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Student: Anna Garcia School: W.A Johnson School Term: Spring 2017

Your site visit experience offers you the opportunity to learn how schools operate as a large community promoting the growth of a
learner. School environment is determined by the schools culture, its history, its belief in how to do things and what is worth doing.
Become familiar with the school environment by completing the table below. Accomplish this by using the host schools website, the
Illinois Public K-12 School Rankings based on the Report Card and school personnel interviews.

The following elements look at the demographic information of a school.
The demographic information of a school can provide an excellent look at the diversity of the school environment.
What is/are the Answer Resource for the Answer: Persons
name and title, document or website.
Current school enrollment 715 Website

Percentage of various races and ethnicities White: 27.8% W.A Johnson School report card
Black: 2.1%
Hispanic: 65%
Asian: 2.9%
Two or more races: 2.1%
Number of males and females as per school About half and half ratios Office secretary
report card
Percent of low income students 60.3% W.A Johnson School report card

Percent of students with IEPs 14.8% W.A Johnson School report card

Percentage of English Language Learners 45.6% W.A Johnson School report card
Composite percent of students who meet 23.7% W.A Johnson School report card
and exceed state standards
# of FTE (full time equivalency) teachers 163 W.A Johnson School report card
School Organization
The following elements identify various aspects of the organization of the school.
By understanding the school organization, teachers can better plan their lessons and their day.
School Mission Statement Maximize the unique potential of each child by Website
honoring a natural curiosity and igniting a desire
to learn
Length of school day for students Start: 8:35 am School website
End: 3:20pm
Length of school day for contracted About 9- 12 HRS Office Secretary
Number of minutes per class or time Mathematics: 75
allotted for each subject Science: 26
English/Language Arts: 180
Social Science: 24
Number of minutes for specials About 30mins for each Office Secretary
Art, P.E., Music, etc.
Elective classes offered Art and Music W.A Johnson Website

Extracurricular activities offered Only community activities offeres W.A Johnson website

Types of duties which teachers are Act as role models for their students by W.A Johnson Handbook
assigned promoting and exhibiting high personal standards
of courtesy, decency, morality, language, honesty,
wholesome relationships, and traits exemplified
by PBIS.
Design an effective instructional program
which meets the needs of students and maintains
high expectations for all.
Employ instructional strategies which
encourage the development of self-discipline and
self- respect.
Develop positive behavior management
procedures which facilitate a safe learning
Communicate with parents about student
progress and behavior.
Maintain and preserve the confidentiality of
student information as provided by law.
Adhere to the guidelines outlined in this
Types of communication between Phone, Voicemail, parent teacher conferences, W.A Johnson Handbook
the school, home, and community school emails as well as the school website
Types of all-school or grade level Award Assemblies, W.A Johnson Website
assemblies Music Assemblies,
Holiday Assemblies,
Student Assemblies for health, science etc
School colors and mascot Mascot: Jaguar School Website
Color: Royal Blue
Student and faculty dress code Students are expected to present an appearance in
accordance with reasonable standards of health, W.A Johnson handbook
safety, order, discipline and modesty.
The following are not allowed:
Clothing with emblems, logos, insignias for
alcohol, tobacco or sexually explicit companies.
Coats, gloves, and sunglasses are to be left in
the lockers
Exposed undergarments
Hats, bandanas, hoods, hairnets, sweatbands, or
other head coverings except for religious reasons
Midriffs showing, including when arms are
Pants and shirts having excessive or
inappropriate rips or holes
Pants worn below the waist (boys may be asked
to wear belts and/or tuck in shirt)
Short shorts or short skirts (shorts and skirts
must be longer than arms length when held at
Shorts and skirts worn with tights or leggings
must be longer than arms length when held at
Studded, spiked, jewelry or hanging chains
Tops that are low-cut or overly revealing, such
as off-the-shoulder or scoop neck shirts
Tops that are see-through or contain mesh or
Tops with low armholes (e.g. basketball jerseys)
Tops without sleeves
Writing on skin (tattoos must be covered).
Clothing that promotes the use of drugs or
alcohol, displays inappropriate language, depicts
a violent or inappropriate theme, identifies gang
affiliation, or is in poor taste is also not allowed.
The following elements identify various types of assistance available to students and faculty.
Identifying and understanding the various types of assistance available to students and teachers provides a teacher with a greater
sense of community.
Student intervention plans such as Tier I: The classroom teacher differentiates W.A Johnson School Handbook
Response to Intervention (RTI) instructional strategies and/or materials to help
each child become successful and monitors
progress continually through formative
assessment. This might include differentiated
work assignments, special seating, conferring,
Tier II: School Intervention Team develops
individual academic support and review progress
for 9-12 weeks. This might include
additional time with specified staff, tutorials,
Saturday School, or before/after school support.
Tier III: Involves more frequent and additional
Provisions for students so that they The student must be in attendance ALL DAY W.A Johnson Handbook
can participate in extracurricular unless a special arrangement has been made
activities (e.g. transportation) with the school administration.
The student must be making satisfactory
academic progress in all subjects, to be
determined by the school. Parents will be
notified by the school (e.g. coach, athletic
director, sponsor) when students are ineligible
for extracurricular activities.
The student must be in good standing with all
administrator issued detentions. Students serving
In-School Suspension or Out-of-School
Suspension are ineligible to participate in
extracurricular activities for that day. Students
notified of In-School Suspension or Out-of
School Suspension for the following day are
ineligible to participate in extracurricular events
on the day of notification. Similarly, students
may not be spectators at extracurricular events
on the same days described above for
Types of technology available for Computers, Laptops, Office Secretary
teachers Chromebooks,
Types of technology available for 1:1 Chromebook use W.A Johnson Handbook
Types of professional development Board Meetings on the third Wednesday of every W.A Johnson Handbook
available to staff month
The following elements provide a greater understanding of the policies that exist in a school environment.
Read and summarize the Schools Students are expected to use computers and W.A Johnson Handbook
digital etiquette policy for students. mobile devices as instructed by the teacher or
administrator to complete assigned tasks or other
activities specifically assigned by the teacher.
Use of passwords or other user
names other than ones own is strictly prohibited
and will result in the loss of privileges. Students
and parents are required to sign an electronic
network user agreement which outline student
privileges for the Internet
Staff credentials to sponsor Selection of members or participants is at the W.A Johnson Handbook
extracurricular activities discretion of the teachers, sponsors, or coaches,
providedthat the selection criteria conform to the
Districts policies
Philosophy of the school library or Bensenville Public Library use W.A Johnson Website
learning center
Study hall policies for students and N/A
Lunchroom policies for students and Sit in your spot Lunchroom Aides
teachers No running
Ask permission to leave spot
No food at recess
No yelling
No horseplay
Hallway policies: during class time Single file line, Hallway Rules
and between classes Quiet voices,
No running
School discipline policy Temporary Exclusion from Class W.A Johnson Handbook
The teacher is expected to deal with routine
behavior problems in a positive corrective
manner within the classroom setting and when
necessary, confer with the parents or guardians.
Should the behavior problem persist, the teacher
has the authority to remove the student from the
classroom. After notifying the office staff, the
teacher may send the student to a supervised area
designated by the principal. After the teacher and
principal have conferred, the teacher and/or
principal will then notify the parents or guardians
about remedial measures.
Student detentions may be used before, during or
after school as a corrective disciplinary measure.
Notices will be issued to parents. The teacher or
school administrator will make prior
arrangements with the parent/ guardian for the
student to serve a detention before or after
school. The parent/guardian may be responsible
for the students transportation.

Behavior Subject to Suspension or Expulsion

The Board of Education defines gross
disobedience or misconduct to include any
behavior that is of such egregious nature as to
constitute, on its face, gross disobedience or
misconduct. Gross disobedience or misconduct
also is any conduct, behavior or activity, as
defined by the Board of Education in its policies
that causes, or may reasonably cause, school
authorities to forecast substantial injury or
disruption or material interference with school-
related activities or the rights of other students or
school personnel or the risk of same.
Emergency procedure plans (fire, Review plan several times throughout Front office Secretary
tornado, evacuation, and lockdown) the year for yourself and with your
Leave the emergency folder in the
designated areas so subs and other staff
may find it quickly.
Keep up to date lists of students
Talk about the practice emergency
procedures with your students.
Maintain order and go promptly to the
designated area. Bring folder and check
to make sure all students are accounted
for. Report to your wing commander
when outside for fire drills.
Accompany students back to class after
the emergency is over and the
announcement has been made.
Maintain a calm attitude during any
emergency so the students do not
become unduly alarmed and are able to
listen to and follow directions
Classroom doors should be locked at all
times. Use door magnet to quickly lock
the door in an emergency.
Please plan and practice emergency
procedures throughout the year with
your students as well as your grade level