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Student X, Student Y, Student Z

Team Charter
Broad Team Goals
Complete Ethnography project with an increased understanding of how technical
writing is employed by economics professionals.
Complete a detailed Ethnographic Research Project that our group can use as an
example for job interviews.
Measurable Team Goals
Have a draft of each major assessment completed three days before the due date,
thus allowing for revisions.
Have each group member review the corresponding documents prior to
Personal Goals
Student X would like to understand what kinds of documents economists write
besides research papers. She would also like to observe how economic
professionals translate complex mathematical models in their writing.
Student Z: I would also be interested in learning about the different kinds of
economic writing that exists aside from the traditional medium of the academic
paper. Additionally, I would also be interested in learning the ways in which the
academic economic papers are created and the process that goes into the research
and writing for them.
Student Y: I would like to understand the process it takes to select a specific topic
of research in the economic field. Also I would like to learn how to describe these
mathematical equations in a simpler form through professional writing skills.
Individual Commitment
All group members are committed to completing this project in a timely and
focused manner.
Other Concerns
Student X, although quiet, is versatile and can undertake a number of roles, such
as speaking with others. Her specialty, however, is writing.
Student Z: Im good at writing and staying on top of things when it comes to
Student Y: I consider math to be one of my stronger skills, along with not
wasting time and working with others.
Conflict Resolution
Should conflict ever arise, we agree that we will attempt to resolve the issue by
ourselves. If unable, we will ask Professor [redacted] to intervene as she sees
Missed Deadlines
Student Z is the Task Manager and will send out weekly text updates to Student X
and Student Y.
If a deadline is missed, Student Z will call the person who has missed the
deadline. If acceptable work is provided within 6 hours or if a legitimate reason
for the delay exists, no punitive action will be taken. On the other hand, if the
partner does not provide her work, provide very unacceptable work, or gives an
illegitimate reason for delay, Professor [redacted] will be contacted.
Unacceptable Work
Standards for clearly unacceptable work are as follows: a document that
CLEARLY disregards the assignments instructions and criteria (more than 20%),
an incomplete rough or final draft, and a document that has signs of plagiarism.
Should unacceptable work be provided, a meeting will be scheduled within two
days to discuss problems and attempt to fix the work.
Task Schedule
The task schedule, though held to a high standard, is not rigid and can be revised
so long as all group members agree with the changes. For the most part, changes
should be treated as a last resort and every effort will be made to ensure a timely