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24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

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ANR Inter­
­ Fully UE­
Introduction to the feature
The LTE908: ANR Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature introduces a new mechanism for neighbor relations
(NRs) between LTE and UTRAN cells. The LTE908: ANR Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature currently covers
only WCDMA UTRAN neighboring cells.

End-user benefits
This feature provides to the end-user less call drops and better network quality as the neighbor configuration is more
optimal and up to date.
Operator benefits
This feature provides the following benefits to the operator:
The operator does not have to create UTRA cell NRs manually via O&M.
The operator can configure UTRAN frequencies, for which neighboring UTRAN cells will be searched.

Hardware and software requirements

Table: Hardware and software requirements

Flexi Flexi
System Flexi Flexi Zone
release Multiradio BTS Multiradio 10 Multiradio 10 Micro
BTS Indoor BTS



­ The UE should support ANR NetAct 15.2 ­ ­

Additional hardware requirements

This feature requires no new or additional hardware.

Functional description
The operator configures the UTRAN ANR profiles and provides target frequencies and other parameters for searching­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 1/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

The operator configures the UTRAN ANR profiles and provides target frequencies and other parameters for searching
new neighboring cells.
The eNB autonomously creates NRs to UTRAN cells, using the ANR measurements at the connected UEs. Under
certain conditions (for example, UE capabilities, UE inactivity, a number of neighbor relations below a pre-defined
threshold) a serving cell asks connected UEs to detect unknown UTRA cells. Next, the UE, under certain conditions (for
example, detected signal level of the UTRA cell to be resolved), reports the identity information of these cells to the
eNB. The cells' identity information sent to the eNB is as follows:
physical cell ID (PCI)
cell identity (cell id)
public land mobile network (PLMN) ID
location area code (LAC)
routing area code (RAC)
The UE provides the cell data to the eNB via air interface. When the eNB gets all needed UTRA cell data from the UE, it
stores it in the database. This information is used for related mobility procedures.
When the ANR report from the UE is not complete (LAC and/or RAC is missing), the eNB treats the PCI as not resolved.
The appropriate performance counter for incomplete CGI resolutions increases, and the operator is informed about not
successful ANR resolutions. The operator checks the relevant PM counters, and then he can either change ANR
blacklisting, or check and correct UTRAN configuration.
ANR measurements
The LTE908: ANR Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature uses the following UTRAN ANR measurements:
UTRA ReportStrongestCellForSON - used to detect new unknown UTRA PCIs. When a new PCI is reported
by the UE, the eNB adds this PCI to the respective unknown PCI list of the eNB cell where that UE is
UTRA ReportStrongestCells - activated when the UE becomes inactive. This measurement shows which of the
unknown PCIs collected via UTRA ReportStrongestCellForSon are seen by this UE.
UTRA ReportCGI - activated after the UTRA ReportStrongestCells measurement report. It is used to resolve
the cell identities of the strongest reported unknown PCI. If the ReportCGI measurement report contains
complete information (UTRAN-CGI, PLMN, LAC, and RAC) about the UTRA cell, the resolved UTRA cell is
stored in the eNB database (LNADJW). A new NR (LNRELW) is configured between that UTRA cell and the
eNB cell, which receives the ReportCGI measurement report.
Detection and resolution of an unknown UTRAN cell implies the exchange of the following messages and procedures:

Figure: Detection and resolution of an unknown UTRAN cell with UE­based ANR­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 2/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

System impact
Interdependencies between features
LTE42: DRX in RRC connected mode
The LTE908: ANR Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature needs the LTE42: DRX in RRC connected
mode feature for the ReportCGI measurements. However, the LTE42: DRX in RRC connected mode feature's
flag does not need to be set to true.
LTE473: Extended DRX settings
The LTE908: ANR Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature introduces a new trigger for DRX
activation/reconfiguration. The LTE473: Extended DRX settings feature can run in parallel to the LTE908: ANR
Inter-RAT UTRAN - Fully UE-based feature without restrictions.
To use the new-found UTRA NRs for mobility features, the operator can:
activate the LTE783: ANR InterRAT UTRAN feature with a small number of neighbor cells to
configure the UFFIM and LNHOW parameters
manually set up the corresponding UFFIM and LNHOW instances

LTE782: ANR Fully UE based, LTE556: ANR Intra-LTE, Inter-frequency - UE based

Only one RAT ANR feature can work for a UE at one time. If several ANR features are active at the same time,
there is a round robin selection of ANR features per RAT to be used for each UE.
Impact on interfaces

This feature impacts the following interfaces:­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 3/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

This feature impacts the following interfaces:

Counter ID
Uu interface Counter name Managed
KPI name Measurement
Full name Abbreviated name Structure
eNB to O&M interface object
Impact on network management tools
This feature has no impact on network management tools.
Impact on system performance and capacity
This feature provides the end-user with less call drops and better network quality.

Management data
There are no alarms related to this feature.
Measurements and counters
lists counters introduced with this feature.

Table: New counters

Counter ID Counter name Measurement

M8008C12 Number of requested CGI 8008 ­ LTE RRC (WBTS)

reports for UTRAN

M8008C13 Number of successful CGI 8008 ­ LTE RRC (WBTS)

reports for UTRAN

M8008C14 Number of incomplete CGI 8008 ­ LTE RRC (WBTS)

reports for UTRAN

Key performance indicators

lists existing key performance indicators related to this feature

Table: Related existing key performance indicators


LTE_5076b E­UTRAN incoming IP Traffic Error Ratio

lists parameters introduced with this feature.

Table: New parameters

Full name Abbreviated name Structure
object­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 4/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

Full name Abbreviated name Structure

ANR UTRA EcNo thresohld anrUtraEcNoThres ANRPRW  

ANR UTRA RSCP threshold anrUtraRscpThres ANRPRW  

Cells to apply list cellsToApplyList ANRPRW  

Enable ANR profile enableAnrProfile ANRPRW  

LNRELW default values lnRelWDefaults ANRPRW  

Circuit­switched fallback csfbPsHoAllowed ANRPRW lnRelWDefaults

with PS handover allowed

PS handover allowed psHoAllowed ANRPRW lnRelWDefaults

Single radio Voice call srvccAllowed ANRPRW lnRelWDefaults

continuity allowed

Limit for ANR created lnRelWLimitForAnr ANRPRW  

UTRAN neighbor relations

List of blacklisted PSCs pscBlacklist ANRPRW  

Primary scrambling code psc ANRPRW pscBlacklist

Last primary scrambling pscLast ANRPRW pscBlacklist

code of a range

Coding of RNC ID within rncIdCoding ANRPRW  


Alignment within UTRAN CI rncIdAlignment ANRPRW rncIdCoding

RNC ID type rncIdType ANRPRW rncIdCoding­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 5/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

Full name Abbreviated name Managed Managed object

Full name Abbreviated name Structure

UTRAN carrier frequency utraCarrierFreq ANRPRW  

Source of data sourceOfData LNADJW  

Activate UE­based ANR for actUeBasedAnrUtran LNBTS  



Minimum not activated minNotActivatedUtraRSCFS LNBTS  


DRX profile 102 drxProfile102 LNCEL  

DRX inactivity timer drxInactivityT LNCEL drxProfile102

DRX long cycle drxLongCycle LNCEL drxProfile102

DRX on duration timer drxOnDuratT LNCEL drxProfile102

DRX profile index drxProfileIndex LNCEL drxProfile102

DRX profile priority drxProfilePriority LNCEL drxProfile102

DRX retransmission timer drxRetransT LNCEL drxProfile102

lists existing parameters related to this feature.

Table: Related existing parameters

Full name Abbreviated name Managed object

Target cell id uTargetCid LNADJW­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 6/7
24/10/2016 Description of LTE908: ANR Inter­RAT UTRAN ­ Fully UE­based

Target RNC id
Full name uTargetRncId
Abbreviated name
License control in network LNADJW
Managed object
BSW/ASW Activated by default

Filtering coefficient used filterCoefficientCpichEcn0 LNCEL

for cpich ecN0

Filtering coefficient used filterCoefficientCpichRscp LNCEL

for cpich RSCP

Filtering coefficient used filterCoefficientPccpchRscp LNCEL


Target cell Id in UTRAN uTargetCid LNRELW

CGI of related neighbor

Target RNC Id uTargetRncId LNRELW

Sales information

Table: Sales information

BSW/ASW License control in network Activated by default


ASW SW Asset Monitoring No

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All rights reserved.­based%20ANR%20for%20UTR… 7/7