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Recy cle wine corks

About Us
CORKCLUB is a sustainability initiativ e funded by WIDGETCO to benefit Forest and Ocean
Conserv ation. WIDGETCO has been a leading wine cork recy cler since 2 007 .

Our objective is to increase the wine cork recycling by collecting your corks and donating money to help preserv e
the Earth. You enjoy the wine and CORKCLUB recycles your corks. For each natural cork receiv ed, we donate 2
cents each (less shipping and carbon offsets). For each synthetic cork we receiv e, we see it gets recy cled. It's a
sim ple project with an am bitious goal; to help recy cled ev ery wine cork while benefiting Forest and Ocean
Conserv ation.

Who We Are
We are people like you, worried about deforestation and ocean waste and wanting to help. We are a team of
corporate citizens from WIDGETCO working for a m ore sustainable Earth. We'd LOVE y ou to join us by
participating in CORKCLUB.

wine cork recy cling

CORKCLUB is a wine cork recycling initiative founded by WIDGETCO, a privately held company, and pioneer in
the wine cork recycling movement. Years ago, we understood that a lot of used wine corks were thrown away
while m any were being sav ed by wine lov ers.

Recognizing som ething beautiful in used wine corks, we began sourcing and supply ing these corks to crafters,
builders, artists and others who created m any exciting things.
A builder used them to construct a floor in a wine cellar in Beverly Hills (m ust be nice). An italian restaurant
owner in New Jersey cov ered a ceiling in corks.

He sav ed his corks for 1 0 years and ran out half way through the ceiling installation! We were there to help. An
artist created an art car cov ered in cor ks.

Another artist m akes beautiful portraits. Crafters create incredible projects like dart boards, coasters and ev en
tiny succulent planters. You name it? It can probably be done with cork.WidgetCo, Inc. is a leading manufacturer
and distributor of m any cork, m etal, plastic, rubber and wood products to com panie s and priv ate indiv iduals

Env ironmental stewardship is a core philosophy at WidgetCo. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and are
adv ancing program s to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recy cle.

WidgetCo, Inc. has already recycled millions of wine corks and contributed ov er $1 00,000 to charities and non -
profits. We are proud to create CorkClub to further advance our wine cork recycling efforts. Together we can help

Thank You