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Name: Elaina Eikey

Grade Level: 2
Content Area: Social Studies
Standards Addressed: SS2H1 The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in
Georgia history.

1. Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary
Musgrove (founding of Georgia); Sequoyah (development of a Cherokee alphabet); Jackie
Robinson (sports); Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human

Student Response Technology Used:

NearPod Socrative PollEverywhere iRespond TodaysMeet Other: Kahoot!
Technology that students will use to respond to questions/prompts:
Computer Hand-held student response system (such as iRespond) Phone
Tablet (such as iPad Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch)
Describe the instructional activities that will occur prior to the SRS activity and how you will
introduce the SRS activity: This activity will be used in the middle of the week after we read the book,
Martins Big Words. This will allow me to guide the instruction for the rest of the week based on the
Describe the purpose of the SRS activity (check all that apply):
Assess Prior Knowledge Anticipatory Set (Create Interest in a Topic) To Illuminate Common
Misconceptions Formative Assessment of Content Knowledge (for purposes of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) Summative Assessment of Content Knowledge Test Preparation
Survey/Poll Discussion Starter Homework Collection Other
Additional explanation of purpose (optional): Comprehension

Type of session: Teacher-Paced Student-Paced

Identification of students:
Students will log-in so their individual scores will be available to you after the session
SRS activity will be anonymous
Briefly describe what will happen during the SRS activity
Students will listen to the book, Martins Big Words. We will have a class discussion about the book and
what they already know about the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr. The teacher will
project the question and the answer choices using a projector. Students will have a device, so that they can
choose the corresponding shape or answer choice. We will discuss each question and answer after all of the
students have submitted their answers.
Blooms Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Types of questions/prompts (Check all that apply):
Multiple choice Multiple Select True/False Yes/No Short open-ended response
or fill in the blank Longer open-ended response
Provide samples of questions/prompts to be given to students:
2. What did Martin's mother always tell him?
5. What did Martin lead people to do to stand up for their rights?
8. How long did the protests go on before segregation was ended?
Right/Wrong Answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions? Yes No
Mixed (Some will have correct answers, others will not.)
Immediate corrective feedback:
Will you pre-select correct answers to some or all of the questions and display correct response to the class
after the SRS activity? Yes No
Why or why not? I want the students to know the correct answer to the question because it will be fresh in
their head.
Use of data: This will not count as a grade for my students, but it will allow me to check their
comprehension after reading the book, Martins Big Words. After I see how the students did on this mini
quiz, I will change my instruction for the rest of the week and meet with the students that need help. I will
be the only one that sees the answers provided by the students.

Describe what will occur after the SRS activity: After the SRS activity we will continue learning
about Martin Luther King Jr.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity. This will be the first time that I use Kahoot! In my
classroom, so I hope that my students enjoy checking their comprehension in a different way than they are
used to. I want my students to be engaged and my shy students to participate as much as possible.
Other comments about your SRS activity (optional):