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To: General Qamar Javed Bajwa, HI (M)

April 2017

Military Secretary, DG Staff Duties

MS Branch, GHQ GS Branch, GHQ

Dear Sir,

Subj: Misnomer / Misrepresentation of Designations of Senior

Offrs at GHQ

1. At present fol designations are used in GHQ for Heads of various

Corps which are not appropriate / suitable for official decorum:-

a. E-in-C = Chief of Engrs Corps

b. SO-in-C = Chief of Sigs Corps
c. CLS = Chief of Log Staff
d. CAO (GHQ) = Chief Adm Offr

2. We wish to submit to COAS that all the a/m designations of appts

having Chief should be replaced on priority as this term (Chief) is not
appropriate for junior offrs serving under COAS. This is also against
official decorum of mil customs of svc / protocol.

3. The very definition of COAS implies that there should be only one
Chief in GHQ who holds the highest rank of General.

4. In view of above and to remove all misunderstandings /

misrepresentations / imperfections / misinterpretations, we strongly
recommend that the fol designations be used for a/m appts to achieve
clarity and maintain official decorum:-

a. PSO Engrs
b. DG Comms
c. PSO Log
d. Director Adm

5. We also recommend that the name of Sigs Corps should be

changed to Corps of Comms and offrs & sldrs should use Comms as
shoulder titles in uniforms as computers have been introduced in the
Army for all forms of comms. The term Signals is very old when most
of the messages were communicated by moving Flags held by sldrs of
Sigs Corps.

6. Kindly consider our proposal favourably. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(Col Mehmood Khan)