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Kailey Olbrich-Daniels

Professor Malcolm Campbell

UWRT 1104

14 February 2017

Topic Proposal: Why is there discrimination between baseball and softball?


I will be investigating the gender discrimination in sports, especially softball because

there are no professional platforms past the college level and it doesnt get as much recognition

as baseball.

It is hard enough as it is nowadays for girls to be interested and get into a sport but it is

even harder when it is dominated by males. Even at the middle school and high school level

baseball gets more recognition than softball. According to the article Left Field many girls will

stop playing sports because society pays more attention to male sports than female sports. I

will mostly focus on sports within the United States but will also look into international sports

and if there is gender discrimination.

Initial Inquiry Question(s):

Why does baseball get more recognition than softball? Why doesnt softball have a

major league? Why does baseball get included in the Olympics when they already have MLB?

Why do women have to work so much harder in sports to get recognized?

My Interest in this Topic:

Im interested in in this topic because I played softball in middle school and high school

and have personally felt that softball didnt get as much recognition as baseball. Even if the
softball team was doing better than the baseball team we would still receive less funding and

recognition. Our softball field looked nicer by my senior year and looks even better now

because as a team we would spend weekends working to improve the field. I want to learn

more as to why this is the case and why softball players have to work significantly harder than

the baseball players to receive the recognition we deserve.

Next Steps:

I will use the library database to help further my research and to narrow down my

research to help refine my topic even more. I will also look more into other resources like books

and more articles.






This topic proposal is good and short and concise. It goes into enough detail to answer any

questions the reader might have but not too much detail where it would drag on. It is clear that
you are passionate about this topic and that you have already done a good amount of research

for it. It is also clear that you have previous knowledge and experience which I think could be

incorporated into the essay to help the reader understand and be more connected. I think this

is a very interesting topic. While reading the proposal, I found myself asking the same question

that were posed and wondering why softball isnt viewed on the same level as baseball.

-Maddison Clark

To me, it is clear that you have personal experience with this topic, and I think that will make

you write a better paper. If possible, I think maybe including one thing from your life, or

something you saw with a friend etc., would help make an emotional argument/get your point

across in a different manner than facts can. I liked the questions you asked about MLB and why

its represented at such a high level. Asking those questions gets the reader engaged in

thinking about the topic like you do.

-Austin Vote

This is a nice topic proposal that is to the point. It includes good detail that the reader will be

able to use to answer any questions that they might have. Your passion for the topic is clear

and evident through the course of your paper. I think your personal experiences will be able to

help you through the process of completing this assignment.