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AACEI UAE Section, in association with Vivin

Facilitators FZE, is bringing the Forensic
Construction Claim Guru and Editor of AACE
Internationals Certified Forensic Claim Consultant
(CFCC) Certification Study Guide James G. Zack to


For more information contact This two days Advanced Claim Course in Dubai, UAE, during 11 - 12
November 2015, will provide the participants an extensive opportunity to clarify
Ms. Ann their queries directly from the Construction Claim Guru James G. Zack. Jim's
+971-56 502 9309 intention is to provide an in-depth understanding on Claim Analysis and
Resolution, Steps in Forensic Claim Analysis based on real case discussions and CFCCTM certification study guide.

For more information contact

Ms. Ann
@ +971 56 502 9309 or
AACEI UAE Section Course Summary
Despite the best efforts of employers and their design professionals
AACEI UAE Section represents variations and claims are common on international construction
AACE International in the United
Arab Emirates to support AACEI
projects. This two day course will discuss aspects of forensic analysis
Members and the Professional concerning variations and claims and disputes in detail, including
Cost Engineers Community
practicing in and around UAE. How and why claims arise.
Issues concerning notices of variations, delays and other claims.
AACEI UAE Section works
towards the Goals, Vision and What is a variation and how does it differ from a claim?
Strategies of AACE international What is a claim?
AACE International is a non-profit What is the burden of proof required to substantiate a claim?
association serving the total cost The universe of claims and forensic analysis of each of the 11 basic types of
management community since claims common on international construction projects
1956. AACEI provides their Disputed variations
members and stakeholders with
the resources they need to Constructive variations
enhance their performance and Unforeseeable physical conditions
ensure continued growth and Directed suspensions of work
success. With over 9,000 Constructive suspensions of work
members world-wide, AACEI Force majeure events
serves total cost management
professionals in a variety of Delays and forensic schedule analysis
disciplines and across all Directed acceleration
industries. AACEI has members Constructive acceleration
in 92 countries. Convenience terminations
Default terminations by both employers and contractors
Damages resulting from the various types of claims
About Vivin Claim analysis
Claim resolution
Vivin Facilitators is committed in
Sample forensic claim analysis discussion.
providing Total Human Resource
Solutions and Project Introduction to Certified Forensic Claim ConsultantTM (CFCCTM) certification.
Management Services for the
Present Day Businesses and This course will assist contractors in understanding their obligations
Projects needs. under typical international contracts concerning variations and claims
Vivin, with its Global Professional under both FIDIC and U.S. contract forms. The course identifies what
Reach, can cater the needs from must be documented to support each type of claim. The course will
wide range of Industrial and
Commercial Business houses, by
also assist employers and their representatives in understanding what
means of Customized Services must be documented by claimants in order to justify variations and
and with Long Term Association. claims. Checklists have been crafted for each type of claim as a guide
to the forensic analysis.
For more information contact
Ms. Ann
@ +971 56 502 9309 or
Who should attend James G. Zack, Jr.
This course is intended both for those who are interested in becoming
claims professional, as well as, for those professionals who want to
augment or brush up their claims and dispute resolution skills and

Potential course audience would be Employers, Employer project

representatives, Design professionals, Construction managers,
Project control professionals, Contractors, and all those professional
who are associated with construction claims. Mr. Zack is the Executive Director of
the Navigant Construction
Forum. The Forum strives to be
the construction industrys
Course Fee resource for thought leadership and
best practices on avoidance and
Corporate Corporate
Regular Early Bird resolution of construction project
(3 Plus) Early Bird disputes globally.
Non - Members
600.00 540.00 510.00 480.00
Registration (USD) In the construction claims field,
Mr. Zack is a recognized and
Partner Members (USD) 540.00 490.00 460.00 430.00 published expert in mitigation,
analysis and resolution or defense
AACEI Members (USD) 480.00 430.00 410.00 380.00 of construction claims and
disputes. He has worked on claims
and disputes throughout the United
States and internationally.
Early Bird offer valid till 22 October 2015 & avail special rates for bulk
booking. Mr. Zack is a Fellow of the
Association for the Advancement of
What shall you get Cost Engineering, International
(FAACE), the Royal Institution of
Certificate from AACEI - UAE Section, jointly signed by the Trainer Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) and a
and Vivin for 20 Hours of Continued Education, which shall be used Fellow of Forensic Analysis (FFA) of
the International Guild of Project
for Professional Development hours for AACEI or peer professional Controls. He is also a member of
groups. the American Bar Associations
Construction Industry Forum; the
Handouts and Case Studies Construction Management
Association of America (CMAA) and
Cozy training ambiance with valet parking, 2 snacks and lunch for the Project Management Institute
both the days (PMI). He is a Certified Forensic
Claims Consultant (CFCC); and a
A copy of the Certified Forensic Claim ConsultantTM (CFCCTM) Project Management Professional
Certification Study Guide. (PMP). Mr. Zack is a Past President
AACE International.

For more information contact

Ms. Ann
@ +971 56 502 9309 or

Schedule & Venue

Date: Wednesday & Thursday, 1112November2015
Time: 08:3017:00hours
Millennium Airport Hotel, Dubai

Location Map For location map Scan QR on mobile devices

For more information contact

Ms. Ann
@ +971 56 502 9309 or