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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

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NO.1 What is defined in ABAP Dictionary. (3 answer)

A. Type tools.
B. Transparent tables.
C. Domains.
D. Internal tables
E. Methods
Answer: ABC

SAP exam simulations C-TAW12-71 answers real

questions C-TAW12-71

NO.2 Size of Integer.

A. 8 bytes

4 28-04-2017 17:04
C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

B. 6 bytes
C. 4 bytes
D. Assigns as you declare the value.
Answer: C

SAP C-TAW12-71 (

/C-TAW12-71.html) C-TAW12-71 exam prep

NO.3 What you can do in class builder.

A. Local class and Local interface from your local program.
B. Redefine classes and interfaces.
C. When you can define global class, you can use in F8 Function.
Answer: ABC

SAP exam dumps C-TAW12-71 study guide C-TAW12-71 test

questions C-TAW12-71 exam

NO.4 What are the components of ABAP Workbench.(3 answer)

A. Function builder.
B. Class Builder
C. Screen Painter
D. Two more options.
Answer: ABC

SAP demo C-TAW12-71 pdf C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71

NO.5 In a table, when buffering settings are switched on and buffering style
is single,What would

5 28-04-2017 17:04
C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

be the option .
D. One more option
Answer: A

SAP exam prep C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 practice

test C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 demo (

NO.6 There are two classes CL_SUPER and CL_SUB. Class CL_SUPER
has method say
SUPER_METHOD and CL_SUB has a method SUB_METHOD.[This q
gave me confidence and put me
into confusion!!....what is wrong (TRICKY thing is they dint mention
CL_SUB is inherited from
DATA: GO_SUPER type ref to CL_SUPER,
GO_SUB type ref to CL_SUB.
Answer: A

SAP test C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 exam dumps

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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

NO.7 Which of the following part of SAP business suite. (3 Answers)

A. SAP Design By one
B. SAP Design All
C. Product life cycle management
Answer: CDE

SAP dumps C-TAW12-71 certification C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71

braindump C-TAW12-71

NO.8 When you press Double_Click, What will happen.

A. Handler class.
B. Handler method.
C. event handler class method triggers
D. 2 more options.
Answer: C

SAP test answers C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 exam

simulations C-TAW12-71

NO.9 What are the parameters of Functional method. (2 answer)

A. Importing
B. Exporting
C. Changing
D. Returning
E. Transporting

7 28-04-2017 17:04
C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

Answer: AD

SAP test C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 (


NO.10 When is the authorization of user checked for entering data.

A. When entered.
B. At selection screen
C. At selection screen Output
D. End of page.
Answer: B

SAP exam C-TAW12-71 C-TAW12-71 (

/C-TAW12-71.html) C-TAW12-71

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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -


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C-TAW12-71 exam practice questions and answers -

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