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Raster images

Data compression is a way of storing an image by condensing it in to a

smaller file meaning it can be stored on many different storage devices
like a pen drive or disk but it can
also be put on to websites and
because you have condensed the
image it doesnt affect how the
website runs and it doesnt make
the website slower, one of the
down sides of doing this is that
the quality on the image is
reduced as it needs to be smaller
to fit in to the file so it can be
stored, but the way around this is
to save the image in a thing called lossless this keeps the images quality
and it can always be undone if you need the image for a certain software.
Raster images are used in software like paint and Photoshop raster images
are otherwise known as bitmap images and are used to show digital
images and it can come in many different formats. The information from
raster images gets turned in to pixels and creates a final images that
when viewed looks sharp, but if the image is of a drawing the pixels start
to become more noticeable. The smaller the image the smaller the digital
file is making it easy to store.

Vector images
Vector images adapt more to the device you are viewing it on and they
look better that raster images because on raster images the image stays
the same no matter the resolution of the device the image is on. Also
vector images require less memory
for each image meaning it doesnt
take up a lot of space and can be
loaded easily. Vector images are
normally used on software such as
Macromedia freehand among many
others and is used for drawings.
The main difference between
vector and raster images is that
vector images work on
mathematics. A certain sequence makes a certain line or curve to create
the image. A downside of using vector images is that image doesnt look
realistic. But the way vector images work is by creating images line by line
which means they dont lose resolution like raster images. Vector
animation works on a mathematical formula made up of different lines
and shapes.
the thing that makes vector image is different to raster image is that it is
made up of lines and shapes not pixels like raster images meaning no
matter how it is viewed or if it has been stretched it will always look the
same and it doesn't effect the quality of the image.

File Extinctions
-gifs: is graphics interchange format and is normally that is found on the
internet and can be widely used, they are normally used on advert
banners. Since GIFs may only contain 256 colours, they are not ideal for
storing digital photos, such as those captured with a digital camera. Even
when using a custom colour palette and applying dithering to smooth out
the image, photos saved in the GIF format often look grainy and
unrealistic. Therefore, the JPEG format, which supports millions of colors,
is more commonly used for storing digital photos
-jpg: is joint photographic experts groups and this
used a lot for images that are used for the internet
as they can hold come colour than gifs but it
reduces the quality of the image.

-bmp: stands for best management practices which

is a format for storing bitmap digital images that
can be used on software such as Microsoft windows.
The Microsoft Windows Bitmap (BMP) file format is
one of several graphics file formats supported by
the Microsoft Windows operating environment. BMP is the native bitmap
format of Windows and is used to store virtually any type of bitmap data.
Most graphics and imaging applications running under Microsoft Windows
support the creation and display of BMP format files.

-tif: tagged image format is a way of storing grey scale images and is
normally used for scanned images and can also mover coloured images to
other programs.

-psd: PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe

Photoshop. PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document,
is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data.
PSD is a proprietary file that allows the user to work with
the images individual layers even after the file has been

-Eps: which stands for encapsulated PostScript means you can view the
image as text, it puts the image in to a code format. EPS files also
frequently include a preview picture of the content, for on-screen display.
The idea is to allow a simple preview of the final output in any application
that can draw a bitmap. Without this preview the applications would have
to directly render the PostScript data inside the EPS, which was beyond
the capabilities of most machines until recently
-FLA: this file format is normally used for flash to allow you to put
videos or animation on to a website. The main thing flash
is used for is adverts and games which are all based on
the internet so this is the best and most suitable file format
for this purpose.
-JPEG is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital
images, particularly for those images produced by
digital photography. The degree of compression can be adjusted, allowing
a selectable tradeoff between storage size and image quality.
-TIF Tagged Image File Format is a computer file format for storing raster
graphics images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry
and photographers. The TIFF format is widely
supported by image applications, by publishing a
page layout applications and by scanning, faxing,
word processing, optical character recognition
and other applications.

-PDF or Portable Document Format is a file

format used to present and exchange documents
reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system.
Invented by Adobe, PDFs can contain links and buttons,
form audio, video, and business. They can also be
signed electronically and are easily viewed using free
Reader DC software

MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most

commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also
be used to store other data such as subtitles and still
images. Like most modern container formats, it allows streaming over the

The Rich Text Format or RTF is a document file format developed by

Microsoft in 1987 until 2008 for cross-platform documents with Microsoft
products. In this format the text comes out as a sort of coding and can
hold a lot of information on one document that in some cases can be hard
to read or work out because of the texts layout.

Metafiles are basically ways In which information and files can be saved
and then re-opened within different softwares or on different devices this
is very good for when multiple people want to work on a document
simultaneously because this file format works in any software meaning
doesnt matter what device or software you have you and open and edit
the document. Another reason these file formats are good is because you
can open them in many different types of software you have the chance to
use everyone in many different softwares to give you a better end result
for example if you were making an animation you could create and edit
everything in Photoshop to make better characters then put them back in
to premier pro or flash to make the animation. Metafiles also have to allow
a lot of room because the document can always be edit and changed
therefor it gets bigger and bigger only problem with this is that is that
bigger files take longer to
download and be shown so
bigger the file the slower it will
be shown and downloaded
which could cause problems in different softwares because some software
may take longer to open it.

Vector Application
Skencil, formerly called Sketch is a free vector graphics editor, it runs on
Linux and other compatible systems, it is a powerful tool for creating
illustrations and diagrams. A rare feature of Skencil is that it is created
almost completely from using Python, a very
high-level interpreted language. Python is a
powerful object and yet easy to use. The rest
of the program is written in C for speed. The
standard features that you expect from a
vector drawing program, Skencil also has
more advanced features, such as bending
text along a path or line. The current version
of Skencil is quite easy for production use.

VRR was started as a student project at Charles University in Czech

Republic In September 2005, it was defended successfully however, it is
still being developed in the authors free time.

The goal of the VRR project is to create a vector image editor designed
especially but not only for making
illustrations. Its main features are many
types of objects by using TeX, scripting
Scheme real-size dimensions and support for
a wide range of file formats including PS,
EPS, PDF and SVG. Although TeX text objects are one of
VRRs main features you do not need to
know TeX to work with VRR or to create valuable images with it. TeX is a
typesetting system written by Donald E. Knuth that was intended for the
creation of books and especially for books that contain a lot of
Sodipodi is general vector illustrating application for Windows. It
uses SVG as its main file format and in-memory
image format and can do many things. Drawing
tools include rectangles, ellipses, freehand
drawing, text objects, imported bitmaps, fills
and outlines. The operating systems it supports
include all 32-bit Windows and Mac OS. The
user interface is similar to that of a regular
drawing program. Both vector and bitmap
objects can have transparency and can be
transformed. Sodipodi supports multiple opened files and multiple
views per file, and it prints and exports to PNG bitmaps but this software
isnt under development anymore.

Raster Applications

photoshop is an amazing piece of software that I have used throughout

all of my work as it allows you to edit an image how ever you want and to
a very professional standard, there is no limit to
what you can do in this software as it has so
many different tools and options for you to
choose from you can create and change
whatever you want on an image. I will be using
the Photoshop software to create and edit my
characters as I am very confident with this
software and I feel it is the best one to use to
get the best results when it comes to designing
and creating the characters I am going to is in
my animation. Another good feature is that any
sketches or drawings I want to recreate in Photoshop I can trace around
and make the drawing come to life so I can us it within my animation and
it helps to make sure that the client is happy with the animation as I will
show them my designs for the characters first to make sure they are
happy with them so I want to make sure I then create that exact thing in
Photoshop to then be used in my animation.

Flash CC is an animation software that is designed to help creators make

stop frame animation films and it offers the user many different types of
tools and options to create their animation and make it look smooth and
professional. This software can be a little complicated to use so before
using it I did a mini animation project that showed me the basic tools to us
to create my animation and this helped when it came to creating my own
animation as I felt more comfortable using the animation and made less
mistakes and I believe this resulted in a more professional and smoother
running animation overall. All the skills I have learn using this software in
previous unit will help when it comes to creating the animation for this
assessment as I know how the animation works and how to use certain
tools and effect to get the best out come in my work.
Adobe Fireworks is a combination of an image
editor, bitmap creation and vector drawing
package. This was originally developed for
web developers and designers to take away
the need to have a separate vector package
and bitmap package. Fireworks has the
common tools and features of both types of
application. More recent versions have seen
an improvement in the amount of filters and
effects available to the user, however Photoshop still offers a wider selection. It
was one of the first applications to support the PNG file format.


I have made graphics for the band the pixels and the
graphics I have made
can be seen and
viewed in a printed
medium for example I
could use the logo I
have created and put in on the bands
website and music videos on YouTube as
well as could print them on to t-shirts and mugs that could be sold at their
gigs and on their website. I would also print off the CD graphics to place in
the CD case that would be in store and I would print off the poster graphic
to be made in to a poster that would be placed in public to try and create
some publicity for the band and their UK tour.

Moving Image

I could turn the graphics I have created in to moving images that could be
placed on websites or videos and adverts to create more publicity for the
band. The easiest graphics to animate would be my log as the other
graphics like the CD case and the poster only really have a set purpose
and are designed to be printed not to be animated. The way I would
animate the graphic would be to place it in to an editing software like
Premier Pro and then saved and exported as a GIF file format as this
stores and saved moving graphics and allows them to be used on the
internet, with this I could make it so the logo moved and slammed down
on to the screen or just appeared on the bands website as well as on their
music video and this would help to make the logo be more memorable as
it catches your eye and standouts more than a simple still image or
graphics would. If I was to make the graphic animated people could only
see this animation over the internet because something physical cant be
animated so the logo that I would print on tops and mugs would still be a
still image.


would be the
same thing
but would
involver the
viewer a little
more than
just a standard moving image or graphic, for
example interactive would be that the person
that is visiting the website would have to click on the logo to make it
move and for it to start the animation and could then press it again to
either stop or start the animation again depending on how the animation
is set up. If I was to create a interactive graphics I would be designed and
saved in a similar way to the moving image and would use the GIF file
format to be saved and uploaded to a website.
In conclusion I have looked at different file formats and their pros and cons
as well as what they are best used for and I have looked in to how I would
use them with my graphics and how I would have to create and save them
graphics to make them in to a moving image or in to a interactive
graphics, I have also looked at different software and how I would use
them to edit and change my graphics to give them a better look and make
them better suited to the band and their style.