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with Liane Chu

GG: Geneyclee Gallery

LC: Liane Chu
Tell us a little about yourself, who are you and whats your background story?

I was born in Hong Kong. Ive lived in Hong
Kong, Shanghai and New York and learned to
draw and paint since the age of 3 from a well
known artist named CoCo Tsai. I received my
diploma in arts in Barreiro, Valencia Academy
of Arts at the age of 13 and completed a design
sketching course for undergrad in the Dong
Hua University of Shanghai at the age of 14.

In 2013, I moved to New York and was exposed

to many art scenes that New York can offer. I
lived on Museum Mile on the Upper East Side
and had the opportunity to learn and extend
my knowledge on art history and art creation.
During then, I also leveraging my time by
taking drawing course at Parsons School of Design. That was something I really

If a Tree Falls collection that I paint was exhibited in 2016 New York Art Expo
in Pier 92 and 2016 Art Shopping at the Louvre, Paris.

Tell us a little about your process of creation.

My creations are inspired by nature and philosophies. My patterned style
paintings can be seen in many art movements such as abstract and
expressionism. I use various styles, such as ink splashes & drips, and unique
mediums in my work (e.g. crackle paste) that really gives the art piece
movement. I aim to create easy to understand, simple paintings that with depth
and meaning.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I dont have a choice. I was born with the love for arts and
I have been creating since the age of two. Its who I am.

Does your work have a role in society?

Yes, my work revolves around nature and my work reminds people that beauty
is all around us so it is important to treasure it and take good care of the

Do you listen to any music whilst you work and if yes, whats your favorite genre
to listen to?

I do listen to music when I work; I listen to different genres of music from
classical to R&B and from R&B to Rap. Different beats and rhythms stimulate my

What are some of your hobbies?

Besides my art, I love writing music because to me, music and lyrics can capture
a moment or a memory and the feeling I get each time I play and sing that song, I
get to re-live that moment and that feeling.

Name one of your current aims youre aiming for now in your artist career.

One of my aims right now as an artist is to create pieces on a much larger scale. I
have limited space in Hong Kong but after getting my studio, I want to get out of
my comfort zone and create much larger pieces of work.