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Description :
Teacher asks students questions
about personal background, EXPERIMENTS / DEMONSTRATION
activities, readings, and interests Description :
Advantages : Students complete experiment or
Informal and relaxed context demonstrate use of materials
Conducted over successive days Advantages :
with each student Students make formal
Record observations on an presentation, written report, or
interview guide both
Can observe oral and written
STORY OR TEXT RETELLING products and thinking skills
Description : Scored with rubric or rating scale
Students retell main ideas or
selected details of text experienced CONSTRUCTED-RESPONSE ITEMS
through listening or reading Description :
Advantages : Students respond in writing to
Students produce oral report open-ended questions
Can be scored on content or Advantages :
language components Students produce written report
Scored with rubric or rating scale Usually scored on substantive
Can determine reading information and thinking skills
comprehension, reading strategies, Scored with rubric or rating scale
and language development
Description : Teacher observes student
Students generate narrative, attention, response to instructional
expository, persuasive, or materials, or interactions with
reference paper other students
Advantages : Advantages :
Students produce written Setting is classroom environment
documents Takes little time
Can be scored on content or Record observations with anecdotal
language components notes or rating scales
Scored with rubric or rating scale
Can determine writing processes PORTFOLIOS
Description :
PROJECTS / EXHIBITIONS Focused collection of student work
Description : to show progress over time
Students complete project in Advantages :
content area, working individually Integrates information from a
or in pairs number of sources
Advantages : Gives overall picture of student
Students make formal performance and learning
presentation, written report, or Strong student involvement and
both commitment
Can observe oral and written Calls for student self-assessment
products and thinking skills
Scored with rubric or rating scale