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Observation Task 3: Managing Transitions

Table 9: Example Managing Transitions.

Type and function of Strategies Efficacy of the Suggestions for further
transitions used to strategy in terms development.
facilitate of promoting
transitions positive behavior
and minimizing
1 Greeting and directing The teacher The cards are kept in Student at this transition
children to complete greets some of the same place develop their thinking about
the registration the children every morning so their name, their name has
process and directs all the children are their picture so they know
of them to take following a strict that is my picture so my
their name routine. name write like this and the
Finding name cards and put first letter at my name is this.
cards. them on the So, at the first time they will
registration Siting with the have difficult in this but with
board as they student in the circle doing it every day they will
come into the area and applying develop that.
classroom. for them a song
Reinforce the good
She tells the behavior, because if
student to sit they are sitting
at their places without anything
in the circle they will be
time until the misbehave and the
bell rang for problem will start.
the morning
2 Lining up for the The teacher The students know Lining up help the student to
morning line/playing asks the if they want to go learn the arrangement and
background student to do out-side the following the rules.
the line for classroom they have Also, it is reducing the
moving from to be in the line and misbehave at the classroom
the class to the anyone how break and when they are walking at
school the rules the teacher the school square they look in
square/playing punish the student. order.
Let the helping hand
The teacher be the first one at
said it is time the line because
for the morning every time the
line/playing student fight to be
outside. the first one in the
Lining up