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2017 Beaufort District

English Camp

Organised as a joint effort by

PPD Beaufort, ETAs and all the
Secondary Schools in
Beaufort District.

Teachers and English Teaching

Assistants Guide
Theme: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Date : April 11, 2017

Time : 07:30 14:00
Venue : S.M.K. St. PAUL

Target Students:
Form 1 Intermediate to Advanced

The Objectives of the Camp are to enable the participants to:

1. communicate in the English language effectively and confidently.
2. experience using the language in a joyful and lively atmosphere.
3. build positive attitudes with the inculcation of moral values.
4. develop leadership by involving themselves as leaders in the various activities organised
in the camp.
5. think creatively and critically in the camp.

110 students from:
S.M.K. Beaufort I
S.M.K. Beaufort II
S.M.K. Beaufort III
S.M.K. St. Paul
S.M.K. St. John
S.M.K. Membakut
S.M.K. Weston
S.M.K. Gadong
S.M.K. Kota Klias
S.M. St. Patrick
S.M.K. Membakut 2

8 Houses = 8 Moderators; 7 Activity Stations = 7 Moderators; 3 floating moderators
Minimum of 18 moderators required.
Sabah Fulbright English Teaching Assistants
Request ETAs receive Monday, April 10, 2017 off to travel to camp due to mandatory
MACEE programming in Kota Kinabalu Friday, April 7 Sunday, April 9, 2017.
Teachers from represented schools

08:00 08:30 Arrival and registration at S.M.K. Saint Paul /

briefing for ETAs and Teachers

08:30 09:00 Introduction and opening remarks

09:00 09:40 First activity rotation

09:40 10:20 Second activity rotation

10:20 11:00 Third activity rotation

11:00 11:40 Fourth activity rotation

11:40 12:10 Fifth activity rotation

12:10 1:00 Lunch

1:00 1:40 Sixth activity rotation

1:40 2:20 Seventh activity rotation

2:20 3:00 Closing remarks, pictures, awarding the

House Cup

House Cup Competition

Like at Hogwarts, the houses will have the opportunity to compete for a prize in the House Cup
competition. Points may be awarded or taken away from the Houses by activities monitors and
floating volunteers. Heads of houses (teachers or ETAs travelling with one house) will not be
able to award or detract points.

Ex: points may be awarded for good teamwork, vocabulary, or sentence structure
Ex: points may be taken away for poor sportsmanship, rough-housing, or using Bahasa
Materials: large whiteboard to serve as a scoreboard, prizes for the winning House.

Hamper Prizes
A grand prize will be awarded to the House Cup winner in addition to other team prizes
Grand Prize - for House Cup winner

o For team with most House Cup points

Best Magical Teamwork
Least Mischief Managed (best behavior)
Best Quidditch Performance
Most Clever Potion Makers
Most Creative Wizards and Witches
Best Charm Work
Most Calm Under Pressure
Most Brave in Using English

Station Description
The expected 100 students will be divided into 8 houses and assigned to a teacher or ETA to
accompany them to activities, which will be overseen by moderators.
Creating teams will encourage cooperation and teamwork as well as allow attendees to
interact with other students in their district. Dividing them at random will more evenly
disperse more students at differing levels of English proficiency (students with less
proficiency will be able to learn from more proficient students, more proficient students
may solidify their understanding by explaining to other students)

Horned Serpent

Fluffy the Three Headed Dog

Harry, Ron, and Hermione slip past Fluffy while the three-headed dog is lulled to sleep by an
enchanted harp.
Focus: Music
Objective: Using beats, rhythms, and melodies, encourage students to recognize the
syllabic structure of English words and diction for use in poetry and prose composition.
Activity: Creating rhythms and beats with different objects to create a song. Students can
add lyrics to increase the challenge and earn points towards the House Cup. The students
will then perform their song for the Headmaster/Headmistress, Head of House, and
floating monitors.
Materials: Bottles, cups, spoons, buckets
Devils Snare
Hermione instructs Harry and Ron to simply relax in order to escape the Devils Snare.
Focus: Stress and relaxation
Objective: Encourage students to recognize the stressful things in their lives and deal
with them in a healthy manner.
Activity: Students identify stressors discuss healthy methods to address them.
For the first 5 minutes at this station the moderator will discuss stress
The next 10 minutes will be spent prompting students to identify those things in their
lives that stress them.
The final 15 minutes at this station, students will be taught different stretching and
breathing methods in order to alleviate stress.
Materials: none

Flying Keys
Harry must capture a flying key in order to unlock the door to the next challenge.
Focus: Teamwork
Objective: Teambuilding, as well as encouraging students to quickly use and interpret
commands and directional instructions in English. ETA can go through directional
phrases before activity.
Collect all of the golden snitches at the end of the obstacle course and return them to the
starting line.
Houses will be divided into two groups
One student must fly through the obstacle course on a broomstick while blindfolded.
Other students will direct the blindfolded student.
The student will collect one of the golden snitches at the end of the course before running
back to the beginning to throw it through one of three hoops.
The student who has completed the course will then pass the broomstick and blindfold to
another student.
This will be repeated until all of the students have completed the obstacle course.
Materials: Cones, boxes, hula hoops, baskets, and other items to make an obstacle
course; blindfolds; broomsticks

****The moderator at this station will time the teams; keeping track on posterboard. The house
of the team with the fastest time will be awarded points toward the House Cup.****

Harry and Hermione encounter a troll that has already been defeated by Professor Quirrel.
Focus: Practice English words, vocabulary and spelling
Objective: Expose students to roots of English words; a skill they can use
for reading comprehension with unfamiliar words in the future.
Activity: Correctly match spells from Harry Potter with their effect, using clues from
word roots.
The moderator will review the meaning of common roots of English words.
Using their knowledge of these roots, the students must match spells from Harry Potter
with their effect.
For each correct match, the students will register a hit on the troll.
Once the students have successfully matched 5 spells with their effect, they will complete
the challenge and defeat the troll.
Materials: poster paper, markers

**** The moderator at this station will keep track of the time it takes the houses to defeat the
troll. The house with the fastest time will be awarded points towards the House Cup. Bonus
points towards the House Cup can also be awarded for extra correct matches!****

Life Size Chess Match

Ron must direct a life-size chess game in order to advance across the board to proceed to the
next step of the challenge.
Focus: Strategic thinking
Objective: Encourage students to think strategically, rationally, and logically.
Activity: Win a game of life-size tic-tac-toe
The House will be divided into two groups who will compete against each other.
Students become life-size Xs and Os and try to get 4 players in a row.
Materials: Tape to create a tic-tac-toe board on the ground.

Harry and Hermione must decide which potion to drink in order to cross a ring of fire.
Focus: Science
Objective: Creating a cause/effect reaction through household ingredients
Activity: Students will participate in a science experiment by combining ingredients to
make potions. Students will be led through the experiment and be able to combine the
materials to make a chemical reaction/create a science experiment.
Example: Create lava in a cup by adding vegetable oil in a glass of water. Watch how
the vegetable oil and water separate. Add salt to the top of the water and watch how the
oil clumps move up and down in the glass.
Materials: To be determined. Potential ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, water, food
coloring, vegetable oil.

Mirror of Erised
When looking into the Mirror of Erised, a person sees what would make them truly happy. Harry
is able to retrieve the Philosophers Stone from the Mirror by envisioning himself obtaining the
Philosophers Stone, but not wishing to use it for himself.
Focus: Happiness
Objective: Students identify the things in their lives that bring them joy.
Activity: Charades
Students will stand in a Mirror of Erised cut out and act out what makes them happy
without using any words.
Teammates will try to guess the action.
Materials: cardboard, sharpies, gold paint.

Materials :
1. Cardboards
2. Gold paint
3. Sharpies
4. Vinegar
5. Baking soda
6. Food colouring
7. Vegetable oil
8. Tapes
9. Poster papers
10. Markers
11. Cones
12. Boxes
13. Hulu hoops
14. Baskets
15. Blindfolds
16. Broomsticks
17. Bottle
18. Cups
19. Spoons
20. Buckets
Camp Equipment:
1 . PA s y s t e m
2 . Tap e r e c o r d e r s
3. Microphones
4. Hailers
5. B e l l s / whistles
6. A n y p r i n t e d m a t e r i a l s ( if required).

Fees and Budget for the camp :

Each school is required to pay RM150.00 for the expenses of the camp. So, total fees
collected will be RM1650.00.
RM550 for foods and drinks for 110 participants (lunch only)
RM300 for the prizes for students
RM200 for the foods and drinks for committees, teachers, facilitators and trainers.
RM400 for the purchase of all the materials
RM200 for miscellaneous