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Written Presentation Report

Sara Pagnanelli, Marisa Mongioi, and Maya Yoder

Marywood University

Author Note:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: African Cuisine
Paragraph 3: American Indian Cuisine
Paragraph 4: Alaskan Native Cuisine

This week during lab, the cultures that were studied were African, American Indian and

Alaskan Natives. These cultures were extremely varied in the types of food they eat because of

the different geographies, cultures and religions. Each area is also very different because of the

mixture of cultures and influences from the areas around them, therefore making each culture


The food in Africa is especially unique due its geography. There are 54 countries and

the land ranges from deserts to rainforests. Therefore, natives have to find ways to utilize their

environment and the foods available to them in their area. Africa is located in a tropical zone

which means there is warm, dry weather with a lot of rainfall. This impacts the food growth in

their areas, making it ideal to grow fruits. In the northern parts of Africa, the main types of food

produced include spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon and different types of wheat. Meanwhile

in the southern and eastern parts of the country, they have more citrus fruits and fish because of

their proximity to the water. Foods in Central Africa include plantains and sources of protein

such as goat and chicken meat. Overall, some of the top crops that are grown in Africa include

corn, wheat, and rice. These ingredients have a direct impact on the food eaten in Africa

because most of the dishes include a large portion of these types of crops, as opposed to the

excess meat people tend to eat in America.

Similar to African cuisine, American Indian food is varied due to the varied geography.

American Indians live in. There are six regions they can live in, therefore, where they lived

impacted what they could grow and what kind of game they would eat. In areas such as the

south, the Indians were more likely to eat fish and more tropical fruits because of their access to

the ocean and the warmer weather they experience there. In the midwest, Indians have found

that grains and hunting animals such as bison are favorable because of the flat land. Even

though the food varies, there are some staple foods that are indigenous to America that seem to

be used in every tribe. These foods includes maize or corn, tomatoes and potatoes.

Alaskan native food varies from American Indian and African because there is less of a

variety due to the climate and geographical differences. Since the weather throughout the state

is pretty much constant, the whole state is cold and usually covered in snow. This makes

growing produce extremely difficult, therefore limiting what the natives can eat. The people rely

on what is around them, so they often hunt game such as elk, seal or reindeer, or they go