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August 12 2008 e-mailed as July 12 2008

RCMP Commissioner

Pierre Leduc
Executive Assisstant to the Commissioner

Bob MacAdam, S/Sgt.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Frank Gallagher
Toronto Integrated Proceeds of Crime Section Keswick, On
345 Harry Walker Parkway South
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8P6

Sergeant Roy Steinebach
Regular Forces

Sergeant Karen Delorey

Non Commissioned Officer in Charge
Professional Standards Unit
255 Attwell Drive

Milton Detachment
Inspector Brian Verheul
Regular Forces

Re: Investigation of refusing to investigate

Government Organized Crime
Corruption and conspiracy
Your File 2007-1355445

Dear RCMP members

The last letter I received from the RCMP was dated July 11 2008 from Sergeant Karen Delorey,
Professional Standards Unit in which she stated a Final Report has been submitted for review to the
line officer of Sergeant Roy Steinbach and inspector Brian Verheul for review.
As soon as a decision is rendered I will be advised via a letter of disposition.

Since more than 30 days has passed and I was informed I would receive a status report every thirty
days until I receive the Final Letter of Disposition I am informing that I am expecting said 30 day

The Final Letter of Disposition was originally promised 30 days from the March 20 2008 interim report
by Staff Sergeant Bob MacAdam.
Given the serious nature of issues and the irrefutable proof of the Government Organized Crime of
corruption and conspiracy it is incomprehensible that the matter is not being attended to in the manner
in which it deserves.

It is consistent with the evidence though and I presume you are all doing your best to manipulate
yourselves out of this but it will invariably just add fuel to the fire the same as the July 26 2008
Saturday Toronto Star item on the middle class not being able to access the legal system because it is
unaffordable being an admittance of that which I have charged only it is an attempt to brush it under
the rug as if it has been okay for ever how long it has been inaccessible which is a long time I am sure
and is evidence of the two tier system they will deny exists.

Well anyway I am providing you with a new web address for your attention and I await your response
as to what you people are up to.

The truth is preferred but whatever…It will serve a significant purpose.

Thank You

Frank Gallagher


Perhaps some day the people will be able to trust you for your merit.

Deception will be coming more difficult in any event