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Teeranut Nut Sawanyawat

Mr. Abel Cadias

English 10 / 10:03

May 16, 2017

Can Internet Substitute Teachers in the Future?

The internet will not take place the role of teachers because they are better than

internet in term of understanding the lesson. The purpose of this research is to argue that the

internet will not replace the teacher in the future. The importance of this research is to

suggests that learning with the teachers are better than the internet. The pieces of information

found in this research are based on eight sources. First, the research from mkaufman explains

that one thing that technology will never take place the teacher is Human Relationship.

Second, the reports from Jeff Dunn and Katie Dunn shows that the role of teacher is huge,

because teacher is the leader, guides, facilitators, and mentors. Third, the article from Karen

Cator identifies that the teacher can improve student understanding of complex concept.

Fourth, the article, Technology vs Teachers shows the technology suggests that Without a

great teacher, technology merely becomes an automated tool and stops inspiring and

engaging students. Fifth, Pamela Wright article describes that man is the political animal.

Sixth, the research from Janelle Cox explains that Technology prepares students for the

future. Then, the article of Hari Krishna tells that teacher is the one who can be transforming

their behavior and ignite in their a sense of responsibility. Finally, the statement that

Technology Can Not Replace the Teacher from Bruce Pirie explains that technology is not

always dependable.

The Role of Teachers in Society Today

Teachers do not only teach academic skills only, but they also give life skills to

students and inspire them to reach their maximum ability (Bryant, 2016). Moreover, teachers

can guide students into their bright future by relaying their knowledge to students. But, the

role of teacher has dramatic changes from the past because of technology. How does

technology change the role of teachers? Technology changes aspect of students that teachers

become less interesting because of technology or computer provide the information to

students more widely. Many students like to learn with technology these days. Technology or

computer can make students become more creative. On the other hand, technology can give

students time to work on their own individually (Cox, n.d). For example, as people can see

that today in the university, some students may prefer to study with computers more than the

teachers because of time. In extra class courses, some of the places use the computer to teach

students because their teacher cannot give a lesson every time, while computer can record

information, then it can give people more time. It makes learning with computer become

more popular today. So, technology might take place educators in the near future.

The Difference of Quality Between Teachers and Technology

At present, technology becomes one of the most important things in life because technology

brings comfort services or support to people daily life. It makes some of the students prefer to

learn with computer than the teacher. According to Cox (n.d), education is changing, which

makes teacher no longer mostly lecture from the class and students do not need to fervently

copy the teachers text, words, and memorize. Moreover, laptops and tablets that use in the

virtual lesson can provide the learning video that the students can pause the video for lecture

and memorize it easier. On the other hand, teachers have something that technology does not

have, which is Human relationships (Mkaufman, 2011). Moreover, teachers can transmit

the knowledge to the students, while they can teach students right or wrong, and if the

students do something wrong, the teacher can lead them to the actual virtue. Furthermore,

they can teach students about the manners and social skills, which technology cannot do to

students and they can be the mentor for students to help them reach what they want to be in

the future.

Reasons Why Teachers Will Not be Replaced by Technology

At last, technology is just a tool that motivate the students, the teacher is the most

important because great technology requires great teachers (Bryant, 2016). Technology needs

to have a great teacher because technology is the things that support human daily life and

brings convenience to people technology can not replace the teacher and that students want to

learn from humans, not the machines that have no heart. On the other hand, technology is not

always independent because the students must follow the things that it prepare for students

(Wright, 2013). Technology can bring many things to world it can open doors, expand minds,

and change the world. That may be true, but its not the things that can solve all the problem.

Teachers cannot be the things that give the students widely information same as technology,

but they are the one who lead, guides, facilitators, supporter, and mentors of the students.

They can encourage the students when they face to the difficult situation and inspire them to

reach and success their goals. A computer can give information, but can lend a hand, or an

ear, and observe that what is the things that necessary for the students to be success.


The purpose of this research report was to argue that the internet will not replace

teachers in the future. According to the research report articles, learning with teachers give

the students life skills, what they like and what they want to be. Computer cant lead the

students future and it cannot be the mentor when students have to face the hopeless situations.

This research report recommends further research on perception of students toward the

teachers and internet.



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