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++ The Secrets of Vadorax ++

Knowledge compendium v 1.0 a custom campaign setting for Warhammer 40000 written by Miles Drake


“She stood beneath a sky once populated by the swirling nightmare shapes of the warp's uncolour, but was now populated by stars. Until recently, she had never seen stars, and had only heard ancient tales of the things. Now, they, and many moons, were all that were visible in the frigid night sky, with the miasma of the dark beyond having abated. It would have been beautiful, she thought, if the number of stars hadn't increased so drastically over the last few weeks.

She knew that could mean only one thing. The speakers had warned her, and the Supay dancing in the flames had foretold

it. They were coming.

She knew 'them' only by the ancient Black Tomes in the Library of Split Tongues, by the legends sung by Blood Cults of the

Dead City, and by the flickering warnings of the Supay. 'They' were an omen. The stars that shone before the storm. She

sighted through the scoped lens of her ancient rifle, and magnified the image of one such star. Closer, and seen through the

scope of her weapon, the star was not a star at all. It was an ominous shape, faintly glowing in the light of the Dead Twin

Suns well beyond the horizon's gloom.

'The Imperium', the Tomes knew it as. Some vast tribe that stretched across a million stars. An immense hegemony forged

in blood and kept alive by the daily sacrifice of billions. 'They' were coming. Their heralds drifted listlessly above the

atmosphere, watching, searching.

"They don't know why they've come." the creature beside her said, its sibilant hiss echoing from behind the metal grilled

facemask. It coiled around her, the grey shrouds of its cloak enveloping her in a preternatural chill. "They see what they

wish to see. Secrets they can plunder. They come, like vultures to pick at the bones of dead "

She nodded to it, brushing its ephemeral form away. "They won't have the secrets though. They cannot, because we will kill

them." she returned, her voice soft as the dust wind sweeping through the skeleton trees. She lowered her rifle and turned

around, gazing down the starlit hillock towards the gathering of grey-clad men and women beneath her.

"Outsiders come!" she began. "They come through the Dark Beyond to take this world from us. They will bring fire with

them, and will burn us if we oppose them! But they do not realize that we own the flames! I have spoken to the

Whispering Wind, and its fire will stand with US, not them! Vadorax is ours! It is the mother that birthed and nurtured us,

the father that flogged and punished us, it created us, and it has hardened us, and we will not let it fall into the careless

clutches of this 'Imperium!' Stand with me Brothers of the Ash, and Sisters of the Ember, for we must prepare these

Outsiders a fitting welcome "

No chorus, no applause, no cheer answered her. Only silence. Her ever shifting shadow coiled about her again, and whispered.

"I will wake the Sleepers

Cults in the Dead City, and Green Ones in the wastes

dwellers in Sharydan's depths

They will be angry, and they will think the Outsiders have woken them

I will wake Vadorax for our Outsiders to find

I will instigate the

I will sing to the Feaster in the Hollow Mountains, and shout to



brethren. "Secrets that should have remained buried. That is all they will find

now gone, its form twisting away from her, leaving the usual, hollow sensation that occurred when it left her. It would do

exactly as it said it would. Vadorax would wake, and Vadorax would rage. She turned, addressing the ashen skinned folk

around her. "Come, we have work to do."


she replied to the metal mask of her shadow, before shouldering her rifle and descending the hillock to her


She descended amongst them, her shadow

Welcome gentlemen, to Vadorax

This document is a compendium of all the separate detachments, characters, rules errata, FAQs and whatever else Miles has written or altered for the campaign. I have taken it upon myself as a true follower of Tzeentch, for his greater glory, to gather all knowledge posted in the campaign group in an easier to browse format.

In case you find errors or mistakes, including typos or grammatical errors, please message me (Paul Mulder) in order to have the Compendium updated or altered in any way shape or form.

The ultimate goal here is to make a document that is an easy reference during the campaign to see who you are facing, quickly look up that errata that was posted back in February without having to

search through the entire group, or just sit back and read the stories that tell of the fight for Vadorax'


or it's ultimate damnation.

The Secrets of Vadorax is the tale of a far off backwater system, long shrouded in

warp storms, that without obvious reason recently gained access to the wider

universe again. With the storm dissipating, all manner of military forces are sent

to investigate what is left, and what caused the storm in the first place. Millenia

of isolation have not been kind to the small system however, and though there are

some pockets of Imperial friendly remnants left, most of the system did not fare



The Setting Factions, armies and players

Custom Detachments Custom Characters

Rules Errata FAQ and clarifications

Round 1 Missions - Results Round 2 Missions – Results Round 3 Missions

The big tome of lore Round 1 stories Round 2 stories

++ The Setting++

Most of the current human inhabitants have fallen to chaos, in the form of a sinister organizations called the Ashen Hand, (worshipers of Uku'pacha, the Whispering Wind, Greater Lord of Change) and the Blood Cults (followers of the mighty Huit'zal, Vicar of Boiling Blood, Bloodthirster of Insesate Rage)

Varkozia, a green hued moon orbiting Vadorax had long since been abandoned to the disease ridden followers of Nurgle, led by an entity that names itself Yomag.

++Factions, armies and players++

Imperial Military Forces

Sub-faction: Space Marine Strike Force

Where the Astra Militarum was sent in to secure and hold, the Space Marines directed into the

Vadorax system have organized themselves into a sizable strike force, combining the might of several

different time-honored Chapters into a lethal force ready to strike at any threat that might linger

on Vadorax.

Bart Mulderij – Blood Angels 2 nd Company, led by Captain Aphael, Master of the Watch Tim Peters – Blood Angels, 5 th Company “Daemonbanes”, led by Captain Sendini, Keeper of the Arsenal Tom Ramerman – Salamanders Strike Force, led by Forge Master Argos Arie Jinte Jintes – Ultramarines 10 th Company, led by Captain Antilochus Mathijss Den Daas – Adamantium Resolve (IH succesors) 1 st company, led by Reclusiarch Orthus Raan Martin Hooijenga – Celestial Lions (custom CT) Strikeforce, led by Chapter Master Brictius

Grey Knights Most secret and secretive of the Space Marine Chapters, the Grey Knights work in the shadows,

fighting the taint of chaos where they can. They answer to none, and their business in Vadorax is

their own. Inquisitive minds will get themselves mind purged at best, “neutralized” more often.

Jurjan Bruggink – The 7 th Brotherhood, led by Brother Captain Darig Tegvar

Sub-faction: The Astra Militarum, Vadorax Reclamation Crusade

A large contingent of guard was sent to reclaim the system for the Imperium of man. Commanded

by Inquisitorial command, an Ordo Xenos military force is backed by 2 regiments of veteran

fighting men from the fortress world of Cadia, and a regiment of Caelum Grenadiers bringing the

Emperors light to this dark corner of the universe

Phil Hoggart – Cadian 121 st mechanized infantry, led by Colonel Phil David Clarke – Cadian 269 th “Jericho's Saints”, led by Colonel Bernhard Ulysses Kuntz Barran Haunan – Caleum 1 st Grenadiers, led by Colonel Marquez Rick Stavasius – Ordo Xenos forces, led by Inquistor Arno Tempestus

The Fringe Alliance

Tau and Eldar forces entering the system after its re-appearance soon allied to stand a chance in

face of such an onslaught of Imperial might. Though each force has it's own agenda, the alliance

stands firm in order the secure the resources and knowledge that lie in the systems asteroids and

the planets depths.

Sean Ahn – Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar, led by Farseer Yslyth PathWeaver Martijn Schuiling – Tau Infiltration Cadre, led by Shas'o Manot Mal'coar Marcel Lohuis – Craftworld Biel-Tan strikeforce “The Bahzakhain”, led by Martijn Doornik – Void Dragons (E/DE/H combined raiders), led by Princess Saaraina

The Convergence of Chaos

Under the wings of Uku'pacha, the forces of chaos have long reigned Vadorax and it's surroundings.

To what end the Chaos Gods have loosened their grip on the system is anyone's guess, but

everything indicates that there is a Greater Plan. Each god has laid claim on different area's of the

planet, its moon or its satellites, and each god has appointed a warlord to lead their armies,

mortal or warp spawned, to fight for it's greater glory.

Marco Zagwijn – Night lords raiders, led by Decimus, Sorcerer- Prophet of the Eight Legion Roy Schrijver – Combined Nurgle forces, led by Yomag, Herald of the Brain Mold Steffan Janneman – Combined Slaaneshi forces, led by Sorcerer-Lord Nemestix Paul Mulder – Combined Tzeentch and Khorne daemon forces, led by Uku'pacha, the Whispering Wind Miles Drake – The Ashen Hand and Blood Cults (Renegade AM/ IA heretics and traitors)

Non – aligned armies

Not every presence in the Vadorax system aligns itself with any of the above mentioned factions,

but instead work to further their own mysterious goals, be it to dominate, or devour

Heiko Matthijs – Mephrit Dynasty Necrons, led by Sokar the Ancient Sleeper Erwin van der Meulen – The Lurkers Beneath (Tyranids), led by The Horror of Sharydan