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Aime Kelso

15233 Jenell St.

Poway, CA 92064
(858) 386-9009

October 28, 2016

Amber Hall, Owner

Amber Hall Photography
9500 East Via de Ventura,
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
(406) 281-2611

Amber Hall Photography Graphic Identity Proposal

Mrs. Hall,

I am pleased to submit this proposal for your consideration.

Amber Hall, owner of Amber Hall Photography, is in need of professional branding and an
engaging website to garner business and communicate with clientele. She offers a wide array of
services from photography, to paintings, prints, and mixed media artwork. Her business is in need
of a distinct identity system which showcases these unique talents. The solution is a complete
graphic identity package.

The designer, Aime Kelso, will create a Graphic Identity package including a logo, website, and
marketing materials. Amber Hall is responsible for providing all necessary text and images for
use in the creation of the website, and branding. The final delivery date is May 15th, 2017, with
subsequent deliverables being a logo, business cards and stationery, a watermark, and an
engaging website. Additionally, Amber Hall will be provided a graphic standards guide, and a
CD/thumb drive of all digital files.

Amber Hall Photography Graphic ID Proposal 1

Amber Hall Photography is an all-inclusive organization. As such, it caters to clients of all ages,
occupations, education and economic levels, and cultures/ethnic affiliations. Amber Hall
Photography provides high quality photography to anyone with a need for it, regardless of social

The Graphic Identity package will include the following:
o Illustrator file CMYK with outlined type
o Illustrator EPS file CMYK with outlined type
o Illustrator file RBG with outlined type
o 300dpi CMKY tiff file
o 300dpi RGB jpg
o 300dpi Positive B&W tiff
o 300dpi Negative B&W tiff
o Illustrator file CMYK with outlined type
o Illustrator EPS file CMYK with outlined type
o Letterhead Illustrator & PDF files
o Letterhead .DOC file
o Envelope Illustrator file
Business Cards
o Illustrator & PDF files
o Total of 6 pages including an e-commerce page to sell artwork & prints
o Photoshop file with layers for each page
o Web folder with HTML & CSS files for all pages

All necessary text and images will be provided by the client, Amber Hall. The designer will
utilize layout, illustration, and typography skills to create effective and engaging branding. The

Amber Hall Photography Graphic ID Proposal 2

following software will be used for this project: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
InDesign, and Microsoft Word. Hardware for this project will be provided by the designer and
will include a computer, and a printer for print materials. Testing will be conducted by the
designer with a variety of different user groups including (but not limited to) the client (Amber
Hall), design students (20-30 year old age range), and program advisors (60+ age range). The
research materials for this project include watercolor tutorials.

The designer, Aime Kelso, is Communication Design senior with an emphasis in Visual Design
at California State University, Monterey Bay. She has proficient layout, illustration, typography,
in addition to web scripting skills. She has experience with Adobe Creative Suite design software
(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat), in addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Kelso is the Graphic Design Intern for NPR radio news station KAZU, which has provided her
with experience in advertising design. Kelso has also designed logos for Monterey County Rape
Crisis Centers Together with Love run, and for Monterey Bays Startup and Hackathon
Weekends, which has given her formal practice with real design clients. Kelso can be contacted at
(858) 386-9009 or by e-mail at

Fall 2016 Milestones
Initial Research for Logotypes September 5th
o Concept Sketches September 9th
First set of logos October 20th
o Revisions November 5th
Client Meetings
o Meeting #1: September 3rd
o Meeting #2: October 20th
o Meeting #3: November 20th
Prototype Presentation November 4th
Client sign-off proposal & final designs November 20th

Spring 2017 Milestones

Client provides content for website January 20th
Present website mock-up February 20th
Amber Hall Photography Graphic ID Proposal 3

o Develop website and content March 20th
Website revisions April 3rd & April 15th
Client Meetings
o Meeting #1: December 16th
o Meeting #2: February 20th
o Meeting #3: March 20th
Website Testing April 7th
Final deliverables to client May 15th
Evaluation May 13th
Documentation May 15th

Phase I Research & Planning: 20 hrs.
Phase II Design: 15 hrs.
Phase III Revisions: 10 hrs.
Phase IV Production: 20 hrs.
Testing & Evaluation: 5 hrs.
Communication: 5 hrs. (meetings, phone, e-mail)
Total Hours @ $20/hr: 75 hrs.
Resources Total: $1500.00
Hardware: $150.00
Software: $600.00
Materials/Travel: $250.00
Total Value: $2500.00
Based on the estimated hours and out-of-pocket expenses, the estimated value of the product is
$2500.00. The fee is waived due to the client participation in the CSUMB School of Computing
and Design Capstone Program.

Creative Fee Value

The cost of a comparable comprehensive branding identity system (including comprehensive
research, consultation and design audit, design of an integrated identity system including links to
divisions and affiliates, presentation of 3 to 6 schematics; final applications to business papers
and other corporate formats; and implementation guidelines) designed by a professional ranges
anywhere from $5000 on the low end, to $50,000.
Amber Hall Photography Graphic ID Proposal 4

Risk Assessment
Events that may affect the completion of this project include:
Underestimation of project scope
Technical Difficulties
o Corrupted files
o Computer hardware or software issues
Client Fails to Meet Obligations
o Does not provide necessary content by specified deadlines
o Client does not communicate regularly with the designer
o Client decides to drop out/abandon project
Illness or Emergency
Insufficient Resources
o Necessary content not provided (text/images for website, etc.)

Terms and Conditions

If the client does not meet the required for the collaboration (provide deliverables on time,
participate or communicate according to the schedule) the designer may discontinue the partnership.
The designer may compete the project without further client collaboration in order to complete the
project to graduate. The client will not have ownership nor receive any final products.

Rights Transferred:
The designer transfers to the client the following exclusive rights of usage:

Amber Hall Photography

Category of Use (advertising, promotional)
Medium of Use (web, magazine, apparel, merchandise)
Geographic Area (not applicable)
Time Period (not applicable)

Any usage rights not exclusively transferred are reserved to the Designer. Usage beyond
that granted to the Client herein shall require payment of a mutually agreed-upon additional fee

Amber Hall Photography Graphic ID Proposal 5