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Form No.

JI 2004-FORM-HSE-002

Job Safety Analysis Petrofac

Activity: Mechanical Excavations JI 2004-JSA-007 Rev B
Site/Facility: Work Area: KOC Permit No & Date:

In Case of Emergency, contact KOC @ 160

Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles/ Glasses, Hand Gloves, Overall, Dust Mask, Earth Moving
PPE & Tools: Equipments (Loader, Shovel, Excavator, rock Breaker, Bob Cat, Dump Truck etc), Shoring and
barricading materials, including metal detector; gas detector when required by the works.

Ensure and obtain EOD clearance certificate for the
area from Company
Ensure all personnel have undergone Project HSE
Induction and EOD training.
Poor Task Planning
Perform scanning for underground facilities, mark all
underground in drawings, prepare scanning reports 2(B)
Presence of EOD 3(C) LOW
and all the documents should be attached with
MEDIUM permits
Ensure slit trenching is done before attempting
Mechanical excavation.
Obtain mark up drawings and clearly identify days
scope of work & designated access routes.
Obtain required Permit to Work in compliance with
KOC SA.004 ( Permit to Work Procedure)
Ensure to comply with KOC HSEMS Document
Excavation Procedure (KOC.SA.026)
Ensure Contract Excavation Check list is completed
and attached to Permit.
Ensure Company Excavation Notification, Permit to
Work, CSE permit (For excavations deeper than 1.2
Pre - work Meters if personnel entry is required) is duly
authorized by Company.
Non-compliance of KOC HSEMS 2(B)
procedure, F & S Regulations
3(C) All Mobile Plants and equipments (MPE) will be LOW
MEDIUM checked by KOC and a Valid Clearance Certificate
issued, prior to equipment use
Ensure all equipment used is having a valid
Equipment Clearance Certification in accordance
with the KOC HSE SA 013 Temporary Mobile
Equipment procedure.
Ensure all firefighting equipment are available and
approved by the company
Strictly follow Company driving procedures, Kuwait
Ministry of Interior Traffic regulations
Ensure that the Emergency Numbers are posted at
site, and personnel are informed in the TBT once per
Personnel injured due to poor Ensure proper communication means available 2(B)
communication or having no knowledge 3(C) Mobile Phone outside Live Plant areas) and in case LOW
of ERP MEDIUM of any emergency contact PIL Construction:
97205041,PILHSE: 97218253/97216597, PMC
Lead: 60683179, PMC HSE: 60630965 and/or KOC
Emergency # 160

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Form No. JI 2004-FORM-HSE-002
Operator must have a valid equipment operating
license of the State of Kuwait.
Ensure driver of the vehicle have completed
Defensive Drive training by the Contractor.
Do not drive in Foggy/ Dusty/ rainy weather
condition in case of poor visibility.
Untrained personnel Ensure all personnel have completed HSE awareness
trainings as applicable by Contractor
Physically check all equipment/ tools by a 2(B)
Driving / equipment operation
3(C) LOW
MEDIUM competent Foremen or Supervisor
Ensure only competent/authorized personnel are
carrying out the task
Conduct TBT and ensure that PPE appropriate to the
work to be undertaken is correctly identified & used
Ensure Supervision and all personnel are trained for
excavation Safety before deployment at Site.
Ensure to provide dedicated trained banks man for
every equipment
Provide adequate warning signs, Barricades, Flash
lights for exposed excavation.
Unauthorized access to the excavation Keep Equipments, excavated soils/ materials at safe
area. distance (1:00 meter minimum) from excavation
3(C) edge.
Falling of equipment ,personnel, tools, MEDIUM Check ground conditions prior to excavation and
excavated materials into the trench positioning of equipment, adopt extra safety
precautions for excavation on wet ground.
Ensure availability of Banks man with vest
Use sloping, benching, shoring as appropriate for the
Mechanical Collapse / Cave ins of excavation walls
excavation as required. 2(B)
Excavation 3(C)
Provide appropriate means of access and egress LOW
Trapping of personnel inside trench MEDIUM (Ladders) at regular interval.
No Excavation shall be performed within 1 Meters
distance from existing hydrocarbon carrying
pipelines & other services as per KOC.SA.026
No Excavation shall be performed within 5 Meters
Damage to expose underground/ above 2(B)
4(D) distance from existing hydrocarbon carrying
ground services. LOW
HIGH pipelines & other facilities as per KOC.SA.026
Provide temporary supports, protection covering
using polythene, tarpaulins etc for all exposed live
services as required.
Injury / damage from improper tools & Ensure all equipment use is inspected and in good
equipments 3(C) condition prior to commence work.
MEDIUM Do not use defective / improper tools

Carry out Gas test before attempting any manual

Possibility of toxic flammable gas 2(B)
3(C) excavation in hazardous live plant area/ near live
MEDIUM company assets.

Ensure to comply with KOC HSEMS Document

Electrical Work Safety Procedure (KOC.SA.027)
Do not use mechanical excavation below the
overhead electrical cable line if the equipment
Overhead Electrical Power lines movement exceeds the allowable vertical height 2(B)
3(C) LOW
limit (i.e. 5 meters vertical clearance).
Install the appropriate goal post to ensure the safe
maximum vertical clearance of equipment passing /
operating below the overhead electrical power line
Personnel injury due to poor house Ensure the work place is maintained clear of debris,
keeping waste, other rubbish & make the place clean & tidy.
Provide adequate warning signage as required
Injury/ Accident due to improper Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life
marking/ barricading For welfare facility/ short breaks, contractors
Additional 2(C) 2(B)
Animal/ Reptile bites existing office facility at point A or pioneer office at
hazards LOW CIPF shall be used.
Heat Stress/ Extreme Cold Ensure availability of ample quantity of fresh water
Do not touch any company assets without proper
Un identified Objects exposure authorization.
In case of strange objects are found, immediately

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Form No. JI 2004-FORM-HSE-002
stop the activity, evacuate all personnel from the
work location and inform Company representative or
call KOC Safety / EOD as appropriate at 160.

Worksite Supervisor Approved by Reviewed by

(Subcontractor or Petrofac) (Petrofac HSE) (Worley Parsons)

Name: Name: Name:

Company: Company: Petrofac International Ltd Company: Worley Parsons Kuwait LLC

Designation: Designation: Designation:

Signature: Signature:

Date: Date: Date:

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