN number, and bank details including the correct bank account number. The said
person may also provide voluntary data which may include their experience(s) from earlier

Use of MOBILE PHONES is not permitted inside the venue, and the participant(s) are advised
not to carry the same while attending the program.

Recording of the program content by any device or mode is strictly prohibited. Any person found
recording shall be asked to leave the venue and their registration cancelled forthwith.


1. Shiv Yog Shivir Management Sewa Team reserves the right of admission to the Sadhna
Hall, Only those paying the relevant admission fee or the holder of a valid Entry Card
will be admitted into the hall or sadhna venue. On no account will admission be granted
to a person who is the subject of an exclusion order.
2. Shivir Management Sewa Team reserve the right to change its fixtures without notice or
3. Shivir Management Sewa Team reserve the right to refuse admission to, or eject from the
hall or venue any person who refuses to: -
i) Comply with any request made to them by a Management Sewa Team or an agent acting
on behalf of the Shivir Management Team.
ii) Be searched if requested by a steward, Police Officer or an agent acting on behalf of the
Shivir Team.
4. Anyone using threatening, abusive words or misbehavior likely to cause or incite a breach
of the peace will be removed from the hall or venue. An exclusion order may also be
served upon them.
5. Any person committing a criminal offence, or misbehaving inside the hall / or its
surrounds may, at the Sewa Teams discretion, be the subject of an exclusion order from
the ground or any other function organized by the Shiv Yog Shivir Management Team.
6. The obstruction of gangways, exits and stairways and like places is strictly forbidden.
7. Persistent standing in seated areas while sadhna is in progress is strictly forbidden and
could result in ejection from the ground.
8. Unnecessary noise, behaviour likely to cause annoyance to any other person is not
9. The Sadhak must wear the badge at all the time during the shivir time at the venue as
well as in the Bhandara hall.
10. All the sadhak must be seated in his or her allocate place. If they have any problem
toward their sitting arrangements. He or she cannot change his or her place without the

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Terms and conditions

prior approval of the Sewa management team.


Cancellation or Rescheduling of Shivir.

I. If the event is re-scheduled by Shiv Yog, registrant(s) will be offered to receive a refund in
case applicant requests for same.
II. If Shiv Yog cancels the event, the registrant(s) will be offered a full refund.

Cancellation of Registration by Applicants.

I. All cancellation and refund requests will be entertained subject to the following conditions:-
(Refunds will be calculated on Registration fees and service tax paid)
(a). All Cancellation request received prior to 15 days before the start of the event date will have
a fixed processing fee of Rs 500/-.
(b). All Cancellation request received within 15 days, but prior to 7 days from the start of the
event, will have a fixed processing fee of Rs 1000/-.
(c). All Cancellation request received within 7 days but prior to 2 days before the start of the
event will have a fixed processing fee of 20% of the fees(Registration amount+Service Tax) or
Rs 1000 /- whichever is higher.
(d). If any Cancellation is received within 2 days before the start of the event date ,it will avail

Mode of refund payment is either Cheque ,RTGS bank transfer or refunding back to Credit/debit
card used in case of online transactions.
You have to send a scanned copy of your cancelled cheque in case of RTGS .

II. Once Cancellation is done by sadhak it may take upto 30 days for refund to happen. It
might occur earlier depending upon different factors of processing refund.

III. In case of payments by credit/debit card, the refund will be processed as per policy, and
refund amount applicable will be credited back to the card used at the time of transaction.
IV. Seat will be released as soon as it is cancelled from Sadhaks end even if by
mistake.Once cancelled,Fees will be refunded back as per cancellation policy stated above.
Sadhak will have to Re-register in case he again wishes to attend the shivir.

V. Name Change, upgradation can be directly done by sadhaks using their reference
number prior to one week before the shivir begins.

For Shiv Yog Live Shivirs Fixed amount will be deducted from Shivir Basic Fees and
balance will be refunded as per policy.
* Refunds and Cancellation Policy may vary for some Shivirs.
Registrations in Shiv Yog Shambhavi Shivirs is by commitment Fee. Name
Change,Cancellations or Shivir Transfers is not allowed.


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Terms and conditions

Shiv Yog is purely based upon Ancient Wisdom renowned by great Saints. The information,
teachings and knowledge shared provided in the shivirs, mass healings, Saptshatis, websites
or any other events organized in the name of Shiv Yog is designed to provide helpful
information on the subjects discussed. This information is not meant to be used, nor should
it be used, to diagnose or treat any medical condition. For diagnose or treatment of any
medical problem, consult your own physician. The Shivirs Management sewa teams are not
responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision
and are not liable for any damages or negative consequences from any treatment, action,
application or preparation to any person reading or following the information in this
shivirs. Reference is provided for information purposed only and do not constitute
endorsement of any sources. Readers should be aware that the material listed in the
disclaimers may change.

1. Kindly also note that any future shivir might have a difference in the fee structure.
2. This registration shall be governed by the laws of India with the explicit exclusion of the
principles of choice of laws. The courts at New Delhi shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction
to hear any matter in relation here to.


For the purpose of registration, consent as given below needs to be given by the intending
participant(s) and it has to be made voluntarily.

I hereby give my consent without any reservations voluntarily to ShivYog to collect, process
and use my personal data for purposes necessary to registration processes and functions related
thereto, and also make accessible my experience which I have disclosed to be shared in their
website or other similar social platforms.


I agree to all the terms and conditions and state that I am participating in the Shivyog program at
my own free will. I take full responsibility for participating in this program without any
expectations regarding its outcome whatsoever. I will maintain the sanctity of the program and
keep the proceeding of the program strictly confidential. I will maintain the discipline during the
program and I understand that if my conduct in the program is found to be inappropriate, I would
be asked to vacate the premises and my registration shall be cancelled forthwith and registration
fees forfeited.
I also understand that my right to admission is reserved.

"This registration shall be governed by the laws of India with the explicit exclusion of the
principles of choice of laws. The courts at New Delhi shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction
to hear any matter in relation hereto."

I confirm that all the information provided by me is true and to the best of my knowledge.
I acknowledge that I have read all of the provisions above and fully understand the terms and
conditions expressed and agree to be bound by such terms and conditions.

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Terms and conditions

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