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Patsy Alcocer

Mr. Zulauf
AP Stats/Period 1
01 October 2016
Observational Study


Research Topic: Teaching Teenagers to Cope with Social Stress

Subjects: Teenagers aged 14-17

How Subjects were selected: This article doesnt really specify how the subjects were selected,
instead it just includes that all 60 students were assessed for baseline cardiovascular activity
and levels of cortisol then half of the students, 30, were the ones that read articles and
narratives and wrote reflections.

Analyze Wording of Question: The researchers used the act of making the students read
articles on how a person is able to change their attitude for the better, read anecdotes of seniors
who went through some socially stressful moments and how they overcame those moments
helped them, and writing personal reflections of when they were once rejected. This then helped
them acknowledge the change in the teenagers behavior when they experienced the stressful
activities that were given to them.

Conclusions from Study: Afterward, all 60 students had to perform two stressful tasks. The first
one was giving a five-minute speech on what makes teenagers popular, and the second task
was to count backwards, aloud, from 996 by sevens. The group that read and wrote, also known
as the intervention group, were able to cope with the stress and it was determined that their
levels of cortisol dropped by ten percent. On the other hand, the control groups cortisol levels
seemed to have increased by 45 percent. This meaning that the methods that the researchers
were using was being effective in the lives of the teenagers.