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THE SEARCH IS OVER Words and Music by FRANK SULLIVAN and JIM PETERIK Mosderately Eb AbIED —_BBIED Eb AbIED ——-BbIED 40, a ae" F who At times The search {© 1904, 1965 EASY ACTION MUSI/EMI VIRGIN MUSIC, INC. and RUDE MUSIC Ais on bef of EASY ACTION MUSK avin Ef GIN MUSIC I. sa Pas Reser Goust G7/B cm ait” Bbic Ey Bhp FB an" just a ly yous that you cm FER ae Gsusd ie oo ate knew. 1 took for 1 came to. my damn— You'll know grant ed ‘sen ses through the friend 1 have for cer - tain the oman 1 real ‘THE SEARCH IS OVER © G/B FIA Gsust T was liv-ing for Gp FIA. Geuss Ht Tak - ing on the world, that was just_my style, G7 FIG. Eb Abmaj7 te He |“ 1 can see for- Ten see for- 1 could hear you Em? Bo7 Bb7 = — if ia vo} Gm i you were ‘The search is over, } you were » with me all — the love was FF Fr one Bb/D Now the miles stretch out be = hind me, loves that 1 Eb BbID | Cm Gm? Ab BbiAb + ily struck ke Bb ‘ sa WN. ae UU, a light ~ nin’ from. the blue; Eb if ea D.S Sat Coda 4 Ab/ED —Bb/ED Eb fe.