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Material required to complete RMS area


Description Material Drawing

Cable Tray installation from

1 Plant end area to RMS No No

Power ,control and

2 Instrumentation Cable from No No
ECB to RMS main panel

General layout
Power DB, control panel,UPS
and other panels
No drawing

Lighting material for rms RMS control

4 control building and dormitory No room drawing
building available
Fire Protection,lightning
System material
No No

Earthing grid material for RMS

6 field, control room and No No
dormitory building

7 Field illumination No Not clear

Cables for RMS field to Cable schedule
8 No
RMScontrol room availaible
9 Pipe route and No Drawing required
isometric drawing to
and from RMS
lete RMS area


Cablre trench drawing and

material (Cable trays) needed

Cable schedule and

RMS room equipment layout
with dimension needed .Power
DB, UPS, Control panel etc
material needed.
Dormitory building lighting
drawing needed.Cables,
fixtures,Lighting poles etc
material needed

Material and drawing needed

Earthing grid layout drawing

material needed

Drawing and material needed.

Cables, lugs, gland etc needed

Material and drawing needed