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Success Story of

Beyonce Knowles
1. Read quickly the text about Beyonce. Then match
a title to each paragraph.
A. Beyonce, an actress
B. Solo career
C. How it all started
D. Other business

1. 3.

Beyonce was born on the 4th September Beyonce has a successful singing
1981 in Texas. career, but she has also appeared in
In 1990 she teamed up with Kelly several movies.
Rowland and they formed a band. Three She has played in comedies such
years later they named as Austin Powers and Pink Panther,
the band Destinys Child. In In 1998
1998 the
the but also in a drama Dreamgirls.
group released their first album She has worked with many famous
Destinys Child. This album had a huge
Destinys actors such as Steve Martin, Mike
success. In 2005, however, the band Myers or Eddie Murphy.

2. 4.

In 2003, Beyonce released Beyonce is a famous singer and a

her first solo album Dangerously in successful actress, but thats still not
Love. The album won enough for her. Together with her
Grammy Award for best R&B album mother she has started to design
in 2004. Beyonce released her clothes for women. Because of her
second solo album in 2008. beauty and glamour, she has often
The first track of the album appeared in advertisements, we have
If I Were A Boy went on to top seen her in advertisements for Pepsi
the UK singles chart. or LOreal.

2. Decide whether these statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Beyonce started to play in a band when she was 9. T F
2. The second track of her first solo album was If I were a boy. T F
3. Beyonce has appeared in a comedy Dreamgirls. T F
4. Her first solo album won Grammy Award. T F
5. Beyonce thinks that singing is enough for her. T F

3. Complete the chart with examples from the article about Beyonce.
We know exactly when it happened. We dont know when.
Beyonce was born on 4 Sept 1981. She has played in comedies.
Your Task
1. Read the text about another young and successful singer, Rihanna. Your task is to put
the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. You have to choose between past simple
and present perfect. Before you start look at the THINK BOX.

We use past simple when we know exactly when something happened.
If we do not know when something happened in the past, present perfect can be used.

Few facts about

Rihanna, a talented young singer from Barbados,

was born on February 20, 1988. When she _______

(be) 15, she ___________ (meet) music producer

that was on vacation in Barbados. He _____________

(like) her singing so much that he ______________

(help) her with demos. Later Jay-Z

_______________ (hear) these demos and

_______________ (decide) to produce her album.

Her first hit, Pon de replay, ____________ (have) success. Soon she ____________ (release)

other hits, such as SOS or Umbrella. Rihanna _______________ (have) three number one

hits. She __________________ (win) several awards, for example the American Music

Award, the MTV Video Music Award or the Teen Choice Award. In 2008, she

_________________ (win) Grammy Award for her smash hit Umbrella.