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Grade, Subject, and Lesson Title
Film Studies 25/35 Lesson # 5 out of a unit of 17 lessons
Short Film Creation Script outline and story

Learner Outcomes (Program of Studies)

1. The student will interact with
film for the purposes of building
technical proficiency, a sense of
personal identity as an artist,
expression and a developing
disciplinary theory.
1.2a engaging in the creative
process of finding inspiration,
designing, making and analyzing
within media art Plan for Diversity (or state why none)
2. The student will respond to and
investigate a wide range of artworks
Student with Down syndrome visual learning, breaking down the task,
in the medium.
one on one check ins and check in with group
2.2a Observing and reflecting on Student with anxiety modifications to group work student teacher
conferencing for success
ones work and the work of others For all students small and large group work
Peer mentorship opportunities
3. The student will work alongside
other artists and mentors to learn the
language, techniques, culture and
nuances of the discipline
3.2c Developing effective studio
3.2d Contributing to the learning of

Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills, Strategies

and/or Attitudes
Students have established criteria for excellence, and common language for discussing films
Students are collecting found conversation snipits which will be utilized today
Students will continue to develop effective strategies for group work
Objective (one sentence describing how students will change* as result of this lesson)
Students will generate storyline from found conversation and contribute to the learning of others by
participating in a brainstorming activity
Students will continue to develop effective group work and studio routines
*Knowledge, skills, attitudes, or appreciation
Hook Can we generate meaningful films set in High School through found conversation?
Link to previous learning
Materials, Resources, Technology:
Students found conversation, poster board and markers
Activity Ongoing
Sequence Time Teacher & Student Activity
Introduction This week we are going to generate
and pitch our scripts. This activity will help us
consider inspiration of our determined high school
Write your found conversations on the
poster board leaving space around them
In your groups consider: who might have
said this when in the story might this
take place is this exposition, does the
conversation suggest conflict etc. Is
there a location that the conversation
Intro to storyline makes you think of and on to the
participate, make
brainstorming activities 5mins conversation suggest further
Small group brainstorming 10mins conversation, location, questions.
questions and
Larger gallery walk 10mins Gallery walk leave your groups page,
20mins conversation
Return to small group when you read other pages add to the
25mins Initial script
considering new inspiration inspiration, still considering the essential outlines generated
and beginning to develop questions. I encourage you to add on to at
script least one idea on each page
Return to your groups page, as you start to
examine your page take a look at the
offerings of your colleagues, circle any
ideas that you are drawn to and would like
to discuss further with your group. Be open
to new possibilities
After discussing ideas start to consider
possible story line, consider the elements
of plot and begin initial script writing

Closure Tomorrow we will continue developing our storylines

(Summary, wrap-up, clean-up, follow-up 10mins
starting to think about film pitches
Use positive language
Reflection (ongoing and
after) What needs to be an activity vs. what can be a conversation
to help shape meaningful tasks.