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Gudalis 1

Alex Gudalis

Mrs. Granville

Period 5

11 November 2016

Immigration In the United States: Why You Shouldnt Support It

Today, one of the biggest arguments across our nation is about immigration. The

definition of immigration is when people from one are come to another area to obtain a better

life. Immigration should not be allowed within the United States because we have American citizens

who are very poor and cannot round up enough money to get the necessities for survival.

The top reasons people have immigrated to other areas is to find food, land, to avoid natural

disasters, or to get away from hostile neighbors (Hawkins). When the middle-ages were coming to an

end, there were not any fixed borders. They had borders that consisted of seas, mountains, landmarks, etc.

Throughout history, some leaders have said emigrating is a national disgrace (Card 1 Set 2). People

should have pride in their homeland and they should not just leave when the going gets rough. The people

who leave their homeland to emigrate to a different area just put the burden on another country. Why

should the United States bring in these people? The United States has more important things to worry


Immigration should not be allowed in the United States because it costs quite a bit of money. The

United States is importing poverty. Most of the illegals here are uneducated manual laborers. Why is it the

American people have to pay taxes to carry these people on their backs (Card 3 Set 3)? The money

Americans pay in taxes should most definitely be used in other ways. They are called American taxpayer

dollars not Immigration taxpayer dollars. When we bring in these immigrants, it obviously costs the

United States a tremendous amount of money. This country is already in debt. Why should we go deeper

in debt because of people who are not even Americans? Americans lose jobs because of illegal aliens.
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Americans go out looking for work and they cant because it is already taken. Americans need these jobs

to help support their families and they are coming out empty handed (Card 2 Set 3). One of the reasons

immigrants come to the United States is to seek out work. These people are given jobs when some

Americans cant even get a job. That is not fair at all people who were born in this country should not

have to compete with people who are not even from here. It is always said that Americans will refuse to

do the type of work illegal aliens do. Americans are the majority of workers in all of the categories (Card

2 Set 4). With this being said, Americans are willing to world basically anywhere. If Americans are not

able to make ends meet, they will get another job to make it. Some of the jobs immigrants get are better

paying than some of the jobs Americans have. Why should Americans work two jobs to make ends meet

when immigrants have better paying jobs and better lives?

Global Trends, UNHCR, put out a graph that show what the top ten countries that hosted refugees

in the year 2006 were Pakistan, Iran, USA, Syria, Germany, Jordan, Tanzania, United Kingdom, China

and Chad (Card 4 Set 1).Given this information you can see that the United States is the third highest

country that brings in and hosts refugees. This is ridiculous. If a country cant support their own people,

why should help people who are not even from the United States? There are plenty of other countries that

can take over or role with immigration. As you can see there are many other countries that host refugees.

With that being said, they can easily help find a different location for immigrants to go other than the

United States. Combined, in 2007, their were about 2.15 million Iraqi refugees within Syria and Jordan

(Card 8 Set 1). These two countries were given little to no money from more wealthier countries to help

with the cost of the refugees. The United States should learn from these countries mistakes and highly

considering stopping immigration here. Their is no reason the United States should even take money

from other countries for people are not even from here. That is not the brightest thing this country should

do at a time like this. We are trillions of dollars in debt already this would not be a smart move to get

deeper into debt.

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The Obama Administration has said it has no intention of increasing border enforcement, it has in

fact weakened border enforcement and has obviously weakened border security as a whole (Card 3 Set 3).

The southern border is becoming defenseless of our government. Because of this, people are coming in

here and unfortunately, this country cannot stop it at all. With a weak border defense, this country should

just let the immigrants come in because that is basically what is happening at this moment.

In conclusion, the United States needs to stop bringing in refugees. The United States will bloom

once we stop this from happening. America needs to focus on its own people rather than helping people

that are not American. The American people will once again flourish and prosper and make America great

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