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Content Outline

Im going to create a music video that is an exciting

portrayal of Sundara Karmas Music. My video will show
backstage footage, when they perform at Dot To Dot
Festival in Bristol, of the group before and after their
performance. Unlike many music videos I intend to
include footage in the style of talking heads of each
member of the band explaining aspects of their journey
to fame, whilst the track still playing.
I want the video to show how unglamorous the life of a
band can be by filming the stage up close and focusing
on the electrical equipment and mess left behind when
the crowd leave. I want my video to show the festival
atmosphere from the performers perspective as well as
the audiences perspective. I will do this by focusing on
filming Sundara Karma from the side of stage so the
viewer will be able to see the audiences reaction to
their music.
Their music will be constantly playing in the
background even when I am filming the band exiting
the stage and returning to their dressing room. In my
film I will include shots of the bands roadies and
managers who with the help of the band pack up all
their equipment after their performance.
I feel that my unusual and personal approach to filming
the band will create a talking point which will be of
great interest to Vi Be. Vi Be will find my idea
interesting and will hopefully invest for my music video
to be published.
Target Audience

Sundara Karma describe their music as being

Indie/Rock in style. This style of music appeals to many
age groups, I would say specifically 14 50 years old.
People who enjoy Sundara Karmas music would also
enjoy bands such as Kings of Leon, Swim Deep,
Bombay bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club as
their styles are broadly similar.
I have have attended many of Sundara Karmas gigs, in
small and large venues and the audience always
consists of male and females.
The bands target audience is not restricted as perhaps
a typical boy band audience would be. Because the
target audiences age is so broad I wouldnt be able to
choose a certain socio-economic group as it could apply
to all.
Sundara Karma have played to audiences throughout
the UK and are returning from a USA tour where all
their performances where sold out which makes me feel
that their audience is not restricted by location.
They type of people who enjoy this band are people
whos lifestyle includes spending their disposable
income on going out to be entertained.
The type of people who would be interested in my
music video for Sundara Karma are people who usually
watch music videos and are interested in the lives of
the musicians they follow.
Vi Be would be interested in investing into promoting
my music video for Sundara Karma as it would get
notice from a broad range and amount of people.
Market Competitors

There are great comparisons between views and figures

on music video for Indie/Rock bands depending on their
profile. Music videos for high profile bands such as
Kings of Leon get viewings into the hundreds of millions
whereas an Indie/rock band such as Swim Deep who
are comparable to Sundara Karma get viewings into the
hundreds of thousands occasionally reaching 1 million
which is very similar to Sundara Karmas viewings.
These music videos are viewed on YouTube and Vevo.
I could create that amount of interest with my own
music video created for Sundara Karma if I could get
their promotions company to use it and an official band
video. Alternatively, with the bands permission I could
upload my video on my own YouTube page using an eye
catching title such as Sundara Karma She Said Things
you didnt know about Sundara Karma or something
similar to create sensationalism in the title which would
increase views.
VPL are the regulatory body for all music videos
distributed and therefore there is no competition as
there is not alternative.
The music industry will always need to market music
videos. Fans cannot always get to see a band live but
they do want to view the performance, not just listen to
the song. My music video will entertain because the
audience will see a live performance with the added
interest of the backstage life of the band which will
bring unique realism to the fans.
Personnel Requirements

The Dot To Dot Festival is approximately 100 miles from

where I live. I will need to take my camera and filming
equipment and Ive decided that the most convenient
way for me to get to Bristol is to drive which will take
approximately an hour and a half. I will have to pay for
the travel expenses for the journey to and from myself
as I am meeting the band at the festival.

The bands catering will be covered by their

management company so my food budget will be or
myself and my crew.

Myself and my immediate assistant/driver have

organised accommodation at a Travelodge close to the
festival which will be included in the expenses paid for
by myself.

I wont be needing any props for my music video as all

that I will need and want to film will already be
provided for me at the festival. I have my own filming
equipment for example cameras and tripods, so there
will be no expenses towards hiring equipment.
Cast & Crew

Tara Pringle-Stacey - Camera operator, producer,
director - 07807603944
Kim Pringle-Stacey - Coordinator 07713067305

Haydn Evans - Drummer - 07458998858
Oscar Pollock - Front man, guitarist - 07865983245
Dom Cordell - Bassist - 0777890516
Ally Baty - guitarist 07998453211

Sundara Karma Management

Emma White - Promotions manager (SB Management)

No expenses will go towards my cast as they have

kindly allowed me to film them for free and we are
personal friends. However, I will have to pay for myself
and assistant Kims travel, food and accommodation

The only expenses that will need to be paid is for the

crews travel, food and accommodation. Luckily I will
not need to pay for the location nor entry as myself and
my crew will be given free backstage passes from the
bands management.
The cast including the band and management will not
be needed to be paid for as they are letting me film
them for my music video for free.

Petrol expenses (There & Back) 200miles: Calculated

price = 116
Food expenses for 2days, 2 people = 50
Accommodation expenses 2 nights in Travelodge = 84


Project Schedule
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