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Why do we care?

The rising cost of a college

How the
education along with the current
near necessity of it has led to the
What now? rising cost of
national student debt to be of 1.2
trillion dollars. a college
32% of students report education
~Scholarship America
periodically neglecting their
studies because of the money affects
they owe.
~Office of Student Access and
31% of 22- to 30-year-old
college dropouts stated their
major reason for leaving college onate.aspx
was their inability to afford the
education. Vote!
Funding legislations and budgets
60% of college dropouts had no of schools and scholarships
help from parents in paying for depend on local, state and federal
branches of government. Get Sol Barraza
tuition. RWS1301
informed on your community and
find a candidate that you think will
best represent your interests.
Cost of Utep
The cost college education has
risen, financial aid opportunities
Acceptance rate: 99.9%
students have not followed suit (2014)
Which has cause the pressure of Graduation rate: 38.8 %
Of Americans claim they affording college to fall on the (2014)
can't afford college shoulders of students and their
Enrollment rate: 53.2%
education. (2014)
Nearly half of all full-time
40% of low-income working college students are
students who are accepted to working enough hours to hurt their
college dont actually make it academic achievement and the 86% of students receive aid
to school and around 60% of overall quality of their education. 67% get federal aid ($4,915
students worry about having avg)
enough money to pay for 56% get state aid ($5,167
school avg)
50% are concerned about 32% get institutional aid
paying their monthly survival ($2,064 avg)
expenses. 41% get loans ($4,534 avg)