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Unit Test 12
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.
1 Write the missing vowels in the adjectives.
1 I dont like my boss. He gets so _____ggr_____ss_____v_____ whenever I ask a
2 My team leader is so ch_____r_____sm_____t_____c. Id follow her anywhere.
3 Entrepreneurs need to be _____pp_____rt_____n_____st_____c and see anything as a
way to make money.
4 I think managers can be too th_____ _____ghtf_____l. Sometimes they need to be
5 When you ask him a question he always wants to think about it. He isnt
d_____c_____s_____v_____ enough.
6 Some people saying being c_____ _____t_____ _____ _____s is a weakness but I think
its a strength.
7 They always get you to think the way they think. Theyre so p_____rs_____
8 She seems nice when you first meet her, but she can be utterly r_____thl_____ss.
9 The CEOs speeches are so m_____t_____v_____t_____ng. I always feel so positive
10 The new boss has a really _____nf_____rm_____l and open management style.
11 I want people who dont just work nine to five but are p_____ss_____
_____n_____t_____ about their work.
12 A m_____gn_____t_____c personality helps if you want people to follow your ideas.

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2 There is one mistake in each sentence. Correct it.
13 The people which work for us are all qualified.
14 It is his ideas that, have made the company so successful.
15 The company, where is known throughout the world, has plans to grow further still.
16 Have you read the report that which I left on your desk?
17 The Gatcombe Hotel, which is just outside the city is under new management.
18 Ingvar Kamprad, is no ordinary billionaire who, founded IKEA.
19 Organisations what are flat are more flexible than hierarchical structures.
20 Detail, which is something I dont like, which is something I must deal with.

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3 Underline the correct preposition in italics.
21 Where do we stand off / in / with them?
22 I dont agree about / to / with that at all.
23 Im not sure about / with / to that.
24 Can you bring us up / down / out to date?
4 Write these verbs in phrases 25-30.
do / give / think / disagree / need / get
25 Can you ________ us the background on this?
26 Weve got to _______ more information.
27 They ______ more information on where they are going wrong.
28 What weve go to _______ is change the way things are run.
29 I ______, on balance, we should
30 I totally __________.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT 3