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New WCS Headmaster Info Packet

The Mission of WCS

Wilmington Christian School provides a Christ-centeredchallenging academic
program with instruction based onthe Biblical view of God and the world.WCS
teaches, influences, and encourages each studentto effectively integrate Biblical
truth into his/her daily lifeand to impact the culture for Christ.
Letter from the Board of Trustees
Dear WCS Family,
What a joy to see God at work at Wilmington Christian School. Every day the faculty, staff, and parents invest in
the next generation: young men and women who will follow the Lord and impact the culture for Christ.
Thats our mission, which has led us through the 2016-17 school year and has guided us to the present moment.
It has been a light for the Board as weve served the school this year. It has been a guidepost as we conducted a
nationwide search for a new headmaster.
Throughout this past year, weve realized more than ever the need,
as expressed in our mission statement, to provide and reinforce
Search Process an educational program thats both academically challenging and
Christ-centered. The leadership skills required to integrate these
Spring 2016Began Headmaster elements are essential, and thats why were thrilled to unanimously
succession planning for the 2017- present a man with the character, competence, and experience to
2018 school year do just that: our new headmaster, Dr. Roger Erdvig.
Summer 2016Contracted with
nationwide search consultant from Through much prayer and a 7-month search process involving around
Christian Schools International (CSI) 35 candidates (see the sidebar for more details), the Lord narrowed
the field, leading us to Roger. We are confident in his qualifications
September 2016Board met with (his bio, CV, and philosophy of education are available below), and
search consultant
we look forward to your getting to know him as well.
October 2016Candidate position
posted We encourage you to be invested and involved in his transition over
the next few months. We hope you will . . .
November 2016-January 2017
Around 35 initial candidates PRAY for Gods continued work at WCS and for a good transition.
 EAD this informational packet. We have included a brief bio of
December 2016-February 2017
Roger, a letter from him, and his CV.
Board conducts initial phone
interviews with seven candidates A
 TTEND future informational and meet-and-greet functions
February-March 2017Board at WCS to get to know Roger and his family better.
conducts multiple video interviews It is an honor to serve the WCS family. In addition to our usual
with each of the final three candidates responsibilities as a Board, it is also one of our highest privileges to
February 27-28, 2017Board seek and hire our new headmaster. We hope that this information
personally meets with Roger Erdvig packet will introduce Roger well and answer many questions you
March 17, 2017Dr. Erdvig meets with may have. If we can serve you or answer additional questions, please
Directors, and representatives from let us know.
the faculty and WCS parents
For the next generation,
April 1, 2017The WCS Board of
Trustees votes unanimously to The Wilmington Christian School Board of Trustees:
extend an offer to Dr. Roger Erdvig
Robbie Deike Champ Thornton
April 5, 2017Dr. Erdvig accepts the Michael McCudden David Tideman
offer to serve as the next Headmaster
Lynn Simpson Mark Wagner
of Wilmington Christian School
Linda Schwind Kevin Wargo
July 1, 2017Dr. Erdvig begins as Rene Solis Pete Zuber
new Headmaster
Letter from Dr. Roger Erdvig
Dear Wilmington Christian School Families,
It is my honor to be joining you this summer in the important work at Wilmington Christian School. I firmly
believe that Christian schooling is one of the critical facets of Gods strategy to impact the culture for Christ,
and its never been more important to have strong, thriving schools for students from Christian families.
For the last eight years, I have served in Long Island, New York, at Smithtown Christian School, a sister school
with 550 students from PreK to 12th grade. Weve had the joy of leading a stable Christian school while helping
to make it stronger and more prepared for future growth and development. I have also been active in consulting
with other Christian schools, working with Summit Ministries (the premiere worldview equipping ministry in
the US), and working on various writing projects.
My wife Lori (also an educator) and I have
five children, ranging in age from 13 to
24, and well be moving to the area with
just two of them still in school. Andrew
will start 9th grade in the fall, and Hannah
will enter 11th. Kevin is 19 and a junior
at the University of Valley Forge studying
digital media. Our oldest son, Roger, is a
video director in North Carolina, and will
be married this fall to Stacie, a Spring 2017
graduate of Capital Graduate School and
Seminary in Lancaster, PA. Heidi, our
oldest, directs the school at the North
Carolina Boys Academy, a ministry of Teen
As a family, we enjoy the outdoors and
love to go camping, hiking, biking,
and hammocking. We also love reading
great books, watching great movies, and
discussing big ideas. Over the years, weve
had several young adults live with us, as
we love to exercise the gift of hospitality,
using our home to bless others.
Professionally, I have worked as a
master carpenter in my familys home
improvement business and have also
served in pastoral ministry. Before
coming to Smithtown Christian, I was
a leadership coach/consultant working
with leaders of Christian schools,
ministries, and Christian-owned
businesses in every region of the U.S. I
also taught leadership at the University of Valley Forge, having earned my masters degree at Regent University
and my doctorate at Liberty University.
My heart for Christian schooling revolves around core commitments to continuous improvement, high-quality
teaching and learning, and a Biblical worldview purposefully integrated in all facets of the educational experience.
I am eager to come alongside the great team at WCS to pursue its bright and hopeful future. We have much to
do together, and I look forward to meeting each of you and joining you in continuing WCSs 70-year legacy
of providing distinctively Christian education to the church in the northern Delaware area.
In Christ,

Dr. Roger Erdvig

Bio of Dr. Roger Erdvig

With a leadership career spanning 27 years, Dr. Roger Erdvig has served as a
business, church, and educational leader, and most recently as Superintendent
of Smithtown Christian School, a PreK-12 school of 550 students in Long
Island, New York.
Prior to his eight years at Smithtown, Dr. Erdvig traveled nationwide training
Christian business and educational leaders in leadership development,
and was co-founder of the Center for Coaching Excellence in St. Paul,
Minnesota. A teacher at heart, Dr. Erdvig has also taught leadership at the
University of Valley Forge and has extensive experience in public speaking
and teaching in the areas of parenting, Biblical worldview, and leadership
coaching. Dr. Erdvig has also authored or co-authored multiple training
curricula, a journal article (in Christian School Education), and a forthcoming
book: Serving Learning for Christian Schools: A Practioners Guidebook. He
holds a BS in Bible from the University of Valley Forge, a Master of Education from Regent University, and a
Doctor of Education from Liberty University.
Roger and his wife Lori have five children (Heidi, Roger, Kevin, Hannah, and Andrew), two of whom are
college graduates, one who is a junior in college, and two who are still at home and in grades 10 and 8. The
Erdvig family loves all things outdoors, including camping, hiking, and biking, and can often be found in the
woods in hammocks reading great books.
CV for Dr. Roger Erdvig
Dr. Roger C. S. Erdvig
Curriculum Vitae January 2017

Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction 2016
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Dissertation: A Model for Biblical Worldview Development in Evangelical Christian
Emerging Adults
M.Ed., with concentration in Leadership Development 2006
Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA
B.S. in Bible 1990
University of Valley Forge, Phoenixville, PA

Educational Leadership Experience

Superintendent 2009 Present
Smithtown Christian School, Smithtown, NY
Serve as head of school for PreK-12 school of 550 students, including managing $4.75
million budget and 100+ employees
Initiated and successfully implemented first strategic plan in schools 35+ year history,
with a 91% completion rate
Created special education department, pioneered comprehensive curriculum review
process, created Academic Dean position, created full-time Development Office, and
planned and oversaw $350,000 building renovation
Experienced over 170% increase in diversity in student body (from 28% minorities in
2009-10 to 48% in 2016-17)
President/Co-Founder 2006 2009
Center for Coaching Excellence, St. Paul, MN
(Formerly Center for the Advancement of Christian Coaching)
Co-founded one of the first Christian professional coach training organizations
Co-authored Conversational Leadership, a training program for organizational leaders
Co-authored Essential Coach Training and Professional Coach Training I & II
Published Journal of Christian Coaching, the first print and online periodical for Christian
Traveled extensively providing training, consulting, and speaking for businesses and
non-profit organizations
Teaching Experience
Adjunct Professor 2007 2009
University of Valley Forge, Phoenixville, PA
Taught undergraduate and graduate leadership coaching courses
Designed and delivered hybrid courses involving synchronous, asynchronous, and in-
person learning experiences
Coach Trainer 2006 2009
Center for Coaching Excellence, St. Paul, MN
Trained professional life and leadership coaches nationwide
Connecting Businessmen to Christ (CBMC), Chattanooga, TN
Video-based and live trainer for CBMC Coach Training Initiative, which is still used
extensively with Christian businessmen in the USA and internationally
Passing the Baton International, Manitou Springs, CO
Senior Coach Trainer for Passing the Baton, primarily among Christian school teachers
and administrators

Superintendent (Lifetime) 2012
Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Colorado Springs, CO
Certified Professional Coach 2006
LifeForming Leadership Coaching, Virginia Beach, VA
Certified Coach Trainer 2006
LifeForming Leadership Coaching, Virginia Beach, VA

Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood
2015 Distinguished Alumni Award University of Valley Forge

Research Interests
Worldview development across the lifespan
Service-learning & engaged pedagogies
Coaching as an educational/leadership development intervention
Writings of Dallas Willard/spiritual formation
Other Relevant Experience
Corporate Board Member 2016 Present
Demme Learning, Lancaster, PA
Charter board member of Demme Learning (Formerly Math-U-See), a thriving educational
products/service company ($8 million + budget)
First non-family member on corporate board
Non-Profit Board Member 2007 Present
Catalyst Christian Camp and Retreat Ministries
Board member for developing Christian camp in greater New York Metro Area
Homeschool Convention/Event Speaker 2005 2011
Spoke frequently on topics such as parenting, worldview development, leadership, and
nurturing critical thinking
Co-Host, Video Training 2010
The Cultivate Project
Served with Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries as co-host for The Cultivate Project, a
video-based program to train adults (educators, ministers, parents) to mentor youth and
young adults
President/Founder 2005 2010
Leading View Coaching
Professional coach with 750+ hours of experience coaching primarily pastors, educators,
and business leaders
Piloted coaching church planters with the Penn-Del Ministry Network under Rev. Tom Rees
Philosophy of Christian Education
By Dr. Roger C. S. Erdvig

Christian education is the life-long process of shaping the role model, the Christian school teacher should focus
hearts and minds of disciples of Jesus to both look like Christ significant attention on developing quality relationships
and to see like Christ. Looking like Christ means having with students, as a base from which to have effective
a heart that is formed to be like His heart, resulting life-on-life influence. Regarding the teachers role in the
in habits and behaviors that reflect His ways. Seeing classroom, he or she functions as an instructor, a guide, and
like Christ means possessing a mind that views all of a facilitator of student learning. Ultimately, the teacher
reality through the lens of Christs eyes, or through a ought to model his or her teaching after Christ Himself,
Biblical worldview. Whether in the classroom or the who combined instruction in new knowledge with
athletic field, the hallway or the Deans office, students mentorship and multiple experiencing in applying what
should experience a consistent and cohesive influence the disciples were learningin real-world situations.
towards these ends.
The Nature of Distinctively Christian
From this foundational statement, a Christian school
will need to think through many different arenas for Teaching and Learning:
how this should be practically applied in the day-to-day As hinted at in the sections above, Christian teaching
facets of the educational endeavor. Following is a brief is a distinctive kind of teaching. Because the Christian
and partial description of several of these arenas, and school has as its aim developing young people who
how they should be viewed given the statement above. look and see like Christ, the craft of Christian teaching
is set apart as different from other teaching that has
The Nature of the Learner: lesser aims. So, an appropriate question to ask might
Students are made in the image of God and yet possess be, given that we are working to develop students who
a fallen nature. As such, teachers must work within this are distinctively different from the culture around us,
how then should we teach?
dual reality. On the one hand, the image of God makes
teaching a joy, as teachers cooperate with the in-born Christian teaching is not about layering spiritual content
tendencies all students possess, to love life and learning onto secular subjects. Instead, all content areas should
and to grow in their giftings and abilities. However, the be approached with the understanding that God has
fallen nature makes teaching a challenge as students are something to say about every subject area, and every subject
always in the process of learning to identify patterns area has something to say about God. Thus, the Christian
and habits of thought and behavior which are of the school teacher will work to help students see all the
flesh, and which stymie the expression of the image facets and glory of God as revealed in creation and in
of God in their lives. Ultimately, students cannot be His word.
good on their own and require an initial experience
of redemption by Christ and then an ongoing work of But beyond this foundational approach to content, the
sanctification as they learn to rely on His empowerment Christian teacher must also approach the actual teaching
to put off the old man and its evil desires. of each subject area in a uniquely Christian manner.
A Christian teacher will therefore focus not only on
The Role of the Teacher: the transfer on information, but also on providing
consistent opportunities for students to be deeply
The Christian school teacher is first and foremost an connected to learning through: engaged pedagogies such
example to his or her students: as a life-long learner, as as service- and project-based learning; through higher-
a disciple of Jesus Christ, and as an adult living joyfully level questions; authentic assessment; and classroom
in the community of the school. As an example or and field experiences that stir the heart and capture the
imagination. Christian school teaching and learning given that the school is built on a Biblical foundation. For
should be the most excellent, most engaging, and most students with disabilities, the Christian school should
transformational teaching and learning available. maximize the services that can be provided by their own
personnel, given the budget constraints that always exist.
The Purpose of Curriculum: When outside service-providers are utilized, the school
must have a strong hand in coordinating those services
Ideally, a Christian school should provide its teachers a
clear set of learning standards and a broad instructional and must establish and maintain a stellar relationship
plan for each course, including a description of the with the local school district providing those services.
resources and assessments that a teacher should use to In the admissions process the school must be very clear
achieve and measure those learning standards. After with parents about what the school can and cannot offer,
that, a master teacher would plan each days lesson and be willing to deny admission to students for whom
and provide effective, Biblically integrated classroom they know they cannot adequately provide services.
instruction. However, many teachers do not have the
In the classroom, it is best practice to differentiate
experience or mastery of teaching to be able to do so
without significant support. Therefore, curriculum teaching and learning, even with students who do not
resources are extremely important for the Christian school. have special education needs. Therefore, the school must
Specifically, teachers should be provided with resources cast a strong vision for meeting individual needs, and
that enable them to teach every subject area from a administration must work with teachers to free them
Biblical perspective. While non-Christian textbooks to modify assignments and expectations for both needy
will likely be used in the Christian school to some and advanced students.
degree, the teachers who use them will need extra
training, support, and resources to be able to seamlessly A Word About Excellence:
use them in a way that is consistent with the schools
distinctively Christian mission and commitment to Excellence, and particularly academic excellence, have
Biblical worldview integration. become common catch-phrases in the educational
world. However, it is not clear what excellence is, and
Special Education and Differentiated how to know if a school is achieving it. A good definition
of excellence in relationship to the Christian school
Instruction in the Christian School: could be: a commitment to continuous improvement in
God has created each student with different gifts all facets of a schools work. This would involve regular
and abilities, and Adams fall has caused each student and rigorous evaluation of everything that a school
to inherit various weaknesses and even disease and does, both in the classroom and in the administration
disability. The Christian school, among all schools, ought of the school, and an expectation that all personnel who
to be the best at meeting the unique needs of students, serve at the school are always improving and growing.