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Mariana Escobar

Art 133
Unit Paper 3
Unit Paper 3
The book A whole new mind: Why right- brainers will rule the future by Daniel H. Pink

has a chapter called the Six Senses that stood out to me the most compared to the other two

readings. This chapter was about design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. Pink

(2006) states that these six senses will guide our lives and shape our world. In other words, these

senses help shape who we are as individuals and allows us to create friendships with the people

around us due to our stories of our lives. In the reading The Ethic of Caring Holistically for Art

Students: Esmeraldas Boutique by Laurie A. Eldridge, the author talks about how important it

is to build a healthy, sincere relationships with your students and why its important. Eldridge

(2012) concludes that changing the way we teach might be able to able change the world. Both

these readings are about how everyone has a story and how important it is to listen to one


Overall, I feel that that as a future teacher that it is important to get to know your students

and build healthy relationships with them. I would love for my students to know they are

welcomed in my classroom no matter of what background they come. Im also very curious in

the different ways you can approach your students without going overboard and how it should be

presented. These two readings helped me understand more the importance of someones story.

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