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Phase 1: Selecting and Researching the Topic

Discuss the topic selected for the research lessons in this cycle or cycles.

State the topic, subject area and grade level.

o Art Criticism, Visual Arts, 9th -12th
Why was this topic chosen? Why is this topic important in the curriculum?
o Learning about Art Criticism will allow students to analyze works of art,
both in art history, peer artwork, and art that they themselves create.
Phase 2: Developing the Research Lesson
Discuss the significant milestones that occurred during the development phase.
Address the following:

What is it about this topic that you want students to learn?

o CA Visual Arts Standards
1.4 Analyze and describe how the composition of a work of art is
affected by the use of a particular principle of design
4.5 Employ the conventions of art criticism in writing and
speaking about works of art.
What did you want to learn about students understanding and art instruction
during this lesson study cycle?
o How do students feel about judging art? Many students feel that the
merit of art is subjective and has to do with skill and popularity.
Phase 3: Teaching, Observing, Discussing and Revising the Research Lessons
Summarize the most significant events that you observed in the first research
lesson in this cycle.

Lesson Plan
o Intro/Entry Level Assessment: Puzzle Cases: How do we judge Art? Can
merit and popularity be separate?
o Formative: Guided Art Analysis as Class
Reading the description for information
Finding the literal subjects in the work
Identifying Principles of Design and Elements of Art
Interpreting the intention of the work
Coming to a Judgment about artistic merit
o Summative: Independent Art Analysis of student chosen artwork
Lesson Plan

Phase 4: Reflecting, Consolidating and Sharing

Student Learning
o Students respond to Modeling well. Going through a similar assignment
together helped prepare them to work independently for the final
o Students are ready to analyze artwork in museums and in the
classroom setting.
Further questions
o Analyzing Abstract or ancient artwork may differ