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Lesson Planning

Waynesburg University

Pre-Instructional Planning:
The thought process that leads to the development of quality, meaningful lesson plans

Guiding questions that will provide the framework for the lesson. (Respond to each question.)
Who will you be teaching? (Identify student grade level as well as academic functioning level and specific needs of individual students)
First Grade students, mid-year academic level, activities will be multi-sensory.

Who (if anybody) will assist with the presentation of this lesson, and what will their role be?
Myself, the teacher.

What is the long range goal(s) that is tied to this lesson?

To create an interdisciplinary unit based on the Gingerbread Man.

What is the specific learning objective(s) for this lesson?

The learning objectives will vary from lesson to lesson exhibiting the understanding of math skills, writing skills and/or reading skills.

What prerequisite skills/knowledge will students need to effectively access and participate in this lesson?
Comparing and contrasting literature
Basic math skills
Working in small groups

When within the stages of learning will this lesson be presented? (Is it a learning acquisition lesson, learning fluency lesson, learning
maintenance lesson, or learning generalization lesson?)
The theme of the gingerbread man will be intertwined in various lessons in areas of reading, writing, and math. These lessons will vary from
learning acquisition, learning maintenance and generalization lesson.

When will this lesson be completed? (Will it be a one-day lesson or a multiple day lesson?)
This unit will last for ten days.

Where should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (computer lab, classroom, science lab…) AND
what materials will be needed?
This unit will be completed primarily in the classroom with some out of class activities around the school and in the computer lab.
Materials needed for this unit include: various versions of the Gingerbread story, chart paper, promethean board, markers, computers, printer,
and a stuffed gingerbread man.
Why are you planning to teach this lesson? Why must this information/skill be presented to the students?
The theme of the gingerbread man is classic literature and will create an interest in the different content areas.

How does this lesson relate to the PA Academic Standards?

Creating an interdisciplinary theme
Will cover the necessary standards for the specific content area

How does this lesson relate to the previous lesson? How does this lesson relate to future lessons?
The gingerbread man theme will be integrated into each lesson

How will you determine if students have met the lesson objective? (Think assessment)
Class discussion and participation

How should this lesson be presented to ensure maximum student access and participation? (lecture, whole group activities, small group
activities, cooperative learning groups…)
Projects will b e competed either independently or in small learning groups and stories will be shared in whole groups.