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Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning through the

Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Table 3: Music and Movement (Example)

Observed learning Centers Description: Objective International
(include photo): (Music & Movement) Learning

-I sat with the Music:

teacher and we Appreciation: Students were enjoying the
-perform dances
were thinking about movements and the music as well. They were
and movements
a beautiful occasion happy because their mothers are watching
that match with
that is coming, so them while their performing and the students
the music.
that we have time did all their best to show their mothers what
to choose the song do they know.
and we have time Pitch: Students were all singing at the same -express personal
to rehears the pitch and theyre voice was clear and loud. feelings and ideas
dance. Then we Rhythm: Students were at the same rhythm, towards their
agreed on the they were all doing the same movements mothers.
mothers day such as moving from the right to the left, say
occasion and we then you to the audience and simple. -become more
were discussing Notation: students write music or make their confident and
about the own music aware of their
movements. We Conservation: students remember the melody abilities
collaborated with of a song
the teachers and Movement:
principle and each -When the music starts , all students hold -show their love
teacher was giving each other hands and move to the right side and passion for
some advises. We and left side, then they start singing in a slow their mothers.
did an invitation to voice and when the music start again they
invite their parents. sing in a loud voice and while performing they -control their
I trained the see their mothers. Students were doing body movements.
students 3 days different movements such as, they will be
before the earing necklaces that has a picture of a -Follow the
performance , I was women wearing Sheila and hijab and when teachers
nervous because I they hear my mother they will point at the instructions and
was thinking that 3 picture thats hanged on their necks. In guidelines.
days is not enough addition to that whenever they hear Allah
for the students and the prophet Muhammad they raise
because some of their hands and look up. When students hear
them will forget the my father they all show us with their hands
movements . I the heights of their fathers. At the end of the
decided to train the song the students hold each others hand and
students the bow down then they stand again and smile
movements step by and say thank you to the audience.
step, before plying Relationship: students have some space
the music I was between others so that they can have space
asking the to move and do the movements.
students questions Interpretation: students imagine that the
related to the song necklace that they are wearing they pretend
such as who wipe that this is their mother picture.
your tears, who
know your fears,
who always stay
with you? All of
them raised their
hands and they
said in a very loud
voice My mother.
I told the students
that the mothers
day is after three
days and you will
perform the
movements in front
of your mothers,
they really got
excited. I trained
them the
movements and the
song as well they
got familiar with
the movements and
the song as well
and they are ready
for the mothers
day occasion to
perform with their
peers in the
presence of their

Reflections on Observation Task 3: Supporting Learning

through the Performing Arts: Music and Movement

Read the questions below and choose one to answer

1. The creative arts teach children that problems can

have more than one solution and that questions can
have more than one answer. One of the large lessons
kids can learn from practicing creative arts is that
there are many ways to see and interpret the world.
In your opinion, why is this important and what
impact does this have on education?

-Its important to build confidence and self-esteem to enable

them to adjust and live happily with all types of people.
To help them respect others point of view and live a
balanced life. This important impact is that we create
confined and sound induvial for the future.