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RELATIVE PRONOUNS ‘Complete the sentences withthe missing Relative pronouns. Sometimes two options are possible. Put the pronoun in brackets if you can omit 41. Thisis the person__I met atthe arty 2 Vcanremember atime there was no television, 3. Theman house was burgled has gone tothe police. 4. Theman you bought the house fom is my uncle, 5. The River Thames, flows through London, is more than two hundred miles long 6. What’ the name ofthe restaurant. you had lunch? 7. Tina Hanis, brothers the actor Paul Harts, is good fiend of mine 8. The book you lent me is very interesting, 8. My young sister, you spoke to atthe meeting, wants o study History. 10. Is there a time we can meet? 11. Ymalraid that’s al I can tll you. 12. The it is going to marr is an English teacher. 13. Brighton, is ffy-two miles from London, is a popular holiday resort 14, Thetactory | works going to close down 45, Thisis the partofthe river ike to swim in 16. Myfather, you met the other day, thnks you have a lt of talent, 17, Allthe people know him thnk very highly of him. 18. Bridge, "play at least once a week, isa fascinating game. 19. Is thatthe hospital __you had your operation? 20. Somerset Mangham, stories | enjoy very much, died a few years ago. 21. This refrigerator, "have had for over ten years, has never given me any trouble. 22. The student book you borrowed wants it bac. 23, \¢id al_____ was necessary to be done. 24. Thats the church Ken and Kate were married, 25. Do you remember the time your car broke down on the motorway? ‘Match the sentences with a Relative pronoun, Use commas in case they are necessary. 41. Mostof the people speak German, They lve in Aust, 2. Tknow a shop. It sels relly good meat. 3, Rilantais a city. The Olympic Games were held in 1996, 4, The bus isnt running today. It goes to Oxtord. 5. Yesterday Imet aman. He works with your brother 6. Can you pick up the papers? They are ying onthe floor. 7. ‘Rwoman was teribly upset. Her dog was run over. 8, We saw alot of shops. The windows were decorated for Christmas, 9, The house is emply now. | used to lve there. 10. The tak was very interesting. Judy gave it