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No. Subject Learning Objectives Skills Values References

of Matter
1 Introductio Through progressive Associating Respect by
n to group activities, the different listening to NSTA Press / Archive.Org (2007).
Volcanoes learners should be able pictures to what others "Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and
to: come up with have to say Tsunamis" (PDF). Resources for
a. deduce how their Patience to Environmental Literacy. Archived
volcanoes are formed commonality control from the original (PDF) on July 14,
after watching a video Retrieving verbal 2014. Retrieved March 1, 2017
clip; previous learned explosions Miles, M. G.; Grainger, R. G.;
b. exhibit respect by information Teamwork Highwood, E. J. (2004). "The
listening to others Picking out by coming significance of volcanic eruption
ideas; and important up with a strength and frequency for climate"
c. respond effectively details from a strategy (PDF). Quarterly Journal of the Royal
by coming up with a video clip together Meteorological Society. 130: 2361
good question to Collaborative 2376.
narrow down their skills coming Lockwood, John P.; Hazlett, Richard
guesses on a mystery up with a W. (2010). Volcanoes: Global
item. strategy Perspectives. p. 552. ISBN 978-1-
together 4051-6250-0.
Decker, Robert Wayne; Decker,
Barbara (1991). Mountains of Fire:
The Nature of Volcanoes.
Cambridge University Press. p. 7.
ISBN 0-521-31290-6. Retrieved
March 1, 2017.
Marti, Joan & Ernst, Gerald. (2005).
Volcanoes and the Environment.
Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-

2 Structure of Through a video Determination Shows Parts Of A Volcano. (n.d.).

a Volcano presentation, the of the structures positive Retrieved March 5, 2017, from
learners should be able of a volcano attitude
to: Collaborative towards parts-to-a-volcano.html
skills coming answering How does the inside of a volcano
a) recognize the up with a questions
from the look like? (2010). Retrieved March
different parts of strategy 5, 2017, from
a volcano, together
b) concede the what-is-inside-a-volcano.html
importance of
knowing the
Barrow, M. (2013). The different
different parts of
parts of a Volcano. Retrieved March
a volcano; and
5, 2017, from
c) construct a
model of the
different parts of
Williams, T. (2016, May 20). WHAT
a volcano
VOLCANO? Retrieved March 5,
2017, from

5 Volcano (Part 1) Definition, Types

of Volanoes and Birth or Death.
(2017). Retrieved March 5, 2017,
https://earthsciencetopics.wikispace Volcano (Part 1) Definition,

Types of Volanoes and Birth or

Volcano | The Dr. Binocs Show |
Learn Videos For Kids. (2015, March
18). Retrieved March 5, 2017, from

Science Week - The Structure of a

Volcano. (2012, August 8).
Retrieved March 5, 2017, from

3 Volcanic Through the use of Creative skills sense of Grade-9-Learners-module.pdf

Landforms discussion and video Critical thinking creativity Volcanic landforms retrieved
clips presentation, the Describing responsible form
should be able to: pictures on doing https://www.youtubecom/watch?
a. comprehend active, presented to task v=otVfh_xHoAw
dormant and extinct them obedient in types-and-classification-of-
volcanoes; Analytical skills following volcanoes retrieved from
b. cognize the volcanic instructions
landforms by /335285_types-and-classification-of-
attentively volcanoes
observing the video
c. apply the concept of
volcanic landforms by
making a painting
based on the volcanic
landforms found in the

5 Parts of Through a project base Draw and Label provide Monroe, J. S., Wicander R. (2009).
volcano activity on part of the parts of a some The Changing Earth: Exploring
volcanoes, the students volcano importance Geology and Evolution, 5th Edition.
should able to: Locate the Brooks/Cole cengage learning. 10
of studying
Davis Drive, Belmont, Ca94002-
A. describe the volcanoes found the parts of
3098 USA
different parts of a in the volcanoes
volcano; Philippines associate Retrieved from:
Describe the what they WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PARTS
B. enumerate some parts of a learn in OF A VOLCANO?
importance and volcano coming up Article Updated: 20 May , 2016
geographical locations Collaborative by Matt Williams
with an
of volcanoes here in the
skill- to come up emergency
Philippines; and on how to plan during 9125/parts-of-a-volcano/
present their volcanic
C. draw the different project eruption Volcanoes
types of volcanoes and Critical thinking teamwork, http://www.nationalgeographic.c
label the parts. and analyzing- self- om/environment/natural-
to come up with confidence
a good answer and
in the evaluation cooperation-
Creativity- to to plan how ano/
come-up with a to come-up
good output with a good
output and