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The determination of system design requirements of electricity supply either single phase or
three phase is subjected to a few factors. Two of them are type of building and estimated value of
the electric current by counting the total expenses used for connected load and maximum load
(maximum load demand). As an electrical power engineer, you have to know all of the
requirements needed as long as its follow the guidelines and does not violate professional ethics
set. State a design requirements of electrical supply systems for residential and business premises
as well as explain to the consumer one of the types of three-phase system connection.
[refer to for engineers act and regulations]


Mr. Afnan is an employee of the company "S" has come to meet you. He was commissioned to
calculate the reluctance, flux and flux density of the base material for cast iron in his company.
After the expiration of making measurements, he must get approval from the engineers involved.
Based on the measurement reports that have been made, check whether it is correct or incorrect.
If incorrect, as an engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, what action should
be taken. Please include with your calculations.
[refer to for engineers act and regulations]

Task for Mr. Afnan:

A magnetic circuit is made of cast iron and arrange as in Fig. 2. An exciter coil of 200 turn is
wound at the centre limb. The cast iron has a square cross sectional 3 cm x 3 cm and relative
permeability of 500. Determine:
i) The reluctance for each limb (centre, left, right) and total reluctance.( Mr. Afnan measure as
centre= 6.25 , left= , right= )

ii) Flux in each limb (centre, left, right) if the centre limb carries a current, I of 2.5 A. (Mr.
Afnan measure as centre= , left= , right= )

iii) Flux density for the air gap in the magnetic circuit.(Mr. Afnan measure as
Fig. 2


A 10 kVA 480/120 V conventional transformer is to be used as an autotransformer to supply

power from a 600V source to a 480V load. Consider the transformer to be ideal, and assume that
all insulation can handle 600V.
a) Sketch the transformer connection that will do the required job.
b) Find the kiloampere rating of the transformer in the configuration.
c) Find the maximum primary and secondary currents under these conditions.
d) This transformer is located in a sensitive surrounding where it requires maximum safety
and protection. As an ethical engineer, what would you like to recommend your customer?
[refer to for engineers act and regulations]


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